How To Clean Your Peloton Heart Rate Monitor? – [Quick Guide]

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Speaking the truth, I didn’t know that the Heart rate monitor (HRM) needed to be cleaned until the performance and quality of my HRM were compromised. Yes, you heard it right! If you don’t clean the heart rate monitor, it will lose its efficiency.

Why? Well, the salts in your sweat affect the functioning of the heart rate monitor. Moreover, who likes the bad odor from accessories?

That is the reason the heart rate monitor demands cleansing after every use. So it’s better not to forget to clean the heart rate monitor every time you use it.

I’ve already made an article about “ Best Heart Rate Monitor For Peloton “, which I recommend you to read.

That is also recommended by Peloton and other companies because if you want your heart rate monitor to function properly and you want it not to cause any trouble with accuracy and calculator then it is best you wash it after every use.

How To Clean Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

The whole cleaning process would take only 3 to 4 minutes, let’s say 5 minutes, I promise not more than that. Also, you would not require any special detergents to clean the heart rate monitor, you can work with the ones easily available at home.

You will need a few essentials beforehand to save your time, including liquid soap, water, a towel, and a sink.

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So many people ask why can’t we use ordinary bar soap instead of liquid soap? Well, soap leaves its marks. Personally, I like liquid soaps too as they are mild and easy to pump while holding the strap on other hand.

While using the soap, you first have to make a lather and then apply it over the object. You might think what’s the big deal? and you are absolutely correct but it’s just a matter of choice. I also feel that liquid hand soaps are mild and get off easily.

Step 1: Remove The Connector

As you know there is a connector attached with the strap, you need to remove it gently from the strap first. Although it is waterproof, we will not take it under the tap water. We will use a towel for it. Make a mixture of water and hand liquid soap into the sink or tub, whatever you prefer.

Soak the towel in it for like half a minute and then take it out and squeeze the towel to drain all of the water out of it. Now rub the towel gently over the connector, front-back, and sides. Now dry it with tissue paper so that even the little moisture that might be there, is soaked by it and the connector regains its original charm.

Step 2: Clean The Strap

Clean The Strap

There are two ways to clean the strap. Either you make the mixture of liquid soap and water in a sink or bowel and dip the strap in it then rinse it under the water or just take the liquid soap in your palm and rub it throughout the strap gently so that the lather forms and then you rinse it under the tap water thoroughly.

Step 3: Dry The Strap

Dry The Strap

Now you can place the strap over the towel hanging rod or anywhere under the fan. Avoid placing it under direct sunlight as this would affect the elasticity of the strap. You can also dry it using a hairdryer but keep a good distance between both objects so that the extra heat won’t affect the appearance of the strap. But use the dryer option only on an urgent basis.

What if the bad dour still does not leave the strap? Although this case is not possible if you wash the heart rate monitor after every use. But if you feel like the bad odor is still not leaving then you can also put some vinegar in a mixture of soap and water.

Some people order commercial fragrant detergents especially to clean the heart rate monitor and may also try one of them as well if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can One Use Wipes To Clean Heart Rate Monitor?

Wipes can be used to clean the heart rate monitor but they won’t take out the sweat better as compared to water. The salts of sweat might remain there and still cause a stinking smell.

Why is it Necessary To Wash Heart Rate Monitor Daily?

It is necessary to wash the heart rate monitor daily so that it won’t cause a stinking smell and irritate you the next time you wear it.

Where To Wear a Heart Rate Monitor?

Wear it on the skin instead of wearing it over any cloth. It should be attached properly so that it doesn’t slip during exercise.

What is The Benefit of a Heart Rate Monitor?

Besides the heart rate, the other benefit is you get to know how much energy your body is using during exercise.


To avoid the stinking smell and germs, it is better you wash your heart rate monitor after every use with water, liquid soap, or any other commercial detergent that suits you. Moreover, cleaning the heart rate monitor after each use makes the machine’s functioning better otherwise, it would get dull over time.

Don’t stop wearing it over the skin to prevent it from sweating, as this will also affect the accuracy of the machine.

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