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Peloton has facilitated us with numerous workout sessions and has also allowed us to achieve our dream bodies within the comfort of our houses.

Peloton bikes are all the hype these days because people would rather ride a peloton at home than go to the spin classes at the gym. In fact, a guy in the United States lost up to 100 pounds in 6 months just by using his peloton bike which is nothing less than a miracle.

But after buying a peloton, you must be anxious about its accessories which include a mat, and a water bottle and the most crucial thing that you are going to need is a perfect pair of peloton-compatible shoes.

These shoes will be clipped into your bike and the thing that worries you is, do giro shoes work with a peloton bike or not?

Therefore stay with us till the very last end to find out the answer to all your giro shoes-related questions.

Do Giro Shoes Actually Work With Peloton?

Do Giro Shoes Work With Peloton

Yes, Giro shoes will work with your Peloton bike because they are compatible with all 2-bolt and 3-bolt pedal systems. Even if you want to use them on a bike other than Peloton, you could still do it

Moreover, the most famous Giro shoes which are highly recommended for use with a peloton are Giro Stylus shoes. These have a 3- strap closure which makes paddling more convenient and provides support to the feet.

Giro shoes are usually made by using fibreglass and this glass is reinforced at the outer sole as it helps for the power transformation. This transfer of power allows every individual to have a better experience on the peloton and for losing a lot of calories every single day. The fibreglass also works for optimal stainless steel hardware.

Besides, the peloton uses a paddle system of 3 bolts which is commonly known as Delta Look. The brand Giro provides shoes with both SPD and Delta Look bolt systems which means they can go road riding too while wearing Giro shoes. So, if you own a pair of giro shoes then you can use it both ways regardless of a road cycling trip or a normal workout on a peloton.

Things To Consider Before Buying Peloton Bike Shoes

Before you start shopping and looking for peloton-compatible shoes, just know that the process is time-consuming. Moreover hunting the products that had already been the talk of the town is another struggle for a person. If you have ever been to a peloton studio or a gym, you already have the idea that the shoes you have been wearing since are 2 bolt shoes. Therefore they weren’t peloton compatible.

We have created a guide that covers Delta Vs SPD Cleats in our last article.

If you want to have a comfortable ride on your peloton then you should make sure that the shoes you are wearing have a delta-look cleat system. Most of us struggle with finding the right kind of Delta Shoes. However, the following steps will help you find out if your shoes are Delta Look or not.

  • The only way out of this problem is to examine your shoes by flipping them
  • Check out the shoe screw outline on the sole area.
  • If you see two adjacent holes then it means it is a 2 bolt system which is a big no and you should not buy one such pair of shoes.
  • You will require a triangle made out of 3 holes. Shoes which contain such holes are called 3-bolt cycling shoes or Delta Look.
  • In addition to that, Delta also means triangle.

Now that you know how to figure out a 3 bolt shoe system, next up we have some extravagant features of the Giro shoe. If you are a reader who hasn’t bought one yet then I am sure after going through the following deets you will surely make up your mind about buying Giro shoes.

Everything You Need To Know About Giro Shoes

Everything You Need to Know About Giro Shoes

If we talk a wee bit about the Giro shoe itself then these shoes come in a versatile range of fits and its outsole that offers cyclists to mount them easily either on their indoor cycling bike or road bike cleats. It also depends on your pedal preference. Therefore if a person wants to alter their paddle system then the peloton has already given them the choice to select the paddles according to one’s comfort.

The giro shoes come in sizes from 6.5 and go till 14. They come in variant colours such as black, white, carbon, copper and harbour blue anodized. These Giro shoe brands provide a variety of clip systems such as Delta Look and SPD-SL.  Following are some pros and cons of the Giro shoes.


  • The giro shoes fit the best.
  • Giro shoes are easy to paddle on trails and mountains.
  • These are comfortable, and breathable and come with the best soles.
  • They have an innovative Boa L6 dial-tightening system.
  • Great for people with wide feet.


  • They are a buyer’s first choice but the only thing that pushes this product backwards is that you can’t loosen them without taking off all the tension from the lacing cable.

Precisely if you already have a pair of giro shoes then you are lucky enough and you can ride on your peloton with great arch support. Giro shoes are sleek and the sync wire upper allows users the flexibility to wrap and mould well to their feet. This shoe doesn’t lack the rigidity which is a necessity for a top-notch cycling shoe.


Wrapping it up, and enjoying your ride on Peloton with a pair of comfortable shoes is everyone’s preference. From choosing your favourite songs on Spotify to energetic virtual classes everything about the peloton can be amazing if you have the ideal shoes for the ride.

We hope by now you already have some knowledge about Giro shoes and the fact that you can ride on with them. It’s time for me to take off with the wish that you have an efficient and pleasant ride.

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