Delta Vs SPD Cleats: Which One Is Best For Your Bike?

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Spin bikes have revolutionized the concept of indoor workouts. Whether it is Peloton or any other spin bike, people love to perform home-based workouts to keep their fitness level. Delta and SPD cleats are the two most popular cleats nowadays. Both cleats are similar and different in many ways.

SPD is known for MTB and anything from recreational riding to commuting. On the other hand, SPD pedals are ideal for spinning classes. These Delta vs SPD in-depth comparisons will help you understand and decide which cleats are best for you.

Delta Vs SPD Cleats – Similarities And Differences Between The Most Popular Cleats

Delta Vs SPD Cleats

The prime difference between Delta and SPD cleats is that the SPD system has two holes cleat whereas Delta has three holes cleat function.

What is SPD Clip?

SPD clip means cycling shoe clips featuring two holes manufactured by the Shimano Company. SPD stands for Shimano Pedaling design.

These clips come with a rectangular design. In fact, it’s the popularity of these two holes cleats that makes them one of the hottest cleats available on the market.

Shimano also introduced another three-cleat design known as the (SPD-SL) Shimano Pedaling Design Superlight. The design perfectly fits into the Look Delta design.

Comparison Table

Features Delta SPD
Usage Road cycling & indoor cycling Indoor cycling & Mountain biking
Cleats fitting Look Delta & SPD-SL SPD
Types of cycling shoe outsole Semi-rigid Rigid
Number of holes 3 2
Cleat Float 0, 4.5 & 9 degrees 0,2 & 6 degrees
Recessed cleat area on cycling shoes No Yes
Cleat Float color representation Grey, black & red to represent 0, 4.5 & 9 degrees float Yellow, red & blue tips to represent 0, 2 & 6 degrees float
Our Rating 4.6 4.8

What Are Delta Clips?

What Are Delta Clips

A delta clip cleat design has been created by Look Company which represents three-hole cleats. It features a triangular appearance and has three large holes that are attached to the pedals in the same design.

The company also designs the Look Keo cleats. It has the same design as the Delta option but with narrow holes. Despite three holes design of both cleats, most people use Delta to refer to 3-hole cleats.

Peloton pedals are Look Delta and also the shoes. One of the major reasons for the Delta clipless design’s popularity is that it has been used with the Peloton bike.

Delta Clip Uses

Delta is commonly used in indoor biking, especially by the Peloton bikes.

Delta is also used in road bikes and is preferred for clipless riding.

The Delta shoes feature a rigid outsole linked with ideal power transfer for speed and reduced fatigue in riding. This is one main reason why clips are used for optimal power transfer by most cyclists.

Remember Delta makes are created by Look Company and they are different from SPD-SL. SPD-SL designs are made by Shimano Company. The similarity between these two is that both fit into the same design of cycling shoes and clipless pedals. They can be used interchangeably.

What Are SPD Clips?

What Are SPD Clips

Created by Shimano Company, SPD clip refers to cycling shoe clips with two holes. Shimano Pedaling Design clips have a rectangular design. Due to their popularity, these clips are known for their two-hole cleat designs.

Besides SPD design, the company has also introduced another 3-cleat design known as SPD-SL (Shimano Pedaling Design-Superlight). The design also fits perfectly into the Look Delta design and the one with the Look Delta design.

Uses of SPD Clips

SPD clip design is used for indoor spinning along with most cycling studios.

They are one of the most popular clips for biking.

Most users using clipless pedals prefer the SPD clips because these cleats are recessive.

Also, it makes your shoes convenient to walk in compared to protruding shoes.

Similarities Between SPD And Delta Cleats

If you don’t know about the similarities between these two popular cycling cleats, check out these features shared by Delta and SPD cleats.

Good For Dual Pedals

Typically, these cleats allow for dual compatibility that will be suitable for both Look Delta and SPD cleats. This is due to the fact that nowadays, most bikes have pedals for either system, especially the road and spinning bikes.

Used on Clipless Pedals

Pedals fall into two main categories that include clipless and flat pedals. Both SPD and Delta cleats work with clipless pedals. If you are looking to change the flat pedals for the clipless pedals, you can select from these cleats according to your convenience.

Look Delta and SPD are the most common choices nowadays used by indoor fitness lovers.

Difference Between Delta And SPD Cleats

You can’t interchange Delta and SPD cleats. The following are the main differences for this incompatibility.

You Can Recess SPD cleats

Both SPD and Delta cleats can protrude, prevent walking, and can cause pain if you try to leave the pedals. They also create disturbing noise. Don’t forget that walking in your cycling shoes can be risky and awkward.

You can also find SPD cycling shoes that have a recessed cleat area. You can conveniently walk in such shoes.

Also, it makes commuting easy in SPD recessed cleat shoes as you can quickly cover short walking distances without changing your shoes.

Delta cleat shoes don’t have a recessed cleat plate. That’s why Look Delta remains secondary to SPD cleats if you are looking to walk in cycling shoes.

Number of Cleat Holes

Number of Cleat Holes

Delta cleats have three holes that create a triangular shape of the cleats, whereas SPD cleats feature two holes that create a narrow oval shape.

The difference between the holes is one of the major reasons that both these cleat systems are incompatible.

Power Transfer

In cycling, power transfer ensures that the pedals can handle the excess strength user should bring into cycling. It helps to pedal easily so that you cycle quickly and over more extended periods.

Delta cleats offer maximum power transfer than SPD cleats. Not only are the cleats better, but due to the outsole type that each cleat fits into.

On the other hand, Delta shoes have rigid or semi-rigid soles to enhance power transfer by huge margins.

SPD Cleats Are Commonly Used in Spinning Bike Studios

Look Delta cleats are commonly used by Peloton riders, and SPD cleats are popular with spinning studios. If you are attending spinning classes, you will use Shimano cleats.

Delta Cleats Are Specially Created For Peloton Bikes

Delta cleats are used with Peloton bikes. It is essential to maintain the pedals if you don’t want to void the bike warranty. If you can’t survive without SPD shoes, you can swipe the pedals for SPD pedals.

Additionally, you can use dual pedals that accommodate both SPD and Delta cleats. However, you have to void the warranty of your Peloton bike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Use Delta Cleats With Peloton?

Yes, Delta cleats can be used with Peloton bikes, as all Peloton brand shoes come with Look Delta clips.

Is SPD The Same As Delta?

SPD cleats have two hole design, whereas Delta cleats feature a three-hole design which is the prime difference between these two systems.

Can You Ride The Peloton Bike With Cleats?

You can ride the Peloton bike without cleats, as this indoor bike is compatible with various clips and toe cages.

Final Words

Both cleats are similar and different in many ways. Which cleat system is best for you? It mainly depends on your preference. If you are looking for the best commuting cleats, SPD is ideal for you. On the other hand, Delta cleats are best for road bike ventures. It is wise to make a list of required features before making a decision to find the best cleats for your workouts.

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