How To Tighten Peloton Handlebars? – [3 Steps To Follow]

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Are you annoyed with your loose handlebars and thinking about tightening them? I know, when you are riding your Peloton the loose handles keep irritating you. Just because of these handles you don’t feel like working out isn’t?

I am sure your touchscreen keeps moving every time you ride a Peloton. This is because of these handlebars.

If you are facing any difficulties with your handlebars, then you are at the right place. Tighten your seatbelts because I am here to sort out all your problems. Additionally,

I assure you that after reading the whole article you are finally going to fix those handlebars which have been annoying you for months. So let’s get started.

I barely discussed How To Fix Wobbly Peloton Handlebars? in our previous articles.

Best Ways To Tighten Your Handlebars?

Best Ways To Tighten Your Handlebars

For tightening the handlebar, you need to tighten the head screws, then tighten the lever and also fix the screws on the touch screen. Make sure to put your forearms on the handlebar to lift it during tightening.

But if you want to know the process in detail and fix this problem once and for all then follow the below-given steps to ensure a comfortable and more reliable ride. After tightening your bars up it will be easy for you to hold up and enjoy your ride and I really want you to experience a carefree ride. So read the instructions carefully.

1) Tightening The Button Head Screws

The basic step in the fixate of handlebars is the tightening of head screws. These are located just below your Peloton seat and they are four in total. They are quite helpful because they hold the stem in place.

When you bought your Peloton you might have been given a 5-millimeter wrench too. In case you don’t have one you must purchase it. It will be helpful to you in the near future. If your handlebars go loose again.

So with that wrench tighten these 4 button head screws. But be careful, and make sure you don’t over-tighten the bolt. If you do so it can definitely damage the stem.

2) Tightening The Lever

Moving along, there’s this thing called lever if you are a newbie using Peloton then you might need an explanation to that. Therefore, a lever is located at the bottom of the handlebar. When you are ready to tighten the lever, make sure the handlebars stay in place.

Once you are done tightening the lever and you observe any difference in the height, then you can adjust it by loosening the lever. You should stop loosening it the moment you feel it’s the height that you prefer.

You can re-tighten the lever once again, in case you still find the height unsatisfactory. Keep focusing until you end up having perfect heighted handlebars.

3) Tightening Screws On The Touchscreen

These instructions are for those who own a bike+. Holding a bike plus is another level of comfort as you can rotate its touchscreen up to 360°. The first thing you are supposed to do is rotate your screen and try to find a screw.

If you can’t find one don’t panic and watch some videos over the internet about the touch screen of your bike+. I am sure you’ll find some productive videos. As soon as you have an idea where exactly this screw is located then read on.

Start with using a 5-millimeter wrench once again to tighten that screw. We hope that by now the mystery of tightening handlebars has been disclosed to you. These were some convenient ways to tighten your handlebars within a few seconds.

Moving forward, if we talk a bit about some personal experiences that I had. For me, riding a Peloton is more fascinating than any other gym equipment at my place. The simple answer to that is: firstly it entertains you with live classes.

On the other hand, it allows you to walk through their workout library.

Not only this there are many more features yet to explore about this bike. So every time you ride a Peloton your dedication towards staying healthy keeps increasing.

How Can You Adjust Peloton Handlebars at Home?

Now that your handlebars are tightened, it’s time to give you a sneak peek at adjustments too. I am going to walk you through some simple ways to improve your grip on the handlebars by making them convenient instead of distressing. Let’s find out!

  • The first and most important step is loosening the front side knob or lever. Stand at the front of the seat and then you are supposed to place your forearms right under the handlebars.
  • Carefully, lift the handlebar up and hold it into place. While doing this you must hold it at the perfect height and then you can adjust the lever tight.
  • Keep in mind that while riding Peloton, your hands should be resting appropriately at the bottom of the handlebars. If not so then you can alter the seat position and fix it according to your choice.
  • If anytime you feel like straining then, you must raise the position of your handlebars.

If a non-Peloton user finds out that we are struggling every day to fix our handlebars. They will surely laugh saying these are just handlebars. Whereas the thing which is disguised to them is that handlebars are one of the most crucial parts of a Peloton. It helps in the distribution of body weight while cycling.

The handlebars bear the weight of your upper body while you lean. On the other hand, the weight of our lower bodies is supported by the seat. Altogether the handlebar makes working out pleasant and comfortable for you.

Wrapping it Up

Concluding, loose handlebars can be dangerous if they keep wobbling. Always remember you can alter or modify your handlebar up to any height or position. The amendments completely depend upon the personal physical need and ease.

After following the step-by-step guide about how to adjust and fix the handlebars that I have provided you, take a ride on your Peloton and see if it’s easy for you to continue the ride. If not then you might have been mistaken somewhere.

Make sure your hands can rest easily at the bottom of the handlebar while your arms are a bit bent. With this hope that you found your ideal handlebars, I am taking off. Enjoy your ride!

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