How To Fix Wobbly Peloton Handlebars? – [Reason & Solutions]

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Do you own a Peloton with wobbly handlebars? Are these bars making your ride feel unsafe and exhausting for you? If so, then you don’t need to be anxious anymore. The handlebars of a Peloton often end up loosening and wobbling after a passage of time.

Therefore, you are not alone in this. If you are a newbie, you might have felt infuriating and unstable while riding for the very first time. Today, we are going to tell you about the tips and tricks to identifying the solution to wobbly handlebars.

In today’s write-up, we will be guiding you on what makes your Peloton have wobbly handlebars? Read till the very end to unlock all the mysteries and confusions related to loose and wobbly bars.

How Can You Fix Wobbly Peloton Handlebars

How Can You Fix Wobbly Peloton Handlebars

Most of the time wobbly handlebars are due to some loose bolts. Another basic cause for wobbly bars is the indelicate adjustment of height. Whereas sometimes inappropriate spoke tension also interrupts your ride.

Surely, all of these issues can be resolved at home with the help of hex keys, a spanner, or a spoke key. The tool that you will be using completely depends upon the type of wobble you experience.

What Causes Your Handlebars To Wobble?

Indeed, riding a stationary bike can be effective and it saves time. Additionally, it will be no mistake if we state that Peloton is the only bike that allows thousands of users all around the globe to burn body fat and at the same time enjoy live classes.

Not only this but it entertains us with numerous features too. Nonetheless, when we are burning tons of calories it facilitates a being with a proper heart rate, healthy lungs, and strengthened muscles.

If we compare our Peloton bikes with any other gym equipment then firstly it’s easy to use. Along with that, it puts less stress on your joints. A Peloton bike is also the best way to practice aerobics at home. However, exercising becomes a bit annoying when we observe a wobble. So without wasting a minute let’s start with understanding the reasons and solutions to the wobble.

● Raising The Bar Too High

The most prominent reason that has been observed till now is that handlebar wobble begins when you raise the handlebars higher than the N marks. Raising it higher allows your bike to function inappropriately.

● Improper Bolt Adjustment

There are various reasons for the wobbling but the most common among them is when you don’t adjust or fix bolts the right way to the bike’s stem. There are some situations in which the bolt isn’t fixed accordingly or it didn’t come with the delivery kit. In this situation, you can call Peloton customer service and get your bolts right away.

● Bar Sleeve Doesn’t Fit The Stem

Another reason for the wobbling is that the bar sleeve doesn’t fit in the stem frame. Sometimes the advantages end up causing trouble for us. If we connect this thought with a Peloton bike then, the adjustable handlebar causes inefficiency.

How Can You Get Rid of a Wobbly Peloton?

Most of the time you can fix your Peloton handlebars yourself. However, if you can’t fix one then you can get lucky as Peloton often replaces some parts without charging a single penny. Besides that, the first thing you should do is calm your nerves and get started fixing Peloton yourself. It isn’t a complicated task at all.

● Adjustment Of Knob

Adjustment Of Knob

Some necessary parts of a Peloton that make its structure more tough are bolts and knobs. Whenever you feel a wobble you should examine your adjustment knob. Be assured of the tightening of the knob. Tighten the knob with a good amount of force. This should be done as soon as you get your required handlebar height.

● Fix The Bolts 

Fix The Bolts

After the knob, let’s try to fix the bolts. They help in holding the Peloton handlebar sleeve onto the bike stem. Assure that bolts are present there or not. If they aren’t present then you should check your delivery kit. Suppose if they aren’t even in the kit then you can call Peloton customer service.

Start the process with a small Allen wrench in the delivery kit. Tighten all the bolts into place. By now your wobble must be gone. If the wobbling continues then look inside a handlebar sleeve there must be a screw there. Tighten it as well to get rid of an irritative ride.

● Tighten The Crank Bolt

Tighten The Crank Bolt

Now you need to know the placement of a crank bolt because it plays a major role in making your bike imbalanced for you to ride. It’s just behind the handlebar lever and the bike’s screen. A crank bolt helps the touch screen to rotate itself. If your handlebars wobble altogether with the screen then you must make sure that there aren’t any improper placements in this area.

Finally, try to rotate the screen up to 90° to double-check if the bolt is placed correctly in the horizontal direction. Tighten the crank bolt with the exact same lever you used while tightening the handlebar stem bolts.

How Can You Seek Help For Fixing Wobbly Handlebars?

These were a few techniques you could use and implement on your Peloton bike. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the wobble yet then, you can prefer Peloton customer service. This might help you to save your warranty. Apparently, they could ask you for a video of the wobbly handlebars.

They will surely send some physical help if not then, they will guide you on what to do. Seeking help from Peloton customer service can save you from making any efforts but it will take plenty of time.

They will make sure either the bike needs replaced handlebars or it doesn’t. If you are good at fixing things and have any mechanical experience then you can fix the wobbly handlebars without any assistance. You need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Get yourself washers, usually 3×M8, and after that place them before the bolts. This enables you to see if the tightening progressed or it didn’t.
  • If you are a Reddit Peloton bike owner then you must add 3×M8 split lock rings to the washer. This can resolve your problem within seconds. Practice applying Loctite over the screws. It helps to empower their capacity of tightening the handlebar.


Wrapping it up the Peloton bike and bike + handlebars aren’t supposed to wobble in any way. Plus you aren’t supposed to keep tightening and losing the bolts. If you feel like you can’t fix anything yourself then seek guidance from Peloton customer service.

It might seem a little difficult right off the bat but once you follow all the steps listed in this guide, you’ll find it not just convenient but easier than the ways available out there. Now, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on fixing your peloton handlebars. So, have a happy and secure ride.

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