Do You Need a Heart Rate Monitor For Peloton?

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A lot of people get anxious if they can’t constantly monitor their heart rate while working out.  Monitoring your heart allows you to interpret workouts better and see if your cardio is actually working or not. If you are already pretty perplexed about whether you really need a heart rate monitor then make sure to give this article a thorough look.

I have jotted down all the guidelines that you need to know for buying this device and right down the line, you’ll also learn if you really need it. So, let’s get into it and find out if you need a heart rate monitor for Peloton.

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Understanding Heart Rate Monitors And Peloton

Understanding Heart Rate Monitors And Peloton

Before I get into the need for heart rate monitors, you need to understand how they actually work and what their purpose is. So, let’s dive in:

Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor measures your pulse rate so you always know if you’re going overboard with your exercise and whether your new machine is working or not. Besides, it is also very important for you to have a heart rate monitor if you’ve had a medical condition in the past.

Most cardio machines don’t really come equipped with a pulse measuring device so you need to buy it separately. In this case, Peloton actually analysed the need for this device in the market and quickly came up with their own version of the heart rate monitor which works really well and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The heart rate monitor from Peloton actually comes in the form of a wristband and a chest strap. It’s up to you whatever feels comfortable to you, you can get it without any hassle. Whereas there are many different types of heart rate monitors that you could use with our bike or Tread. The Peloton wristband rapidly connects with your machine and provides you with the best of experience.

Why Should You Use Monitor Heart Rate During Peloton Workouts?

If you have a peloton bike or a treadmill then this might be your turn to grab the best of the best and get the most out of your workout session. The Peloton users have said that this monitor is worth giving a try as it’s super comfortable and it is specifically designed for you to check the intensity levels while you are riding.

Heart Rate Zone

You should definitely use a heart rate monitor during a peloton workout because this monitor is equipped with the heart zone display, now this feature allows you to train your heart in every ride. You can simply start off by connecting it via bluetooth and then you can make amendments in your efforts, for example, maximizing the time limitation of your each ride.

As well as viewing your current heart rate zone on your display screen. Moving forward the heart rate zone has 5 different types of zones based on the percentage of your maximum heart rate. Each of these zones delivers a different level of effort and every single zone has its own benefit. Following is the list of these zones:

  • Warm Up
  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Threshold
  • Max Capacity

Heart Rate Training

It is a technique to make your workouts more precise and effective. After you’re done with your workout it makes your body feel all pumped up and fresh. Plus it’s healthy for your heart too, as it measures your (BPM) which is beats per minute. The heart rate monitor catches signals with the help of various sensors.

These sensors are part of your heart rate monitor which is strapped on to your chest. Although you can see every single effort of yours on the touch screen whether you achieved your goal or not. This device also identifies the rise and fall in your effort and with the help of time zones you can track your level of achievement as you move through every single zone.

What Are The Different Types of Heart Rate Monitors?

What Are The Different Types of Heart Rate Monitors

There are a number of heart rate monitors on the basis of function and price however you should make sure that the one you are buying should have compatibility with ANT+, wireless technology and a Bluetooth connection. All of these qualities are present in the peloton heart rate monitor but you can consider any brand that suits your choice and style.

One thing you should notice before making a purchase is that the device should measure your heart rate and all the other cadence. Secondly before grabbing your band make sure to go through the customer reviews. Although the price should not be a concern for you as the heart rate monitor is always worth it. Here’s the list of variety you could get while purchasing a heart rate monitor

  • Wrist band
  • Armband
  • Chest straps
  • Smartwtaches

Now if you have decided which one suits your taste so we can move along and jump over to how to use these monitors.

How To Use a Heart Rate Monitor With Peloton?

After deciding the perfect fit for yourself, here’s a few steps in which you could learn how to use a heart rate monitor with a peloton. As soon as you open up the box and look through your peloton heart rate monitor then you would see a gleaming device elegantly styled with a trap at the front.

Now if you touch the sides it will surely trigger some light, at one side of the peloton heart rate monitor will flash blue. This blue light assures you that your device is all ready to be paired with the peloton machine via bluetooth. Whereas the other side of the device flashes red. This light is the assurance that it’s ready to detect your heartbeat.

Turning On a Heart Rate Monitor

  • Once you have eased your excitement then it’s high time you wear it on.
  • Next up you need to tap onto the “Settings” option in the top right corner on your pelotons touchscreen.
  • After getting into settings, select the option “Heart Rate Monitor”.
  • Find your device from the list of available devices.
  • Tap on the “Connect” option for the device to pair with Peloton.

Turning Off The Heart Rate Monitor

  • You need to turn on your touchscreen and look over to the upper right side of your screen where it says “Settings”, tap on this option.
  • Next, you would come across a list of options and you need to choose “Heart Rate Monitor” from those options.
  • Lastly, tap on “Disconnect” options, and bingo!

By following these steps I am sure you will successfully learn how to turn on and switch off your heart rate monitor straps. In addition to that you can save the battery life of a heart rate monitor by disconnecting it after every use. Most of the time users forget this which results in its malfunction after a few uses.


Bringing the showdown I hope by now you have mastered how to pick and use a heart rate monitor for the Peloton. Here’s takeaway advice, it’s completely up to you whether you go for heart rate zones or you can start off by taking the beginner heart rate training workout series.

It is important to use a heart rate monitor if you’ve gone through any medical condition or if you just want to watch your workouts. With the hope that you will pick the right Peloton heart rate monitor for yourself, it’s a call-off from my end. Ride on wearing your strap, Adios!

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