How To Use Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Outside of Class?

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Orangetheory heart rate monitor has proven to be the holy grail for a lot of people. However, they often get confused if they could use it outside the gym and if yes, how to connect it to their phones.

You obviously don’t want to spend extra money on a heart rate monitor when you already have one, so all you need to do is learn how to use Orangetheory heart rate monitor outside of class and you’ll be good to go. So, let’s get into it and save you some extra bucks.

How To Use Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Outside of Class?

First of all, you should know that yes, you can easily connect an Orangetheory heart rate monitor to your phone, even if you’re not in the gym. It will make your life so much easier and the process is really easy too. Just make sure to follow every step I am listing below to connect the monitor quickly.

Step 1: Charge Your Heart Rate Monitor

Charge Your Heart Rate Monitor

If your monitor is not charged, it won’t be able to maintain connection with your phone. So, just to be on the safe side, charge the battery before you try to connect the monitor. Even if you think that the battery is fully charged, just plug it in to see if it’s working properly and then we can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Connect Your Phone to the Monitor Via Bluetooth

Switch on the bluetooth mode of your phone. You’ll find the bluetooth options in almost all the android and Apple phones. And for turning on the bluetooth of your monitor, click on the power button and you’ll see a green LED light will be visible. It means that your heart rate monitor is ready to be paired.

Then, all you need to do is go to the bluetooth settings on your phone and search for new devices. You’ll see the option of your heart rate monitor there and just click on it and your devices will be paired.

Step 3: Wear The Heart Rate Monitor

Wear The Heart Rate Monitor

Your heart rate monitor will only be able to measure your heart rate properly if you’re wearing it. The heart rate monitors usually are armbands but they could also be chest straps but just make sure that once you connect them to your phone, you’re wearing them to calculate your heart rate.

Also, make sure that your phone is in close proximity to your heart rate monitor or the bluetooth signals will be weak and you won’t be able to log your heart rate on your phone. It is advised to keep your phone with you to maintain the bluetooth connection.

Step 4: Try The Orangetheory Fitness App

Try The Orangetheory Fitness App

This step is optional because it’s possible that you don’t want to do Orangetheory workouts and want to follow some other trainer outside of the gym. However, if you’re interested in trying out the Orangetheory workouts, then all you need to do is:

  1. Download the Orangetheory Fitness app
  2. Go to the left corner of the app
  3. Click on the orange lines
  4. You’ll be directed to Orangetheory workouts
  5. Click on “At Home” workout and training sessions

With these simple steps, you’ll not just be able to do Orangetheory workouts at home but will also be able to keep an eye on your heart rate. It is the perfect option for people that have heart problems and constantly have to monitor their heart health.

Can You Connect Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor To Other Mobile Apps?

Yes, you can easily connect Orangetheory heart rate monitors to other fitness apps. Although the Orangetheory fitness app cannot be connected to other devices, when it comes to the monitor, it’s quite easy to add it to the top fitness apps.

As the heart rate monitor uses a bluetooth system to maintain a connection with your phone, and when you use other fitness apps, you can see the data gathered by your heart rate monitor on those apps easily. All you need to do is download any fitness app like:

  • FitBit
  • Nike
  • Strava
  • Peloton
  • iCardio
  • UnderArmor

These are mainly the mainstream apps and you can easily connect your heart rate monitor with them but there are so many other options out there that could be just as great for you. So, make sure to give them a go too.

Is Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Actually Worth it?

Yes, Orangetheory heart rate monitor is actually worth it and that’s not coming from me but from the people who’ve been using the monitor for so many years now. So, let’s get into it and see how Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor is better than the competition.

Great Quality

When talking about quality, Orangetheory monitor definitely takes the lead. Although it could be expensive in comparison to other monitors in the market, it is worth every penny if we consider how long it is going to last. The material that this monitor is made of is also very heavy duty and doesn’t easily get scratched or messed up. So, if you have to invest your money in a heart rate monitor, I would definitely recommend the Orangetheory one.

Accurate Record

Orangetheory heart rate monitor is one of the few monitors that offer the most accurate records of your heart rate. It helps you record not just the heart rate but also different kinds of metrics while you’re doing your workouts. So, it’s just an added benefit.

Diverse Features

You don’t just get to record your heart rate with an Orangetheory monitor but you can also keep an eye on different heart zones. This feature is particularly helpful if you’re used to doing different workout routines and not just cardio.

Should You Use Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor for Outdoor Workouts?

Yes, you can use an Orangetheroy heart rate monitor while exercising outside of the gym. Some users don’t like to take off the monitor because they want to keep track of their heart rate and also see how outdoor workouts affect their heart rate.

Besides, there are a lot of people who like to go for a run after working out in the gym. So, for them, it is really important to have a heart rate monitor with them at all times. It is also really easy to use the monitor outdoor because you just need to have your phone with you and you’ll be good to go.

Also, before you leave for a walk or start any outdoor activity, just make sure that your heart rate monitor is charged so it would track your heart rate efficiently.


It might be a little hard to understand how to use Orangetheory heart rate monitor if you’re trying something of this sort for the very first time. So, make sure that you follow all the above-given steps. Besides, I gotta say that if you’ve already gotten your hands on the monitor, you’re definitely in for a treat.

I personally find Orangetheory heart rate monitor very convenient and I hope you’ll also like it once you use it on regular basis. I hope that you found your answer so let’s bid farewell. I am sending you best wishes for your workouts this week.

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