How Many Peloton Bikes Have Been Sold? – [Answered]

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Peloton is everywhere, and one can simply wonder how many Peloton bikes have been sold to date. Since the first Peloton bike sale, the company has sold a total of 2.33 million Peloton bikes. Also, the company claims that they have sold 125000 units of Peloton Tread+.

According to resources, there are more than 2.4 million people actively using Peloton. There is no doubt that Peloton is the most popular indoor workout equipment available. Let’s find out an interesting fact about the Peloton indoor cycle.

When Was The First Peloton Bike Sold?

When Was The First Peloton Bike Sold

The first Peloton bike was made on January 3, 2012. In 2013, Peloton sold the first bike on Kickstarter with an early bird price tag of $1500. However, the first internet-connected stationary bicycle featuring a tablet was released in 2014.

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One interesting fact about Peloton’s price is that the initial price of the bike was $2245, which was quite higher than the recent price. It didn’t take long for the Foley and cofounders to realize that the high price is a prime hurdle for low-selling units.

How Many Generations of Peloton Bikes Are There?

Peloton bike is available in three generations.

  • Peloton Generation 1 comes with QUARTZ on the monitor.
  • Peloton Generation 2 features RB1V1 on the monitor.
  • The third and latest Peloton generation comes with an RB1VQ on the monitor.

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Differences Between Bike And Bike+

The original Peloton bike features a 22 inches HD touch screen, rear speakers, and a 2 x 10 watts sound system.

The new Peloton bike+ has a 24 inches HD touchscreen with 360 degrees rotation, 2 x 10 watts woofers, 4 channel audio with 2 x 3-watt tweeters, auto follow resistance, front-facing along with rear-facing speakers, and an Apple Gymkit integration.

What is The Net Worth of Peloton?

The interactive networth of Peloton is $2.45B as of October 17, 2022. In 2017, Peloton made just $219 million, which was their highest profit since 2013. However, the upcoming years brought great success to the company. Peloton earned $1.83 million in 2020 and made $4.02 billion in 2021. Peloton has doubled its revenue each year since 2017.

Peloton Protection Plan

Peloton is offering 48 monthly protection plans for the Bike, Bike+, Tread, and Row. It extends the 12 months manufacturer warranty to 36 months. This also includes additional accidental damage along with surge protection from the buying date.

Remember, damage and equipment failure resulting from moving, disassembling, or reassembling your Peloton bike is not covered under Peloton warranties.

Peloton’s extended warranty pricing depends on the product and the length of extended coverage. In simple words, for the Peloton bike, you have to pay $145 for an additional 12 months of coverage. If you want to extend the coverage to 27 months, it will cost you $185.

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