Can You Put Regular Pedals On A Peloton Bike? – (Owners Guide)

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Cycling a peloton can be one of the most exciting and joyful experiences until you end up knowing the pedals don’t match your shoe size. The imperfect pedals have always made riding a bicycle complicated for you, haven’t they?

If you really care about the maintenance of your bike then you can alter your peleton’s pedals annually. These alterations and precautions help a peloton user to avoid any pedal failure risk.

Is there a road rider reading this? If yes then you must be having an idea of what pedals will be comfortable for you. No need to brainstorm more about pedals. We are here to entertain your requirements by suggesting you the best options and how to switch peloton pedals with regular pedals.

Can You Put Regular Pedals On A Peloton Bike?

Can You Put Regular Pedals On A Peloton Bike

 Starting off with the concept that yes, you can put your regular pedals on a peloton bike. If you think that the existing pedals are uncomfortable for you, then you surely attach the new ones you have. 

The Peloton has standard Delta-style Pedals and they’re named Delta due to their shape which is a triangle. One more thing you should know is that the peloton uses a 9/16 pedal connection so get a regular pedal accordingly and make sure to buy the new pair with the same screw size.

How Can You Change Peloton Pedals At Home?

Changing pedals isn’t rocket science. As many people find it a bit tricky due to directions. From now on you don’t need to feel hesitant changing pedals to regular ones because here’s a step-by-step guideline to switch pedals.

Required Tools:

  • All you need is a 15-millimeter wrench.
  • A set of new pedals.


First things first, remove the pedals from both sides.

  • Put off the switch and unplug the peloton if connected to a circuit.
  • Turn off the resistance knob to the right.
  • Get started with a wrench and place it on the right pedal. Turn the wrench counter clockwise.
  • For the left pedal turn the wrench clockwise.
  • Now if you are done with removing pedals, set them aside.
  • Put in the new pedal in the crank arm at the right side.
  • Turn the pedal counter clockwise. So that the threads catch.
  • Using a 15 millimetre wrench rotate the pedal and tighten it.
  • Keep rotating till you end up having difficulty moving it.
  • Now repeat the same process with the left pedal too but instead of turning it clockwise, move it counter clockwise by using a wrench. And we are good to go.

Best Ways To Fix Your Pedals For a Comfortable Ride

Now that we are done with the changing procedure let’s discuss the best possible ways the adjustment of your pedals. If you can’t make up your mind to change pedals then fixing it the other way is an option for you.

Keep in mind that this procedure is to tighten your pedals and remove the tension between the shoes and the surface. Moreover, the screws for tightening the pedals are located at the back of your pedal.

Prior to adjusting the tension screws, you should turn the knob towards the right. This helps the flywheel and crank arm in maintaining position. Moving forward follow the steps given below to altering the peloton bike’s pedals.

  • Adjust the pedal so that it is feasible for you to see those screws.
  • These screws are placed at the back. If you look closely you’ll find a plus and minus sign above them.

Loosen pedal tension:

  • If clipping on the bike and unclipping from the bike is hard for you. Then we would advise using a 3 millimeter Allen key to loosen it.
  • To get rid of pedal tension you need to move the screws counter clockwise (towards the minus sign). One-quarter of a turn at a time as soon as you complete a quarter turn, try clipping in.
  • If clipping in seems too easy then tighten the pedal tension with the help of a 3-millimeter Allen key.

Tighten Pedal Tension

  • To tighten the pedal tension all you need to do is repeat the same procedure but clockwise i-e ( towards the plus sign).
  • Move the Allen key one-quarter of a turn at a time as soon as you complete a quarter turn, try clipping in.

Things To Consider Before Buying Regular Pedals

Things To Consider Before Buying Regular Pedals

On many grounds you might be thinking of installing a new set of pedals so here are some regular pedals which will work smoothly with your peloton. However many people prefer SPD or other systems.

SPD cleats help a user to easily roam around the house while wearing them. In addition to that, nowadays people are more interested in Delta-compatible shoes. The major reason for using these Delta shoes is the security and safety they provide while cycling.

You won’t feel any fear of an unbalanced ride. If you want to ride your peloton with sneakers or regular shoes then, we would strongly recommend using a toe cage at the front of your pedals.

Before buying any regular pedals you must not neglect the fact that there are certain pedals that can void the warranty of your peloton bike. Whereas if you are buying pedals that are approved then your warranty will last.

In case you are thinking about purchasing Shimano pedals then, you must know that to install these, you will need to change the bike’s gearing system too.

The Shimano pedals come with a different axle so removing the old axle is the only way you can install them. There aren’t any restrictions while picking a pair of pedals but make sure they are compatible with the bike’s drivetrain.

People are often confused about whether they can get bike pedals with straps. Here’s an answer to this query; yes! You can purchase pedals with straps on them but they don’t work if you have a Delta look. These are manufactured to be used in hotels and gyms that have peloton bikes in them.

If you ask for recommendations with the toe clips and shoe cages then the following should be in your bucket list.


With this guide, we hope that you’ll find the perfect pair of pedals for your peloton and you will install them easily. Just make sure to follow all the steps properly and not panic because you’ve got it. We are taking off.

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