How To Put on Peloton Shoes into Pedals? – [it’s Easy!]

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Fitness is another word for good health and long life. Therefore, adopting home-based exercise on your Peloton bike can be an effective way to live healthy and longer.

If you have just purchased your Peloton bike and want to initiate cycling in your peloton shoes, then the first question popping into your mind will be how to put on peloton shoes? Probably you will ask this question seeing the cleats and buckle on your peloton shoes.

Putting your peloton in shoes is challenging, but you can do it easily by following the right instructions.

If you follow the right guidelines, you will love the stability and security you enjoy in your peloton shoes. You might be wondering where to find such a step-wise description. In this regard, you don’t need to worry because we are here to share the steps in the most simplified and easiest way.

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Following these steps, you will be at ease putting on your shoes and start cycling as you follow the tutorial on the peloton bike’s screen. Therefore, please keep reading to know more!

How To Put on Peloton Shoes? – Step Wise Guide

Brief Account

If you have decided to embark on the journey of fitness with your peloton bike, then putting on the peloton shoes is the first challenge that you need to tackle. Users who wear peloton shoes for the first time will find them different from regular shoes.

The first distinction is that they have been developed with Velcro straps or other lace. In addition, their locking system is also different, and the sole has been made keeping peloton bike in mind. You can enjoy comfortable cycling wearing them. All you have to do is follow the instructions we share with you.

Steps To Follow For Putting your Peloton Shoes On

Step 1: Assemblage of Peloton Shoes And Provided Cleats

Assemblage of Peloton Shoes And Provided Cleats

While purchasing the peloton shoes, the manufacturers will provide you with cleats aimed at supporting your body to the maximum when you are riding. Before you can put on your peloton shoes, you need to install these cleats.

In the first step of assembling cleats, you will have to start by wearing your peloton shoes and generating marks on their bottom. In this regard, you have to check the exact position of your foot’s ball, and then you can mark it using any pencil or chalk, etc.

The important thing here is always careful adjusting your foot’s ball relative to the middle cleat. After marking the exact position, you have to insert the cleats in the places made for cleats on your peloton shoes. You may need some screws for the precise matching of the cleats with the holes made.

However, you may not always need screws if you can do it easily. Following this step, you need to proceed by installing the washer. Make sure you have installed the washer in the exact recessing position. After that, tighten them and check if the cleats are insecure position.

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Step 2: Buckles Loosening And Unstrapping of The Velcro Closure

Buckles Loosening And Unstrapping of The Velcro Closure

In the second step, you have to continue by checking if your shoes have Velcro straps or if there is a closure system using buckles. If your peloton shoes are made with buckles, you need to start by loosening them. This is very simple to do, and you can do it by pressing the buckles’ button.

As you press this button, you will see them opening in a while through snapping. Once this is done, you will have to adjust the shoes in relevance to your feet. Make sure to leave enough space for breathability.

On the other hand, if you opt for the peloton shoes with the Velcro type enclosure, you can easily proceed by just unstrapping these Velcro.

In this regard, we strongly recommend you be gradual in pulling the strap until and unless you have enough opening space so that you don’t have issues in the insertion of your feet. Peloton shoes with both laces and Velcro straps are amazing in giving comfort, stability, and secure fitting. However, it is up to you to decide which type you prefer over another.

Step 3: Putting Your Peloton Shoes On

This is the step you ask, how to put on peloton shoes? So, simply, you will have to wear the socks and then slide your feet inside your shoes using its opening space. Based on my experience, I strongly recommend you always wear socks because, without socks, you will not be comfortable enough to focus on cycling.

Also, you can see your soles damaging if you cycle in the peloton shoes without wearing socks. Another important factor that we must not forget to tell you is that you have to ensure your comfort and balance.

When you put on your Peloton shoes, you need to be in a comfortable position sitting on a bike’s chair. In this way, you will not be losing balance. If you insert your feet gradually into your peloton shoes, you will see them comforting you.

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Also, you need to insert your feet inside your shoes in one go completely. Once you are done putting shoes in one foot, repeat all these steps for the second foot. Let us now tell you the next step; please continue reading!

Step 4: Buckling Up or Closing Peloton Shoes

After following all the steps, we have shared with you, you need to continue by closing the shoes. However, we strongly recommend you check your comfortability and see if your feet have been securely settled inside the shoes.

For tightening the enclosure, you will have to start by pulling the string using the buckle’s loop. After that, you have to continue by securing it through buckle button lifting and then releasing. If you are not satisfied with the tightening, you may again pull the straps of your peloton shoes gradually.

So, the comfortability of your peloton shoes has a lot to do with tightness and secure fitting. Therefore, you need to be careful in enjoying cycling without needing to focus on your feet aching or uncomfortable due to loose shoes.

Once you are done with all these steps, it’s time to start your exercise on your peloton bike and attain the fitness you dream of. However, there is one more step that you need not forget before you can move on your Peloton bike. Let us share that with you!

Step 5: Clipping Procedure For Shoes And Peloton Bike

Clipping Procedure For Shoes And Peloton Bike

This is the last step in putting on your peloton shoes. In this step, you have to complete the clipping process to insert your shoes on your bike. You will have to stand on the bike for this step, having your legs on both sides.

A standing position will ensure that you have done the clipping correctly or still need to do something about it. In this regard, the peloton bike’s handlebars will help you find your balanced position.

After that, you have to continue by pointing your toe in the downward position for secure fitting of the peloton shoes inside the peloton bike. You have to be sure about the cleats touching the opening space of the pedals.

A sound will also be produced to ensure that you have correctly inserted the shoes, and after that, you can start cycling on your Peloton bike without any worries. We hope these steps answered your question about how to put on peloton shoes?


Do You Recommend Wearing Sneakers For Cycling on The Peloton Bike?

Generally speaking, wearing sneakers or specific peloton shoes on the peloton bike is totally related to your comfort. In this way, you can wear sneakers and exercise on the peloton bike.

However, the pedals of the peloton bikes do have some toe cages. Therefore, you have to make sure to place your feet securely to cycle efficiently even if you can’t fit them inside the openings on pedals.

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Is it Possible To Keep a Single Peloton Bike For The Use of Two or More People?

Yes, it is absolutely possible for a number of people to use a peloton bike because the tutorials are seen on the screen. So, anyone in your home can make their ID and start learning and practicing. However, it is necessary to make individual accounts so that the progress can be tracked for each person riding on it.

Do The Manufacturers Include Cleat Inside The Peloton Shoe Package?

The simple answer to this question is no. You won’t be getting any cleats with the shoes. However, there are some famous cleats that are recommended by the peloton bikes’ makers that will perform the best. Also, don’t forget to grab a pair of cleats because they are sold as one cleat.

Final Thoughts

With this section, we would like to finish our short guide on, ‘how to put on peloton shoes?’. We hope the information and steps we shared with you will help you in putting on your peloton shoes easily. So, follow them and enjoy cycling on your peloton bike so that you can achieve your fitness goals easily and comfortably.

We will look forward to your suggestions, comments, and queries in the feedback section. Thank you and take care!

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