Can I Use My Slipstreams With a Peloton? – Owners Must Know!

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You’ve probably seen cyclists on the road with strange-looking shoes. These are cycling shoes, and they’re designed to make your cycling experience more comfortable.

Cycling shoes are different from regular sneakers because they have a hard, inflexible structure that allows you to pedal more effectively. It is essential because it means you can generate more power when you cycle, making you faster and more efficient.

Will my TIEM Slipstreams can able to work with the Peloton?! Shortly, yes! Switching out the pedals will need one more action on the user’s part. The Peloton comes with pedals compatible with LOOK DELTA (3-hole) cleats. Our Slipstreams are only compatible with SPD-compatible pedals (2-holes).

The Slipstream is a great option if you’re looking for a cycling shoe that provides comfort and flexibility. It’s designed to look and feel like your favorite pair of sneakers, thanks to the breathable mesh toe box.

What Makes The Slipstream Cycling Shoe Unique?

What Makes The Slipstream Cycling Shoe Unique

The Slipstream cycling shoe is unique because it was designed to feel like a pair of sneakers. The breathable mesh toe box makes it much more comfortable than a traditional cycling shoe, which is often hard and inflexible.

It makes it an excellent option for people new to cycling or needing more experience with traditional cycling shoes. It’s also perfect for cycling for leisure or fun because it doesn’t feel as restrictive as other cycling shoes.

How Does The Slipstream Compare To a Regular Cycling Shoe?

There has been a very great deal of progress in cycling shoes over the last few years. While they used to be clunky, inflexible, and downright uncomfortable, the Slipstream is a cycling shoe that looks and feels like your favorite pair of sneakers, thanks to the breathable mesh toe box, which is unlike the hard, inflexible structure of a typical cycling shoe.

So how does the Slipstream compare to a regular cycling shoe? Well, it’s designed to provide more flexibility and breathability, making it more comfortable to wear for long periods. It also has a less rigid structure, which allows your foot to move more naturally.

Will a Slipstream Cycling Shoe Work With My Peloton?

Your Peloton bike is a significant investment, and we want to ensure you get the most out of it. The Slipstream cycling shoe was designed to work with your bike.

The Slipstream is a cycling shoe that looks and feels like your favorite pair of sneakers, thanks to the breathable mesh toe box, unlike a typical cycling shoe’s hard, inflexible structure.

Plus, the heel is collapsible, so you can quickly and easily transition from cycling to walking. The rubber sole provides traction and durability when needed, and the neoprene cuff keeps your ankle comfortable and supported.

No need to worry about compatibility—the Slipstream will work perfectly with your Peloton bike.

What About The Cleats For My Peloton Bike?

You might wonder if the Slipstream cycling shoe is compatible with the cleats used in Peloton bikes. The answer is yes! You can attach the Look Delta cleat or the Shimano SPD-SL cleat to your Slipstream cycling shoes.

The good thing about this is that it makes changing from your regular sneakers into a pair of cycling shoes for a Peloton bike ride a breeze. You need to put on your cleats and be ready to go. No need for extra tools and extra time spent trying to get everything set up—and that’s great news for those who want to get on the bike and start riding fast.

Plus, if you ever want to use your shoes for something else—like a spin class at the gym—you can remove the cleats, and you’ll have a comfortable pair of sneaker-like shoes ready in seconds!

Are There Any Other Considerations When Using Slipstreams With a Peloton?

You should consider a few other things before using a Slipstream cycling shoe with a Peloton. First of all, keep in mind that Slipstreams are designed for road biking, so the shoes might not be a good choice if you’re doing other types of workouts like spin classes.

Also, since Slipstreams are much more flexible than traditional cycling shoes, there may be less power transfer to the pedals.

Additionally, Slipstreams do not usually have cleats that clip into the pedals. Instead, they use grooves in the sole, so you can grip the pedals better and maintain control during your workout.

However, Peloton bikes come with Look Delta or SPD-SL cleats, so you may need to buy a separate adapter if you want to use your Slipstreams with a Peloton. But overall, they make an excellent choice for spinning workouts with a Peloton – check out these additional considerations before investing in a pair!

Why You Should Consider Using a Slipstream With Your Peloton

Why You Should Consider Using a Slipstream With Your Peloton

A few key benefits of using a slipstream cycling shoe with a Peloton are worth considering. For starters, the two-part lacing system provides an adjustable and secure fit that allows you to tailor the shoe to your needs. It’s also extremely lightweight, so you won’t be weighed down while pedaling away.

The breathable mesh toe box also helps keep your feet cool during intense workouts. And last but not least, the adjustable sock-like upper fits like a glove, making for more comfortable rides but also helps keep your feet firmly in place when taking sharp turns or dodging obstacles.


What Cleat Works With Peloton?

The Peloton Bike makes use of cleats that are compatible with the Delta standard. These cleats can be attached to the soles of our Peloton shoes or any other pair of cycling shoes with a three-screw-hole configuration.

Can I Use SPD Cleats on Peloton?

Nope! Spin shoes with the proper cleat will work with LOOK Delta-equipped and SPD-equipped Peloton cycles so you can choose between home and studio workouts.


The Slipstream was designed to be compatible with all significant indoor cycling platforms so that you can use it with your Peloton bike without any issues.

The shoes have a standard three-bolt cleat pattern that is compatible with all major road and mountain bike pedals, and the shoes’ stiff sole makes them ideal for indoor cycling.

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