How to Cancel Orangetheory Membership? – [Detailed Guide]

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OrangeTheory Fitness is a fantastic place to be physically active. But things happen in life. Ups and downs are part of life. It might be a work move, a job loss, or a medical need.

You may need to terminate your membership sometimes.

No gym makes it simple to cancel. They’d hate to lose you and your regular monthly payment!

You may terminate your membership anytime by visiting the studio or sending a request through certified mail. If you do research online, you might find different stories of former members telling their tales with different results.

Read about the OrangeTheory Cancellation Policy and explain how to cancel your Orangetheory fitness membership.

How To Cancel Orangetheory Fitness Membership Manually?

How To Cancel Orangetheory Fitness Membership Manually

Orangetheory will only accept cancellations sent through mail or in person. You may only cancel your Orangetheory membership at the location where you first signed up.

Orangetheory membership cancellations must be made 30 days prior to the renewal date.

You may continue to attend sessions for the remaining month after canceling without incurring any further charges. You will no longer be obligated to pay when this month ends, per the terms of your contract.

You will no longer be obligated to pay when this month ends, per the terms of your contract.

Cancel Orangetheory By Certified Mail

Here’s what you need to do to have your Orangetheory subscription canceled by registered mail:

  1. The first step is to call your local Orangetheory Fitness to ensure their exact location.
  2. Make sure to include the following details in your cancellation letter:
  3. The first and last names must be included.
  4. Your current address
  5. Your contact information
  6. Your birthdate
  7. Proof of membership card
  8. Your electronic mail
  9. The last four digits of your main credit card used to sign up
  10. Put your sign down.

Send your cancellation notification through certified mail to ensure its timely arrival. We may need you to visit the studio to finalize the cancellation.

Cancel Orangetheory in Person

To cancel your Orangetheory membership in person, you must visit the location where you originally signed up. Find out where you can get a cancellation form and fill it out.

Then sign it to officially discontinue your membership. If the studio doesn’t provide you with a copy after you cancel, you should insist on getting one.

OrangeTheory Fitness Cancellation Policy

Remember that even if you cancel your membership in person, it will not be immediately canceled. If you want to terminate your membership, give them 30 days’ notice.

That would still leave you responsible for the next month’s payment. The agreement or membership will be terminated at that point.

If you no longer want to be a member of OTF or any other fitness facility, this is the quickest and easiest method to terminate your membership.

Causes of OrangeTheory Fitness Membership Cancellation

Causes of OrangeTheory Fitness Membership Cancellation

OrangeTheory Fitness members often cancel for one of three reasons:

Personal Reasons

Some people have decided they no longer like working out at OrangeTheory. They might be doubting the effectiveness of their exercises.

Since there is no OTF franchise store near their new location, some members may have to discontinue their membership.

Medical Reasons

Working exercise helps you maintain a healthy body and mind. However, there is always the chance that something may happen to compromise your health and prevent you from attending OrangeTheory.

OrangeTheory lessons are intense. You can attempt them even if you’re not in peak physical condition. Maintaining an orange zone heart rate may seem challenging.

An illness or injury can arise, or someone’s health might already be poor, so they can’t attend.

Financial Reasons

The need to save costs is another factor that may lead a member to discontinue their subscription. These are uncertain times, and no one can count on having a steady source of income.

Some people may balk at the cost of membership. The number of people who join the OTF may skyrocket in the wintertime. The thrill of summertime outdoor activities increases with the arrival of hot weather and longer days.

Some people may also lack the financial resources to pay the membership fee. All of those explanations make sense and are typical.

What To Do After Canceling Your OrangeTheory Membership

Cancellation takes some time to take effect, as we’ve already discussed. If you want to cancel, you’ll have to wait another 30 days for your letter or request to take effect.

That might indicate that your credit card is still at risk of being charged for the next month’s membership fees. Sadly, you can do little to change that.

It’s important to double-check in the months after cancellation, however. Verify that they have not made a mistake and continue to charge your account.

If that is the case, they will provide you with a refund.

If you do not agree with the extra charge, you have the option of disputing it with your credit card company. You will have documentation of the date the cancellation was sent if you used certified mail.

Otherwise, OTF should be able to verify the date of your cancellation form and not contest the fee.

Look into the coming month. You typically have 60 days from the day the charge appears on your main credit card statement to file a dispute.

The issuer has 30 calendar days from the day your written dispute request is received to reply to your claim.

Alternatives To Cancelling OTF Membership

A membership cancellation at OTF is not always the best choice. There may be more options available than merely canceling your membership; the staff would be happy to discuss these with you.

Suppose your course load is heavier than normal. Consider switching to a cheaper plan.

Your hectic schedule may be temporary, so you may need to reduce the number of courses you’re taking.

It’s simple to accomplish this, and you don’t even need to give your local OTF facility 30 days’ notice to stop billing you for the month.

Some customers have successfully switched between different tiers of service many times. The franchise’s location is also a factor.

If you don’t want to use your membership this month because you won’t be able to make it to any courses, you may put it on hold.

To be sure, this is just a temporary setback.


It could be daunting to cancel your OrangeTheory membership. Many individuals find it difficult to cancel their gym subscriptions in general.

Once you understand the steps involved, though, it’s a breeze.

The most efficient method of canceling is to visit the franchise’s physical location where you first signed up and complete a cancellation form there.

Sending a letter through registered mail is another option for canceling your subscription.

No immediate action is taken when the cancellation is initiated. The cancellation process takes 30 days from the day the form or letter was received.

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