Peloton Pause Button Not Showing? – [Diagnose & Fix]

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The pause button in Peloton has been the talk of the town for quite a while because the customer service of Peloton gets dozens of calls every day, inquiring about the secret button. Some of you might be thinking, does a peloton even have any pause button?

If you’ve been trying to find the pause button and googling the possible answers to your query, then I get that you’re tired by this point. Take some chill pills, you are at the right place. I am going to provide you with a complete guide related to the stop button.

Prior to the time when Peloton officially announced that you can stop your classes, Peloton users wondered if there was a pause button. So, a big Yes! There always had been a pause button in the peloton bike.

How To Find The Pause Button?

How To Find The Pause Button

Searching for the pause button is such a headache and I have been through this, the stress of missing classes. On the other hand if there is an emergency during the workout, is there a way out? Such quests keep a person stressed out so here’s how you could find the pause button for your classes and for that you need to act according to the following guidelines.

You should hold your finger on the bike’s screen mostly in the middle of the screen for the pause button to show up. Soon after that, you will see an icon for the pause button, hold it and your class will be paused.

However, the option of pausing a class is not available for the Live classes, pre-start or post-class, Encores, Sessions, Just Ride, or Scenic. The pause button is not available in the Tread by now.

I’ve already made an article about “How To Stack Peloton Classes“, which I recommend you to read.

There are times when you are unable to find the pause button to show on your bike’s screen. The major situation in which the pause button never shows up is when the screen is acting wonky.

Let’s say you start a class and you observe there isn’t any resistance, metrics, or cadence. In such conditions, you should exit the class straight away and double-check to see if there’s a software issue or not.

If you land up to any update, install it first and double check if the system is working smoothly and you could haunt down the pause button. However, if there isn’t any update then the only choice left is shutting down the system of your bike and after a couple of minutes turn it back on. By now your problem should most probably be fixed!

What Happens To Your Leaderboard If You Pause a class?

Till here you learned about how to pause a Peloton bike but now you must be curious about knowing how the stopping of your bike affects your leaderboard. Well, for instance, most of your personal records (PR) will be wiped off but you might be able to earn them back. Of course, leaderboard will not remain the same at all so read on to find out more about the changes:

  • After pausing a class your rank will be removed automatically nevertheless you could still be seen on the “Here Now Leaderboard”, as ranked by your output.
  • The one thing that worries me is after pausing your workout your rank is transferred to the next member who hasn’t paused their workout.
  • You will see that your aggregate metrics, timeline, and video all will be frozen.
  • Although you will still receive high fives and you could respond to them right after you resume the class.
  • The maximum time for the pause that has been officially announced is 60 minutes. You must be back before this time period. If you aren’t there in the meantime, then the pause button will automatically fade away and the workout will resume.
  • In the allotted 60 minutes you can pause the workout as many times as you want.

Does The Peloton Treadmill Contain The Pause Button?

Does The Peloton Treadmill Contain The Pause Button

Just like the Peloton bikes, Peloton tread and tread plus has lacked the pause button initially. While the company recently announced that the latest update allows you to pause your workouts even on treads. Now here’s the question: how could you pause your workout on a tread? Following are a few simple steps to help you pause your workouts:

  • The users of tread or tread plus should tap on their screens so that the pause button shows up.
  • You should hold on to confirm if the button appears or doesn’t.
  • Prior to this you might have hit the button saying exit class or hit the manual stop button.
  • As soon as you hit the pause button the treadmill will slow down until it stops completely.
  • Right at this moment, you will encounter an option for locking the Tread or the Treadmill will lock itself for its own safety within 45 seconds.
  • Additionally, your aggregate metrics, class, and overall progress will be paused for 60 minutes too.


Wrapping it up, if you want to pause some of your workouts in case of emergencies, you don’t have to worry anymore as I have already mentioned the easiest way to pause your Peloton bike as well as your treadmill. Whilst the workout if you want to pause then you can do so within seconds.

Peloton customer service also mentions that pausing a class has nothing to do with your streaks, challenges, badges, etc. along with that in case you have stacked your classes, still you can pause without the stack getting affected.

I hope that by now you know all about the pause button and how it works, therefore enjoy a ride free of worries of getting interrupted in between by the kids. Have a safe ride, Adios from our side!

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