Cody Rigsby Peloton Instructor Wiki, Age, Relationship, Quotes

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Popularly known as the best peloton instructor, Cody Rigsby is known for his attractive smile, herculean physique, and above all, as a professional dancer.

Cody was in dancing for more than seven years. In 2010, he worked as a dancing instructor at Girls High School in New York City. Let’s find out the biography of Cody Rigsby to explore who Cody Rigsby is, his net worth, education, life before the Peloton, and his relationship.

Cody Rigsby Biography

  • Full Name Cody Rigsby
  • Nationality American
  • Gender Male
  • Age 36 years
  • Marital Status Unmarried
  • Birth Place Greensboro, North California, United States
  • Date of Birth 8th June 1987
  • Weight 80 kgs
  • Height 1.78 meters
  • Previous profession Dancer
  • Current profession Peloton instructor
  • Social media Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Cody Rigsby Early Life

Cody was born in North California on 8th June 1987. He was raised by a single mother, Cindy Rigsby. The early life of Cody is full of struggles. After completing his graduation, Cody decided to move to New York to pursue his professional life.

Cody’s career has been through various random professions. He started with fashion and marketing. After a while, he moved to the dancing universe and gained fame for his excellent dancing skills.

Cody Rigsby has worked with popular stars such as Nicki Minaj and Saturday Night Live. Other success stories of Cody include Katy Perry, Victoria’s secret, and ELLE.

Cody Rigsby Peloton Instructor

Cody Rigsby Peloton Instructor

The famous Peloton cycling instructor has been with the peloton for more than seven years. He was working at the Box located on the Lower East Side when he first heard about the new fitness company Peloton. He decided to give it a try and was selected as a cycling instructor.

Now, Cody Rigsby is the most famous peloton instructor. He is also known as the wealthiest peloton instructor currently. Cody is living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

What is The Net Worth of Cody Rigsby?

The estimated net worth of Cody is about $8 million. Here is Cody’s net worth per year.

  • $8 million 2021
  • $3.5 million 2020
  • $1.5 million 2019
  • $.08 million 2018

Besides Peloton, Cody Rigsby has other earning sources too. He earns from brand deals and sponsorships.

Cody earns up to $700 per class at Peloton.

Cody Rigsby Relationship

Cody Rigsby Relationship

Cody has been in a relationship with Andres Alfaro for more than three years. They met in 2018 and announced their engagement in April 2020.

His partner Alfaro is also working at Barry’s Bootcamp as a fitness instructor.

Cody Rigsby Quotes

Can I Do This/ Absolutely.

Fix your wig. Get your life together boo!

Don’t be average. Be savage.

Cody Rigsby Hobbies

When Cody is not teaching cycling, he loves to travel and explore the world. According to Cody, he loves to find serenity and balance through his meditation practice.

Cody Rigsby Social Media


  • (codyrigsbyfitness)


  • (@codyrigsby)


  • (@CodyRigsby)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cody Rigsby in a Relationship?

Cody Rigsby is in a relationship with popular fitness instructor Andres Alfaro. He and Alfaro met in 2018, and after realizing their perfect bond, they officially announced their engagement in April 2020.

What Was The Previous Profession of Cody Rigsby Before Joining The Peloton?

Cody Rigsby has worked in the fashion and marketing industry at the early stage of his professional life. After realizing his natural dancing talent, he joined a school in New York as a dancing instructor. In 2014, when Cody was working at the bar, he heard about Peloton and was selected as a cycling instructor at peloton.

Who is The Wealthiest Peloton Instructor?

Cody Rigsby is making about $700 per peloton cycling class, and without any doubt, Cody is the wealthiest instructor at Peloton.

How Much does Cody Rigsby get paid by Peloton?

The exact salary of Cody Rigsby, a popular Peloton instructor, is not publicly disclosed. However, it’s speculated that top Peloton instructors could earn six-figure salaries. Given Cody’s high profile and popularity, he is likely on the higher end of the pay scale.

Does Peloton Cody have a boyfriend?

Cody Rigsby has generally kept his personal life, including his relationship status, private. Information about whether he has a boyfriend is not publicly disclosed. For the most current information, it’s best to refer to reputable sources or Cody Rigsby’s own social media channels.

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