How Many Times a Week Should You Do Orangetheory? – [Explained]

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Recently I joined orangetheory fitness to get in shape by spending an hour of the day only as it promises the users to deliver as many results as you expect in affordable packages.

But as an engineer, I have a very tough routine and can’t join classes regularly. So I was just wondering, “How many times a week should you do orange theory?”

After a little research, I got to know that;

So, the amount of time you spend working out at Orangetheory depends on your fitness objectives, schedule, and preferences. Numerous membership options at the OTF studios may accommodate practically any spending limit or degree of fitness.

If you want just an accurate answer, then continue reading to get information;

How Many Times a Week Should You Do Orangetheory?

How Many Times a Week Should You Do Orangetheory

Well, even without a healthy food plan, two to four days at Orangetheory should help you reach your fitness objectives for overall fitness.

However, if you want to lose weight, you should increase this frequency to four to six days a week. Along with frequent gym sessions, a low-fat, low-calorie diet should also be followed.

If all you want is to keep yourself healthy, Angela LoBrutto offers some wise words of wisdom: “Three days per week should be dedicated to strength training, two days per week to cardio, and two days per week to active rest.”

Additionally, don’t be picky about when or where you exercise. According to LoBrutto, you must start to sweat.

It’s no surprise that LoBrutto’s top advice is consistency. Frequency, according to her, “it’s vital to assist your body to establish a balance that adaptability and to finish a process of rebuilding and mending.”

What Factors Determine The Frequency Of Exercise?

Based on the following circumstances, you may choose your training frequency:

Orangetheory Plan

Orangetheory lets you choose a subscription package that suits your needs and budget. As a result, the frequency of class attendance is mainly determined by the sort of membership you have.

The base package, for instance, allows for four courses each month, which most customers interpret as one lesson per week.

Eight classes per month and two classes per week are included in the elite program. The unlimited premium subscription offers limitless courses each month if you desire more than two Orangetheory sessions each week.

Goals For Fitness

Goals For Fitness

Your gym visits depend mostly on your fitness objectives. Let’s look at a few and the roughly weekly frequency you should think about:

  • Orangetheory activities performed over two to four days are great for overall body conditioning.

While four to six days of Orangetheory are preferable for weight reduction objectives, you may alternate between the aerobic Orange 60 and Lift 45 for more significant outcomes.

  • Then, after four to six days more, Lift 45 and one or two Orange 60 will do the thing for muscular toning, strength, and endurance.
  • Whenever feasible, more Orange 60 than Lift 45 will perform the magic.

However, the success of your fitness goals is greatly influenced by your nutrition, independent of your fitness objectives and how often you visit the Orangetheory gym.

Age And Experience

Age is often a significant factor in how often you exercise, particularly if you’re just started.

The elderly should attend no more than four days per week, having a day off between each visit.

The same age group nevertheless contains participants who are more experienced in their routines and who will lift more weight, run more quickly and further, and even attend six courses each week.

You may thus choose how often you go to the gym each week based on your age and fitness level.

Lifestyle Preferences

How much time you need to spend exercising each week depends on your daily habits, particularly your food.

Some individuals, for instance, will control their calorie and fat consumption to the greatest extent feasible.

Three days per week at Orangetheory will help them reach their fitness objective, even if it involves weight reduction.

Others find it incomprehensible how you choose veggies over fries and more workout days over diet control.


Is Daily Workout At Orangetheory Allowed?

Not at all, no. Orangetheory is a challenging workout that lasts between 45 and 60 minutes of high-intensity interval training.

As a result, the bodily muscles wind up being strained to ripping, necessitating healing time.

Your body needs time to recuperate, which is why taking at least one day off each week from Orangetheory is good for your health.

Should I Attend Orangetheory Two Days A Week?

No, and yes. For newcomers and active members of other organizations outside OTF, two days at Orangetheory is acceptable.

Two days, however, are neither sufficient nor satisfactory for those who wish to reduce weight and are less active outside of Orangetheory.

Two days at Orangetheory for sufficient exercise are thus arbitrary.

Can You Practise Orangetheory Five Days A Week?

As long as you have good recovery techniques (such as stretching, cold water immersion, and massage) to lessen post-exercise weariness, you may generally practice orange theory five days a week.

Alternatively, you may reduce your overall training volume by mixing normal 60-minute OTF sessions with 45-minute “Lift 45” exercises


You may attend as many sessions as you’d like each month if you have an Orangetheory Premier subscription. It does not imply that you should work out there every day.

Because intense exercise causes oxidative stress and muscular pain not only at a much greater rate but also for a longer length of time, it is evident that novices shouldn’t do Orangethory every day.

Two times a week of orange theory is sufficient for newcomers. On the other hand, those who are used to intensity may boost the number of days they work out.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with participating in fitness challenges to show off what your body is capable of.

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