How To Turn Off The Peloton Heart Rate Monitor?

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Are you looking for a way out to turn off your Peloton heart rate monitor to save battery and make the monitor last longer? We’ve all been in a situation when all of a sudden our heart rate monitor turned off while riding for just a couple of hours. This could be the result of your monitor’s low battery.

On the other hand, you might want your heart rate monitor to last long instead of collapsing after a few uses isn’t it? If you agree with me then spare no more effort. As this article contains a complete guide on how to turn off the Peloton heart rate monitor within seconds. Also, the battery part of the monitor could be tricky so I’ll make things a little easier for you to understand.

We would explain to you some simple hacks for the monitor strap too. If you are curious to know everything about your Peloton heart rate monitor then make sure to give this article an entire look through.

Understanding Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

Understanding Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

If you are newbies in the Peloton family and don’t know that recently the brand itself has launched a heart rate monitor. Prior to this of course there were alternatives to connect your Peloton bikes and treads with a third party bluetooth or ANT monitor. But the new device is based on optical technology.

Along with that it measures your pulse with the help of a bluetooth connection to your Peloton machine. Soon after you have connected it with your Peloton, it displays your heart rate on Peloton’s display screen. It comes along with a led light so you may know when it’s connected to your machine.

After knowing what it is, the first thing that clicks our minds is how it even works. Once you are familiar with how it works then it would be easier for you to use it. Did you know that this heart rate monitor catches electrical signals right from your heart and shows the active operation?

There are electrodes placed inside it which receive the signals which then show us our workout intensity. The electrical impulses are measured with the Peloton Heart rate which displays the heart rate. Additionally, this monitor is made out of two prominent parts, the first one could be placed on your sternum effortlessly and it is simply an elastic strap.

However, the second part is the receiver that is identifying your heart beat and showing it to you by sending electrical signals. Through the Bluetooth connection you can easily see and figure out how well your heart is doing in between a workout session. Moving forward to the main moto of this article and here’s how you could turn off a heart rate monitor.

How To Turn Off a Peloton Heart Rate Monitor?

First of all if you have ever been a part of a full workout session without a heart rate monitor then we understand how difficult it would have been for you to figure out your heart rate. Things become worse when you are in between a challenging workout session and you lose the count of how much you have run so far. It could be because you forgot to turn off your heart rate monitor and all its battery drained.

To avoid such situations you would surely need to know how to turn it off. If you have ever worked out with a heart rate monitor on your machine then you must not forget to turn it off or disconnect it. You need to do this to ensure that battery life of the monitor is safed entirely. Secondly, you don’t want the monitor to collapse just after a few uses.

It takes nothing to turn off a heart rate monitor; it’s simply the inverse process of what you did to connect the monitor. One major difference while disconnecting it would be you need to switch from the mode connect to disconnect and you could learn it by following the steps mentioned below.

  • You need to turn on your touchscreen and look over to the upper right side of your screen where it says “Settings”, tap on this option.
  • Next you would come across a list of options and you need to choose “Heart Rate Monitor” from those options.
  • Lastly, tap on “Disconnect” options and bingo!

Next up I would like to tell you that before using the heart rate monitor you need to make sure that it’s fully charged. If you want to confirm it then you need to start off by pressing the display firmly. It will automatically show you the battery level in the form of white lines which will display your charge.

For those who want to learn how you could wash and keep your monitor’s strap clean in order to avoid any build up sweat then read on.

What Are Some Safety Precautions For Your Heart Rate Monitor Strap?

The thing which everybody neglects at times is what are the safety measures we need to take for the prolonged life of the monitor’s strap. Therefore here’s some simple tips that you could follow and share with other Peloton users, which would help all to avoid spending more cash on buying a new strap every time.

  • Foremost thing that you need to know is you are supposed to keep the strap on a flat surface or leave it somewhere hanging.
  • Try to avoid bending or rolling the strap tightly; it would result in the strap’s malfunction.
  • If you are not a Pelotonuser and you are using a strap which is washable then you could wash your strap easily by hand or in a machine. There aren’t any restrictions for that.
  • Next if you are using a strap made out of a soft fabric specially the Garmin straps then I would highly recommend you not to leave your strap in a drying machine for a longer period.
  • You need to make sure that you are keeping the strap out of the sun for long periods of time. You can even wash your strap at least every week after using it.


Toward the end, I would like to advise you that make sure you turn off your heart rate monitor after each use. Otherwise, the battery is most likely to be drained and you won’t be able to use it on your next trip to the gym. Also, taking care of the monitor and regular maintenance would also increase the life expectancy of the device.

I hope that by now you know enough about your heart rate monitor and you are all pumped up for a challenging workout session. Best of luck with saving the battery life of the monitor and Adios from my side!

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