How To Clean Peloton Shoes? – [6 Easy Steps Guide]

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If you are here, it means that you are struggling with that foul odor coming from your peloton shoes that do not seem to go away at any cost. Hours of running and tons of sweat accumulation, without any clean-up regime, are bound to make your shoe reek of rotten mouse, without any doubt.

But don’t worry because I have the most perfect solution for how to clean peloton shoes. So, if you are interested to know more about how to get that smell out of your shoes and make them smell fresh and clean again, then keep on reading because your life is about to get a hell lot easier. Now, without wasting any more of your time let’s cut right to the chase!

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How To Clean Your Peloton Shoes So They Look Brand – New Again

The Basic Ritual

The peloton shoes shouldn’t be much of a challenge for you to clean up if you perform the routine rituals with consistency. The peloton shoes are specifically designed for the peloton treadmill, which makes them super uncomfortable for regular use, which makes our work easier.

You won’t have to clean away any dried-out mud or grime from the creases. So, you are only left with dealing with the foul odor.

Running on a peloton treadmill is bound to get you sweating profusely in a matter of minutes. All this sweat accumulates within your shoes and results in a bad odor, and if not taken care of properly, can result in the smell becoming a part of your shoes.

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So, always make sure that when you are done running, take off your shoes and put them in a place where the shoes can get all the ventilation to dissipate the sweaty smell. However, make sure that you don’t put them in direct sunlight, because it can shrink up the shoes or deform the rubber or plastic within.

A Thorough Clean-Up Procedure

Other than the regular clean-up and maintenance procedures, it is also very important for you to give your peloton shoes a thorough clean-up every once in a while.

This includes, properly soaking and scrubbing your shoes with warm water and a mild shoe detergent. I have broken down the entire procedure into small steps to make things easier for you to understand.

Step #1: Unbuckle Your Shoes

The first thing you need to do is unbuckle your shoes. This step has significant importance because it will allow the shoes to loosen up and let the water reach all parts of the shoes easily. Moreover, it will be a lot easier for you to clean up the shoes without the buckles to slow down your progress.

Step #2: Prepare The Detergent Water

For this purpose, take a wide tub and half-fill it with warm water. Then add a mild detergent to the water and mix well. A mild shoe detergent would be the best option, however, you can also settle for a regular detergent. When the detergent dissolves in the water, dip the shoes entirely into the tub.

Step #3: Start Scrubbing

Start Scrubbing

Let the shoes sit in the warm water for a good thirty minutes to ensure that the water and detergent soften up all the grime and dirt from the shoes. Now, take a soft-bristled brush, for example, an old toothbrush, and start scrubbing the insides of the shoes in a circular motion with soft gentle hands. Once you are done with the inner part of the shoes, move to the outer part. Target the breathable mesh area specifically because that is the spot where the smell gets stuck.

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You must also remove the insoles and brush all the sweat and dirt away. This will effectively kill down all the bacteria odor. For the outsoles, take a hard brush and scrub away all the dirt that may be sticking in the creases. However, don’t be too harsh, as it may scratch the rubber soles.

Step #4: Rinse With Clean Water

Once you are done scrubbing all the first, moisture, and smell away, the next thing you need to do is wash away that detergent water from the shoes. So, take out the shoes from the tub, turn them upside down to let the water run out. And then, put the shoes in the sink, and let the clean water wash through them.

Step #5: Dry The Shoes

Dry The Shoes

Don’t even think about putting the shoes directly in the sunlight. This will shrink up your shoes and might cause permanent damage to the material. To aid faster drying, stuff the inside of the shoes with newspaper balls and put the shoes in an area with plenty of fresh air. You may even put the shoes under a fan.

Step #6: Deodranize And Powder The Shoes

When your shoes are completely dry, you must sprinkle talc powder on the insoles and spray deodorizing spray under and over the insoles and basically the whole inner portion of the shoes. This will help keep away the smell to a great extent.


Do Peloton Shoes Stink?

Peloton shoes definitely stink because of the sweat accumulation inside the shoes owing to all that running on the peloton treadmill. And if you don’t take regular care of it, the odor might become unbearable to your own nose. So, always take off the shoes right after the exercise and put them in a place with plenty of fresh air to dissipate the odor. Apart from that, you can also wash your shoes with a mild detergent and warm water every once in a while.

Final Thoughts

So, by far you are well aware of all the perfect remedies to take care of the bad stink of your peloton shoes. So, now you don’t have any reason to skip your peloton run. Take out that gorgeous pair of peloton shoes without the fear of them reeking of the rotten mouse after a few regular uses.

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