Does Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Work With Peloton?

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Indoor workouts are an excellent way to keep you active and healthy. Thanks to smart fitness equipment like the Peloton bike, allows maintain a perfect balance between your routine activities and workouts.

Heart rate monitors are great gadgets to track your fitness goals and health. Most people want to know does Garmin heart rate monitor work with Peloton. There are many factors that determine the working of heart rate monitors with Peloton. Let me try to answer all these questions for your convenience.

What Is Garmin Heart Rate Monitor, And How It Works?


GPS watches are one of the best ways to track your fitness goals. Such smart gadget allows tracking distance traveled, speed, and also maps of the route taken. Garmin heart rate monitors are incredibly famous for their convenient usage, accurate tracking information, and affordable price.

The heart rate monitor checks cardiac signals through your wrist. The smart device has an emitter, inertial sensor, receiver, and time-variant sensor.

There is a processor to determine the frequency linked with the motion signals and transform the signal from PPG to the frequency domain. It identifies the cardiac components of the signal and configures the time-variant filter to calculate the time between cardiac component cycles.

The heart rate monitor emits a light signal and also receives an input of the reflection of the light, which allows for the isolation of your cardiac component of the signal.

It allows for the heart rate to be determined. Remember, the time between successive cycles offer an insight into heart rate stress, recovery time, variability, sleep quality, and VO2 max. Such heart rate monitors have an interface to display the determined information to you.

Does Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Work With Peloton?

The quick answer is yes, the Garmin heart rate monitor work with the Peloton bike. Every heart rate monitor with Bluetooth and ANT+ can be used with the Peloton bike.

Garmin Heart Rate Monitors Benefits

Most personal health and activity insights provided by Garmin wearable come from or by analyzing your heart rate data. This includes various features that include

  • All-day stress tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Calories burned during workouts
  • Respiration rate
  • Energy monitoring

Do Garmin Watches Work With Peloton Bikes?

Garmin watches with Bluetooth or ANT+ work with Peloton bikes during workouts. If you want to share your heart rate data with your Peloton bike, make sure to enable the Broadcast during a workout on the Garmin watch.

How To Connect Garmin’s Heart Rate Monitor To Peloton?

How To Connect Garmin's Heart Rate Monitor To Peloton

If your Garmin heart rate monitor has the ANT+ function, the metric for heart rate will appear in the top left of the touchscreen automatically. Make sure the heart rate monitor is turned on before starting the class. Don’t forget to wet the sensors before placing the leads on the chest.

If your heart rate monitor has Bluetooth connectivity, it is recommended to enable Bluetooth on the Peloton touchscreen.

Navigate to your heart rate monitor connection modal. It is easy to find the modal.

You can find it by joining a class or tapping on the time on the touchscreen and choosing Heart Rate Monitor.

Select The connect button.

Bluetooth devices will appear with names like Cardiosport, Peloton, etc.

ANT+ devices will appear like Device: 78910.

Make sure the heart rate monitor is on for the Peloton bike to discover your device.

In case the heart rate monitor isn’t showing in the list, tap the refresh button of the “Set up Heart Rate Monitor” Touchscreen.

When you are done with connecting the heart rate monitor, you can join any Peloton class to check the metrics for your heart rate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Heart Rate Monitor Not Connecting To Peloton?

There are two reasons for such a problem. Make sure your heart rate monitor isn’t connected to any other device. Check if the heart rate monitor battery needs to be replaced.

Can I Sync My Garmin Watch To Peloton Heart Rate?

In order to connect a heart rate monitor, navigate to the heart rate monitor connection modal. You can easily find the modal by tapping on the time on the touchscreen or joining the class. Choose to connect button to connect and sync your Garmin watch to Peloton heart rate.

Why Is My Garmin Heart Rate Not Accurate?

Make sure your Garmin watch is snug but not too tight. You should move the watch, and the skin underneath the watch should move easily. If you wear the watch too loose, it will create a gap between your skin and the optical heart rate sensor.

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