Does Peloton Apparel Run Small? – [Here’s The Truth]

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After the success of peloton workouts, classes, and in-home machines such as Bike and Treadmill, the peloton took a step ahead and has started a clothing brand in collaboration with the most prominent designers around the world. Do you want to know if Peloton apparel runs small or not?

If yes, then keep on reading to know more about size charts and the fabric that Peloton uses in its clothing which is the real deal closer for them. There were times when the brand was continuously launching exceptional apparel yet pre-orders started coming short and it was crystal clear that the peloton brand would fail terribly.

Nevertheless, the comeback that Peloton did with its thriving apparel lineup is enough to amuse you. So read on to discover out more about how the Peloton brand was successful in introducing perfect-fitting clothes. Let’s get started.

Does Peloton Apparel Actually Run Small?

Does Peloton Apparel Actually Run Small

 Yes, Peloton Apparel does run small but only if you don’t pick a size based on your measurements. If you know your exact size, then you can order accordingly and Peloton apparel won’t disappoint you. 

Starting off with understanding the fact that everyone possesses a unique body texture and when it comes to buying clothes, we prefer online shopping. But little do we know that sometimes we can’t get the perfect size with a tap on the phone’s screen. Occasionally the brand fails to provide an individual the perfect fit.

Such issues are more likely to happen when you place an order from a website. Going to a particular shop and trying on the outfit to see if it fits, has its own advantages. However, we are so occupied these days that we can’t even lend an hour for ourselves and prefer online shopping which has its drawbacks.

So here’s the solution for it: whenever you are purchasing a gym outfit online, you should order one size larger than yours.

It is less likely to happen that you have ordered something from the Peloton brand and you didn’t get the actual size. Usually, people receive flawless outfits from the brand. Whereas the pro tip of buying one size larger is just a precaution in case you don’t want to take any risk or if you have an athletic event scheduled in a few days.

When it comes to clothing brands everyone wants to have a pair of cloth that fits well and along with that, the brand should be good enough to flex. And what’s better to flex than the high-quality athletic apparel launched by Peloton undoubtedly, when it comes to gym outfits then Peloton has the best to offer because they’re the master of their trade.

Peloton collection is unparalleled to any other brand with a wide selection of sizes at the Peloton shops so that you can pick the right one. The cycling apparel from Peloton has been reviewed as the finest fit because it doesn’t bother you while cycling and doesn’t affect your form either.

People have reviewed them on various websites saying “they received the size as expected. There is no chance that Peloton is shipping the default piece to anyone.”

Things You Need To Know About The Peloton Apparel Store

Since the peloton brand started launching indoor exercise machines it has become unbeatable in the entire fitness industry. On the other hand, Peloton created hype back in 2019 when it decided to launch a clothing line. Previously Peloton was working with companies to produce limited collections but it wasn’t that profitable for them.

If you ever accidentally pass by a peloton store, never miss the opportunity to purchase something for yourself as it provides the greatest clothing and accessories by men and women both. And you will notice yourself that all the sizes are available at the store from regular to plus sizes whereas the website sometimes runs short. Following is the list of accessories you could buy at a peloton store.

And the list goes on. After the peloton store let’s jump over to Peloton apparel fabric and what role it plays in providing comfort?

Does Peloton Apparel Use Good Quality Fabric?

The real deal closer for the brand is the fabric that they have been using since the very start. Therefore the apparel makes anyone feel extra comfy that when you try them on you feel light. If you are an athlete and thinking about purchasing clothes that are stretchable then I would highly recommend the cadent pieces.

1) Cadent Fabric

I have suggested the cadent for a reason, as an athlete or as a gym freak you need clothes that could dry rapidly. And the cadent pieces from the Peloton have the ability to moisture wick and it is originally designed for ease of motion. These cadent fabrics are durable for numerous activities and it has become the signature piece for Peloton.

2) Striving Fabric

This is yet another fabric which is from Peloton’s significant designs, regardless of the activity you are performing it was designed to move with your body no matter what. It is said to be the perfect fit and if you are someone like me who prefers lightweight clothing. Plus, the fabric is quite breathable which is particularly important for fitness apparel. Plus you can wear it casually too as it is undefeatable in style.

There’s more to discuss but I will compress it all into a few pointers so that we can move along with the size chart.

  • Move Mission is perfect if you want to flaunt your curves.
  • Dream Blend is super soft and lightweight, and best for lounge workouts.
  • Output is designed for any activity and lets your body breathe every moment.
  • Essential is a soft and silky fabric. Go for it if you look for luxury.

How Does The Peloton Apparel Sizing Chart Work?

How Does The Peloton Apparel Sizing Chart Work

While buying peloton clothing it is very necessary to acknowledge that the size is intended to be tight. You should go for a larger size if you are between sizes or like a looser fit. The size chart has standard dimensions such that chest and leg lengths are shown. Additionally regular and plus sizes are also available.

If you are a keen observer then you might have noticed that peloton is providing more sizing options than any other brand and renowned exercise wear companies. Now it is not an issue to get the garment that fits you regardless of your body type. Generally, people choose XS to 3XL for shirts and for bottoms they go for XXS to XL.

If you want any further assistance on sizes the Peloton has its sizing guide on their website in case you are still perplexed about what to get. Here’s a good tidbit for you, If someday you end up ordering the wrong size then there’s no need to panic. You can simply send it back to them for an exchange or a refund. Peloton apparel has made life easier for everyone out there. Moving forward, the following are the tips if you want to buy the ideal fit:

Tips to Follow Prior a Purchase

  1. Measure yourself so you can determine your size more keenly.
  2. Check the size chart of the Peloton Apparel that you are interested in.
  3. Go through some reviews from people who already received their orders so that you can have an idea how the item will fit you.


Concluding Peloton has proved itself to be the best while catering the customers of all shapes and sizes. In this article you came across questions that mostly aren’t answered, such as the types of fabrics Peloton is offering and how the sizing chart works. There’s more that I have mentioned above, follow the tips and guidelines for finding the appropriate size at the Peloton Apparel store.

I hope by now you know how and what to look for then what’s the wait for? Go grab your outfit and have the best time flexing your curves. For now, adios from my side!

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