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Being on the waitlist for fitness training could be hard and it can even take a hit on your motivation. And that becomes specifically daunting when you don’t know how this waitlist works and when you are gonna get your confirmation.

If you’re going through something similar, then don’t worry because you’re not alone in it for sure.

There are so many people who find Orangetheory waitlists confusing.

So, I’ve decided to make this journey a little easier for you by crafting the full explanation of how does Orangetheory waitlist work. So, make sure to stay with me till the very end.

Understanding Orangetheory Waitlist

Understanding Orangetheory Waitlist

Orangetheory waitlist is a que where you can enrol even for classes that don’t have enough capacity. As soon as someone drops out of the class, you can get their place and start the classes right away if you’re on top of the waitlist.

If someone is constantly absent from Orangetheory class, even after getting enrolled, then you can get their place and you’ll be moved to the class from the waitlist. But you’ll first be contacted through Orangetheory to confirm if you’ll actually be able to make it to the class. And once you confirm, you’ll be enrolled in the class without much hassle.

This waitlist system was introduced in Orangetheory when the classes had little capacity but people still wanted to sign up. So, they decided to put those willing people on a waiting list so if an opportunity opens up, they can avail it.

Orangetheory classes average between an hour or two and they start from early in the morning all the way to 5 pm. And if you want to attend a class in the particular time frame but that class doesn’t have any capacity, then you can go for a waitlist and pray to be contacted soon.

The only pickle is that waiting lists for Orangetheory could be longer than expected, based on your location. So, before you sign up, just make sure to have some know-how of how many people have already added their names in the waitlist.

How Can You Add Yourself To The Orangetheory Waitlist?

Adding yourself to the Orangetheory waitlist is really easy because there are two different options for you. Let’s dig in:

Signing Up for Waitlist Through the App

You can get yourself added to the waitlist with the help of the Orangetheory app. You can simply go to the app and book the waitlist for your desired slot at Orangetheory. Just keep in mind that the app doesn’t work for all locations. You’ll be in luck if you’re from a cross-regional area because the app works in most of these areas.

Signing Up for Waitlist in Person

Signing up in person might sound like a hassle because of fuel costs and having to actually go to a location and taking time out of your routine. But this has to be your best bet. That’s mainly because the locations where app booking doesn’t work, have to settle for in-person sign-ups.

Another important thing that you should know about booking an Orangetheory waitlist is that when you’re doing it through the app, it might act up. And I hate to say it but it happens quite often that your app refuses to add you to the waitlist.

This could be because the capacity of both the class and the waitlist is full. In this situation, what you can do is simply wait for a few hours and try again. There’s a possibility that someone might drop out at that time.

If not, then you can contact Orangetheory help centre at any time and find out how you can add yourself to the waitlist that doesn’t have enough capacity. I am pretty sure that they’ll find some way to solve your problem.

Do I Have To Pay to be on The Orangetheory Waitlist?

No, you don’t have to pay any money just to be on the waitlist. That’s because you’re not availing any service from Orangetheory. You would have to pay them if you get selected for a class and they move you from the waiting list.

But when it comes to the waiting list, they don’t charge anything to keep you on the list. You can simply sign up for a waitlist for free and then just procrastinate that you’ll be moved to the actual class because you obviously don’t want to sulk in the waiting list forever.

A lot of people think that you would have to just pay a little extra and the administrator of Orangetheory will put you on top of the waiting list. But that’s not how things work. So, all you can do is sign up for workout training as soon as possible and if the class capacity is full, don’t waste any time before you sign in for the waitlist.

How Can You Check Orangetheory Waitlist Status?

Traditionally, if you’re selected and moved from the waitlist to an actual class, you’re most likely to receive an email or a phone call from Orangetheory staff. Whether it’s a simple call or a message depends upon the location and administration of Orangetheory.

But, if it’s been very long since you’ve been on the waitlist and you want to know its status, the good thing will be to just contact Orangetheory helpline centre and talk to them about your problem.

All you need to do is simply tell them the info about you being on the waitlist for so long. Then, they’ll guide you better and you’ll know exactly how long you still have to wait before going for Orangetheory workouts.

However, if the customer support service also fails to help you, then I have another trick up my sleeve. All you need to do is simply show up at the Orangetheory location and talk to the staff. Tell them that you’ve been trying to contact them for a while and you really want to get enrolled.

There’s a chance that your showing up at the location might make them take you off the waitlist and then, it will all be well and good.

What Are the Alternatives To Orangetheory Waitlist?

The only logical alternative to Orangetheory waitlist is to enrol in some other gym that offers just as good workout plans as Orangetheory. It might be a little hard to find because Orangetheory is one in a thousand but if you look at a few locations, you might be able to find an alternate gym.

But if you really don’t want to leave Orangetheory and haven’t gotten out of the waitlist in eternity, then you gotta visit them.

Sometimes, they think that if a person has been on the waitlist for so long and still hasn’t made a visit, then it means that he’s not serious enough for the training. So, make sure to visit them and talk to them about your concerns.


If you’ve been on the waitlist for Orangetheory for so long, then my sympathies are with you. I know that it could be hard to figure out what to do next when you don’t even get accepted by your favourite training institute.

But don’t be disheartened because there’s always the other way around. All you need to do is be on the waitlist and talk to the customer support team of Orangetheory more often. Sooner or later, someone will drop off the class and you’ll be on top of the waiting list so you’ll get moved to the class. I wish you lots of luck in making it out of the waiting list.

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