Jon Hosking Peloton Instructor Biography, Life, Age, Girlfriend

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A handsome British model turned fitness expert, Jon Hosking is famous for his charming personality. Born in England, Jon Hosking has been in the news for this dating with Amber Gills. However, there is an exciting story about how the model turned into a peloton instructor, what is Jon Hosking’s networth, marriage, early life, education, and his training techniques.

Jon Hosking Biography

Full Name Jon Hosking
Gender Male
Age 30
Birthday September 10, 1992
Nationality British
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Professional fitness instructor and Model
Marital Status Single
Social Media Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

Jon Hosking Early Life

Jon Hosking Peloton Instructor

Jon was born in England on September 10, 1992. He got his early education from a renowned educational institute. Jon has been working as a model for popular brands, and now he has joined peloton as a fitness instructor.

Jon Hosking Marriage/Girlfriend

Jon Hosking and Amber Gill have been in the news for some time. Born on August 4, 1997, Amber Gill belongs to Newcastle, United Kingdom. Amber is a beauty therapist, British TV personality, supermodel, and social media influencer.

Amber got fame when she participated in the ITV2 series Love Island in 2019. She, along with Greg O’Shea, won the contest.

The love life of Amber Gill has gone through multiple relations. She developed a relationship with Michael Griffins and Greg O’Shea. After breaking up with these two celebrities, Amber Gill is dating a supermodel and a peloton fitness instructor, Jon Hosking. Both superstars are working together and enjoying the company of each other.

Jon Hosking Net Worth

The net worth case of Jon is a mystery like all other peloton members, including Ben Alldis. However, the estimated net worth of Jon Hosting is about $5 million.

Jon Hosting Weight And Height

Jon Hosting has a healthy body with ideal measurements. Here are the body stats of Jon.

  • Weight 68 KGs
  • Height 6 feet 1 inch

Jon Hosking Social Media


  • @jon_hosking


  • @jon_hosking


  • Jonhoskingpeloton

Jon Hosking Training Style

Jon has loved painting since his Art School days. He knows very well how to get Peloton users there and keep users motivated with his positive attitude and wicked sense of humor. He says, “With my class, I want to create an ideal space where everyone is made to feel like he can leave doubt at the door.

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Jon Hosking Quotes

Let’s celebrate you.

Jon Hosking Interests

Outside of the peloton, Jon has been a great lover of football and painting. According to Jon, Painter offers pure escapism and another channel to express. In fact, it brings me a sense of great peace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Jon Hosking Married?

No, Jon Hosting is not married yet, but he is dating a British supermodel, Amber Gill.

What Are The Hobbies of Jon Hosting Outside The Peloton?

Jon Hosting loves football and painting. He is an excellent painter and loves to express his emotions through different paintings.

When Did Jon Hosking Join Peloton?

Jon Hosking joined Peloton in 2020. Despite being a new Peloton family member, Jon has been getting popular for his charming personality.

is Jon Hosking gay?

There is no publicly confirmed information about Jon Hosking’s sexual orientation. Jon Hosking is known as a Peloton instructor, and unless he has chosen to publicly disclose this aspect of his personal life, it remains a private matter.

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