Can You Buy A Used Orangetheory Heart Monitor?

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Being a student and working part-time, I joined Orangetheory to take care of my fitness.

But unfortunately, due to a lack of budget, I wouldn’t be able to buy a new heart rate monitor to track my heart rate regularly.

I asked myself, why not buy a used one for now?

I need a heart rate monitor because OrangeTheory fitness courses are designed to get your heart rate up to make it a reality.

You need a heart rate monitor to see whether you have successfully increased your heart rate to the desired zone.

The primary question is, “Can You Buy A Used Orangetheory Heart Monitor?”

After a little research, I got to know that;

Yes, You can buy one used OrangeTheory heart rate monitor. Instead of buying or renting an OTF monitor, you may save money by purchasing a previously used one.

Is a Used Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Good?

Is a Used Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Good

It is, indeed. As mentioned, a significant component of Orangetheory courses revolves around heart rate.

Unfortunately, only heart rate monitors from Orangetheory and, more recently, the Apple Watch with OTBeat Link can sync to Orangetheory displays.

Therefore, one of these heart rate monitors will be required to fully enjoy the experience.

Generally speaking, Orangetheory’s heart rate monitors are of noteworthy quality and longevity. Because of this, buying a secondhand heart rate monitor is safe.

The heart rate monitor in Oranegtheory will continue to function flawlessly as long as it is kept up-to-date. All you need to do is ask a staff member to help reset the heart rate monitor.

You’ll also save money while receiving about the same experience with a $100 heart rate monitor.

How Accurate Are Used OrangeTheory Heart Rate Monitors?

They work mostly like the new one! OrangeTheory heart rate monitors are generally considered accurate, but the level of accuracy may vary depending on the individual monitor and the specific conditions under which it is used.

Factors that differentiate the old and new orange theory heart rate monitors:


A new orangetheory heart rate monitor is likely to have more advanced features and technology than an older one.

Battery Life

A new heart rate monitor will typically have a longer battery life than a used OTF monitor, as the battery will have been fully charged before use.


A used orange theory heart rate monitor may have visible scratches or discolouration, whereas a new monitor will be in pristine condition.


Brand New orange theory heart rate monitors typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which can provide peace of mind and protection against defects. On the other hand, used heart rate monitors usually don’t come with any warranty.


Used OTF heart rate monitors are often cheaper than new ones. But it’s important to consider the condition and accuracy of the used monitor before making a purchase.

It is important to note that all heart rate monitors are not created equal; some may be more accurate than others.

It’s also important to note that OrangeTheory uses a heart rate monitoring system called “OTBeat,” based on a wireless system developed by a third party, Heart Rate Monitors USA.

It is recommended to check the monitor’s accuracy before using it and consult with the OrangeTheory staff if you have any doubts.

Where To Buy Used Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor?

Where To Buy Used Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor

You may look at many locations to purchase a secondhand Orangetheory heart rate monitor. Since they are still theoretically usable, it’s fortunate for you that the majority of previous owners list them for sale.


To find a selling platform, go for the Orangetheory Facebook group or google “used Orangetheory heart rate monitor.”


EBay is a safer alternative to Facebook or Craigslist, with a superior selling platform. The majority of users purchase their secondhand heart rate monitors from this website.


Compared to Facebook and eBay, Craigslist allows you to at least purchase a heart rate monitor locally. As a result, you will save on shipping expenses and, at the very least, be able to personally inspect the heart rate monitor.

Friends And Family

If you have friends, family, or neighbours who attend or have attended Orangetheory, you may inquire with them about a used item. They could have one for sale or know of someone who does. They might also be selling their heart rate monitor.

Which Things Should You Consider Before Buying a Used OTF Heart Rate Monitor?

Always remember that, for the most part, a used heart rate monitor is not equivalent to a new one.

In such a case, you should consider yourself fortunate if you find one that has only been used a few times.

As a result, before purchasing the heart rate monitor, you must consider the following:

The Heart Rate Monitor’s Condition:

Before agreeing to the contract, examine the heart rate monitor’s condition. If the vendor is nearby, you may meet with them in person to see the item.

If not, you may start a video conversation with them, ask them to wear the heart rate monitor, connect to the OTF fitness app, and see how it functions on their end.



Secondhand heart rate monitors cost more, even if they are not as pricey as new ones.

They are still more expensive than less expensive types. The Orangetheory heart rate monitor will thus cost you between $50 and $75.


Although Orangetheory straps would save money, they are detachable. So, for hygienic reasons, you may swap them out with fresh ones.

The used heart rate monitor now has new straps that give it a nearly-new and exquisite appearance.

Cost of Shipment:

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When choosing a heart rate monitor, consider the shipping cost carefully. By taking this into account, you may avoid spending as much, or even more, as you would for a new heart rate monitor.

In essence, the used item should be worth the gross cost, including the heart rate monitor’s price and delivery.

Your Safety:

Unfortunately, Orangetheory studios are a more reliable source of secondhand heart rate monitors than they are, particularly if they are obtained from strangers.

As a result, when you go to obtain the heart rate monitor, you risk being duped or even stolen. As a result, you should constantly use caution, particularly while doing business.


What Is The Accuracy of The OrangeTheory Heart Rate Monitors?

Although the armbands are undoubtedly more precise than the chest monitors, they are also somewhat less pleasant to wear.

Unlike armbands that measure your pulse, chest straps measure your heart rate based on electrical impulses (most of the time).

What Is The Price of the New OrangeTheory Heart Rate Monitor?

The chest strap monitor costs around $90, while the armbands cost between $120 and $120. But if you acquire them secondhand, you may be able to do it for less!

Does Using A Secondhand Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Have Any Disadvantages?

Although purchasing a secondhand heart rate monitor could result in financial savings, there are drawbacks. The heart rate monitor could no longer be functioning correctly.

They might also be challenging to verify if you don’t have something to compare the monitor to, being covered by a warranty if brand-new equipment malfunctions are a wonderful feature.

When acquiring secondhand devices, consider cleanliness as well. You don’t want to have sweat from other people on you, do you?

The armbands on some of the devices may be changed. These will assist you in ensuring that at least that portion is new.


Therefore, it is possible to get a used Orangetheory heart rate monitor. As the orangetheory fitness centre has attracted so many individuals from all over the globe, they are often on sale.

Therefore, the opportunity to get a used Heart rate monitor is fantastic if all you want is to have your name shown on the Oranegtheory displays and have everything you’ve wished for in the gym at a cost that is as low as possible.

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