The Ultimate Guide About Peloton Century Shirt 2023

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A prize after completing the challenge is one of the prime motivating factors for athletes and fitness freaks. The Peloton Century shirt has been introduced by the company to reward members and keep their motivation level high.

According to peloton rules, you are eligible for a free Peloton century club shirt reward after completing 100 workout sessions in a certain category. This is one effective way to tell your peloton buddies that you have completed a milestone and has been rewarded officially. Let’s find out and everything about the Peloton Century shirt.

What is Peloton Century Shirt?

What is Peloton Century Shirt

This is a commemorative unisex t-shirt offered by Peloton to members who complete 100 workouts in one specific category. When you complete the milestone, the company will send you an email with a promo code to order a century shirt by Peloton. Remember, you have to use the code within one year from the issued date, or it will expire, and you will not be able to use it for the t-shirt prize.

Previously, Peloton was offering the shirt for all users, but now, only All-access peloton members are eligible to receive the reward.

Who is Eligible For The Peloton Century Shirt?

One of the best things about Peloton is that it keeps updating the terms and conditions, and according to the latest update, one member can receive only one shirt. Peloton Century Shirts are available for members who have all-access peloton membership. This subscription plan costs $39/month.

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The Century shirt offer is available only for members living in the UK, USA, and Canada. Also, the member should be at least 14 years of age.

Remember, you can’t transfer your code to anyone else, and the code can be used only one time.

How Long Does it Take To Reach The 100 Class Mark?

One of the most common questions people ask is how long does it take for me to reach the 100 class mark? It mainly depends on how you plan workouts and what is your weekly streak. Most people have a mixed exercise routine on which various days; they take a cycling class, and others they take a short yoga class or prefer meditation.

If you want to hit the 100-class mark and win a century club shirt, it is advised to select an exercise you can perform consistently. I want to clarify one thing, 100 is not a simple task to select. It is recommended to choose exercise carefully and then ensure performing regularly.

If you are a dedicated rider, you can reach 100 marks in less than six months. However, it may take as long as one year to hit the 100-class mark in any type of exercise. In simple words, it depends on the level of consistency and dedication and the type of workout you select to achieve this goal.

Can I Buy Peloton Century Shirt?

Peloton is offering different fitness apparel, including tops and bottoms for both genders. You can easily find sleeveless, full-sleeved, short-sleeved t-shirts, hoods, and sweatshirts in their collection.

Although you can’t buy a Peloton Century shirt but you can buy simple t-shirts for yourself. You don’t need to achieve the 100 class mark to purchase one of the t-shirts. Remember, there is a significant difference between a prize and buying a shirt. Also, the shirt won’t have “100” written on the sleeves, which proves your achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Get Free Peloton Apparel?

Peloton sends its members a Century Club shirt that completes 100 classes in a specific workout.

How Do I Know I Am Eligible For Peloton Century Shirt?

The Peloton will send you a promo code when you achieve the 100 class mark. You can use the code within a year and can’t transfer it to anyone.

What Brand Do Peloton Instructors Wear?

Peloton instructors mostly wear peloton apparel. However, they also wear third-party apparel during workout sessions.

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