What is Orangetheory 3×3 Specialty Workout? – [You Should Know?]

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Health and fitness is the priority of almost everyone these days. And that’s why, big names like Orangetheory, continue to introduce specialized workouts and classes to cater to specific needs. 3×3 is also one such workout that was introduced by Orangtheory and that has quickly become a cult classic.

The only thing is that a lot of people find it difficult to understand what a 3×3 specialty workout really is and how it is different from their regular classes. So, if you’ve found yourself wondering the same, then you’ve landed on the perfect place. Let’s get into it and find out what is Orangetheory 3×3 specialty workout.

What is The Orangetheory 3×3 Workout?

What is The Orangetheory 3x3 Workout

Orangetheory 3×3 specialty workout is the system where you practice, perfect, and perform your workouts. The 3×3 system is applied for timing the workouts as well and typically, you’re advised to do a workout for 3 minutes, take a break and then repeat 3 times.

The classes of Orangetheory that I attended for 3×3 weren’t extremely advanced. So, if you’re worried if you can do well in the training, rest assured. You just need to be a regular in 3×3 classes each week and you’ll eventually build the stamina. I personally found the workouts easier than the ones I already do.

The classes usually start off with 3 minutes of intensive workouts and then you get 60 to 90 seconds to take some rest. In the treadmill, the same system is applied but the timing is different as you have to push for 30 seconds, then stay on the base for 1 minute. Running comes next and you have to do it for 90 seconds straight. Once you’re done running, repeat the same method 3 times.

When you’re rowing, you need to follow the same pattern as that of the treadmill. What comes next are some workouts to increase your power but they’re typically performed on the floor and they help a lot with building strength.

The 3×3 timing and workout schedule might change according to what day it is or how they’re advancing their workouts. But just know that nothing is too overwhelming and you will be able to do all the workouts easily.

The Benefits of 3×3 Specialty Workouts

Orangetheory has specifically introduced this 3×3 workout because of how great it is for those who want to challenge their resistance and try something new. So, there obviously are a lot of benefits but we’ll only discuss a handful of them here. These are the benefits that I felt while going to Orangetheory and that people who accompanied me also felt. So, let’s get in:

Increased Strength

If you continue to do a workout, it eventually increases your strength. But, 3×3 does it a lot sooner than all the other workouts. That’s mainly because the workout is specifically designed to challenge your limits and make you go beyond the boundaries you’ve set for your fitness.

The workouts that made me out of breath were suddenly not that difficult for me after attending 3×3 specialty classes at Orangetheory. It might be because the 3-minute workout, rest, and then 3 reps method has proven to be pretty effective, even for weight lifting. So, it seems to be doing pretty good for 3×3 classes too.

Suitable For Beginners

If you’ve recently started working out at Orangetheory, then talk to the admin and see if you could attend a 3×3 class. You’ll soon realise how it is so easy for beginners to perform in the class and perfect their form, without having to put their body under overwhelming stress.

Not only this, the trainers are pretty helpful too and they’ll be guiding you every step of the way. So, don’t be nervous even if it’s your first day at 3×3 workout because I know that you’ll nail it.

Weight Loss

If you’re consistent with your 3×3 specialty classes and also attend regular classes at Orangetheory, then it will help you a lot in shedding those extra pounds. You just need to make sure that you’re eating in a calorie deficit.

These workouts will actually give you a little extra hand by burning more calories and increasing your metabolic activities so you can lose weight in a faster and healthier way. Just make sure to incorporate them in your life on a daily basis. Otherwise, what even is the purpose of these workouts?

What Happens in The Orangetheory 3×3 Specialty Class?

What is Orangetheory 3×3 specialty class has suddenly become a mystery as people want to know more about it but there isn’t a lot of info about the class anywhere online. You only get to see a few snippets here and there. So, I would advise you to visit Orangetheory in person and see if the 3×3 workout is actually suitable for you or not.

In the meantime, let me make the decision a little easier for you by providing you a sneak peek at the workouts that you might expect to see in Orangetheory 3×3 specialty class.


Cardio is a staple at Orangetheory and whether you’re running or jogging, it directly affects your fitness. There are a number of treadmills, bikes and striders available at Orangetheory so you can do cardio without feeling bored or repetitive.


You also get access to a rower in your 3×3 specialty classes and you should know that with every stroke that you take on the rover, it engages about 85% of your body. So, although it is a low-impact workout, it still makes all the difference in strengthening your body and increasing your endurance.

Strength Training

Strength training is all the hype at Orangetheory these days, although it was originally famous for its cardio plans. There is a whole lot of equipment with which you can do weight lifting and increase your muscle mass. There also are machines to aid you in your journey to fitness.

So, you might be feeling that the three basic things happening in a 3×3 class are pretty much the same as a regular class. And that’s actually true. Most people think that 3×3 classes aren’t worth it because they follow the same format and don’t offer anything different.

But you should know that the differentiative factor isn’t in the workouts but how they are executed and timed. It all comes down to how your coach is conducting the 3×3 classes and it does make a lot of difference if you do it properly. Otherwise, you can find the same kind of equipment in almost every gym.

Final Thoughts 

Lastly, I hope that you’re clear about what is Orangetheory 3×3 specialty workout. If you still have some confusion, you can simply call Orangetheory and discuss your concern with them. I am sure that they’ll be more than willing to help you. Also, if you’ve decided to attend 3×3 classes, make sure to go for a trial run first and don’t enroll full-time right away.

It is important to know which workout actually works for your body and which one does not. Only then will you be able to see an actual difference in your body and weight loss will become a lot easier for you? I am sending my best wishes for your fitness journey. Adios, from my side!

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