How To Adjust Peloton Pedal Clips? – [Simple 5 Easy Steps]

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You’ve purchased peloton shoes but have no idea how do you put them on and take them off to begin your exercises.

For beginners, getting things started without any useful information may be challenging. So, Are you having trouble getting your Peloton pedal clips to fit perfectly?

Before using peloton shoes, you should be well informed about how to adjust them properly according to your comfort. Throughout your exercises, you could feel uncomfortable or have trouble clipping in or out of the pedals.

Don’t worry; we will show you how to adjust your Peloton pedal clips to meet your specific requirements in a practical and easy-to-follow manner.

So, read this helpful guide on adjusting your peloton shoes to fit your feet easily.

How To Adjust Peloton Pedal Clips?

How To Adjust Peloton Pedal Clips

You may change the pedal tension for a more comfortable fit if you’re having trouble clipping in for the first ride or if your shoes are feeling loose in the pedals.

Your cleats and shoes will be held firmly to the Bike or Bike+ by the tension screws found on the rear of the pedals. It’s advised to frequently adjust the tension to get the perfect fit for your preferences.

Here’s how to adjust the peloton pedal clip;

Losing Your Peloton Pedal Clips?

You may take the following actions to remove the Peloton pedal clips:

  1. Flip the Peloton pedal clip over to access the tension adjustment screw.
  2. To loosen the tension on the clip, turn the adjustable tension screw anticlockwise using a 4mm Allen wrench.
  3. Insert your shoe into the pedal clip and try to release it by turning your heel outward to test the tightness of the clip. The tension has been effectively released if the clip can be removed without difficulty. If it’s not loose enough, return to step 2 and try again.
  4. It’s important to remember that releasing your foot from the pedal clip may be made simpler by releasing the tension on the clip, which can be advantageous for newbies or those still getting used to adjusting the clip system.
  5. When utilizing the pedal, verify the tension carefully since it might make it simpler for your foot to mistakenly release from the pedal.

Tightening Peloton Pedal Clips

To tighten the Peloton pedal clips, you can follow these steps:

  1. Then, flip the Peloton pedal clip over to access the tension adjustment screw.
  2. Use a 4mm Allen wrench to turn the tension adjustment screw clockwise to tighten the clip.
  3. To check the clip’s tightness, insert your shoe into the pedal clip and try to unclip it by turning your heel outward. The tension has been effectively tightened if the clip is difficult to release. If the tension is unsatisfactory, return to step 2 and tighten the knots.
  4. It’s crucial to remember that increasing the tension on the pedal clip might make removing your foot from the pedal’s clip harder, which can be advantageous for more skilled riders who need a secure connection to the pedal.
  5. But, it may also make it harder to quickly release the pedal in an event, so thoroughly check the tension before utilizing it.

Useful Tips To Adjust Peloton Shoes

You’ve now learned to put on, tuck in, and clip into your peloton shoes. The following tips will assist you in getting the most usage out of your peloton shoes.

  • Check everything thoroughly before you begin cycling. If you don’t put on peloton shoes correctly, you’ll get knee, foot, and other problems.
  • Never wear cleats that are excessively tight or loose. You could have difficulties unclipping shoes from the pedals if the cleats are too tight. The cleats might break or sustain damage.
  • The cleats will, however, stay linked to the pedals if they are too loose. You might need to exert some effort to remove the pedals so you may unclip the cleats.
  • Make sure the cleats are positioned correctly before you clip into the pedal.
  • Avoid using the machine to clean your peloton shoes. Always clean them with your hands.


Peloton Pedals Can They Be Changed?

Adjusting the pedal tension may provide a more comfortable fit, particularly if this is your first time clipping in and you are having problems doing so or if your shoes begin to feel like they are slipping out of the pedals.

Your cleats and shoes will be more firmly attached to the Bike or Bike+ when you use the tension screws, which can be found on the rear of the pedals.

Why Is Pedalling My Peloton Bike So Difficult?

If you have been getting the impression that your bike is riding particularly heavy or the resistance seems unusually difficult, you might think about realigning your bike.

It is particularly important to remember if you have just relocated your bike or purchased a new frame.

How Firmly Should You Strap Your Peloton Cleats?

The best cycling shoes have a snug yet comfortable fit, especially in the sides and the heel region, which helps to produce stability. You need to have some space in the toe box region to move your toes.

We recommend purchasing a size larger than normal if the front of the shoe is making contact with any of your toes.


Peloton bikes are a terrific alternative to outdoor riding, particularly with the rise in remote work or if you prefer to exercise inside.

On your Peloton cycle, however, you must maintain good posture at all times and be mindful of your body postures.

Also, you should be aware of the safety precautions to take while riding your Peloton cycle; this is one of the benefits of acquiring toe cages. It stops your foot from accidentally stepping off the pedals.

Now that you know how to adjust to your Peloton bike, what additional difficulties do you face?

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