10 Best Smartwatch For Peloton 2023 – Optimize Your Workout

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Are you searching for a durable smartwatch for the Peloton experience? You can transform your body and make it more attractive by following a daily routine of exercise.

Smartwatches not only alarm you about the routine of the workout but also deliver other metrics such as heart rate, breath per minute, calories, sleep, etc.

If you do not prefer large screens on the bike or your exercise machine, you can use a smartwatch. People often find themselves double-minded when it comes to choosing a quality smartwatch.

Because there are countless watches available on the market with the most advanced features. Some of them are durable but most of those items are pieces of trash.

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List Of The Best Smartwatches For Peloton In 2023





New Apple Watch SE
  • 32 GB Internal Storage
  • 1 Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Water-Resistant
Apple Watch Series 8
  • 000 Nits Brightness
  • Crash Detection
  • Crack Resistant
Apple Watch Ultra
  • 86 DB Siren Capacity
  • Compass Backtrack
  • Titanium Case
Fitbit Versa 2
  • Screen Size 1.4 Inches
  • 6 Days Battery Life
  • Material Synthetic
Garmin fēnix 7S
  • Golf Course Maps
  • Pulse Ox Sensor
  • ABC Sensors
Garmin Vívoactive 3
  • 7 Days Battery Life
  • Material Silicone
  • Waterproof
Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch
  • Access Atrial Fibrillation
  • Workout Intensity Map
  • EDA Sensors
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4
  • Support 90 Exercises
  • Display 1.36 inches
  • Snoring Detection
Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS
  • 72 Days Battery Life
  • Fatigue Assessment
  • Display 1.4 Inches
Amazfit Bip S
  • Water-Resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Weight 30 G

Editor Choice

1. New Apple Watch SE

Quick Features

  • Organic Light-Emitting Diode Display
  • 32 GB Internal Storage
  • 1 Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Water-Resistant

My first pickup is the New Apple Watch SE, one of the best smartwatches for Peloton. Fitness is a large part of staying healthy. This smartwatch not only helps you to stay healthy but also insists on stay hygiene.

I made an article about Apple Watch Disconnecting From Peloton if you faced this issue then go and read it.

Because the first step towards a quality and healthy life is cleanliness. When you go to wash your hands, this watch starts a 20 seconds timer automatically.

You can customize the time but when you wash your hands for 20 seconds, any bacteria or viruses is removed.

Smartwatches are extremely helpful but screen addiction can become an obstacle between you and your mental, emotional and physical health. To stop the negative effect of screen light this smartwatch provides you with an organic light-emitting diode display.

This display is fast load, eye relaxing and top quality color display. The display is so clean, even if you low the brightness of the watch you can see the display.

Research has shown that there is a positive association between music and exercise. If you listen to your favorite music while exercising, your duration for exercise enhances. This smartwatch offers you to listen to your favorite music.

Not only this, you can send and receive messages, calls, and emails. As well as, you do not need to attach cables or cords for charging because this watch has a wireless charging feature.

The aluminum durable body and 40 mm universal size provide you with a strong grip. People often use sensors or cables to measure their heart rate. There are also belts available for heartbeat ratio.

These gadgets provide you with accurate metrics but using such belts and sensors is an annoying task. To solve that problem, this smartwatch has the ability to measure your heart rate and monitor your breath.

Never compromise your health. Health is the initial pillar of quality life. A fit person also has a strong mind. If you want to stay healthy and live longer, start using the New Apple Watch SE. This OS operating device is trustworthy and provides accurate statistics. Buy this gadget and improve your health.
  • Wireless charging
  • Extra room for downloading
  • Perfect size
  • The operating system is old

2. Apple Watch Series 8

Quick Features

  • 1000 Nits Brightness
  • Crash Detection
  • Crack Resistant
  • Waterproof

My second pickup is Apple Watch Series 8 known for its incredible functions. This watch is awesome in all aspects. Anyone can fall in love with its beautiful look and fascinating design. There are different colors available. This aluminum case watch comes in different sizes but the 41 mm original size is useful for everyone.

We often underestimate our sleep duration. Sleep has a direct relation with our mental and physical health. If you are taking care of yourself and eating a good diet but still have some health problems then this watch is made for you.

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Because its unique and top-class sensors measure the duration of REM, core, and deep sleep. This magical feature enables you to follow a quality sleep pattern plus the crack-resistant material keeps your watch safe while sleeping.

If you are a swimmer who faces difficulty in recording the timing or heart rate then you can use this watch because this swim-proof smartwatch works in water and provides you with accurate metrics. It monitors your temperature, heart rate, and breath.

So, if you are training to qualify for the next championship, this watch will lead you toward your success. I hope you never use the next feature but in case of an accident or emergency, this watch provides a single tap SOS call. The 1000-nit bright display will help you to use it in extreme light or in complete darkness.

Heart patients visit hospitals on weekly and monthly bases. But sometimes your business tours or other activities do not allow you to go for ECG. Do not worry about this because this watch generates a single-lead electrocardiogram with an ECG app so you can measure the oxygen level in the blood and heart blood flow.

If you are a runner who is training in a dusty stadium you can use this watch without thinking about the small dust particles. It has a dust-resistant IP6X certification. Not a tiny particle of dust can enter the watch.

The above information about this watch is just a small cog in the large machine. This device possesses more than your imagination. That’s why Apple Watch Series 8 is on the list of best smartwatches for Peloton. Do not doubt the durability, after using this watch you will realize that you have invested your money in the right place.
  • Resists heavy pressure
  • No chance of hanging or stopping work
  • Dust resistant
  • Compatible with only iPhone

3. Apple Watch Ultra

Quick Features

  • 36 Hours Battery Life
  • 86 DB Siren Capacity
  • Compass Backtrack
  • Titanium Case

The third pickup is the Apple Watch Ultra which is made of a titanium case. This watch is different from any other watch. It is one of the most durable watches on my list. There is a flat front sapphire to protect the screen of the watch.

The crack-resistant screen is unable to break or tear because it has many layers of the cover. The always-on display helps you to see the time or location without touching the screen of the watch. 2000 nits bright display is visible in direct sunlight.

This watch is also waterproof and can stand for a long time in the water. You can use it for swimming or recreational diving. Sometimes you go deeper and deeper into the ocean without knowing the water temperature. But now you can see it on your wrist.

This smartwatch can measure your temperature and water temperature at the same time. Moreover, you can see the depth level because this watch has a reliable depth gauge that shows accurate metrics. This is the fastest smartwatch with a 64-bit dual-core processor. You can install heavy apps and also can play games.

You cannot transform your body until you use a top-quality gadget. This is the best smartwatch ever made in the 21st century. With all the heart, breath, blood, oxygen, sleep, REM and deep sleep sensors this smartwatch is unique.

But there is something more interesting about this device. This 61.3 g smartwatch has high-profile compass and compass apps. If you are fond of hiking or go on the wrong side while climbing a hill, this smartwatch will help you to get out of trouble.

Most of the brands provide you with all these features but with all of these power-consuming qualities their battery duration is not favorable. But this smartwatch has 36 hours of battery duration. If you are on a trip and because for some reason cannot charge the device then you can turn on a power-saving mode.

In this mode, your smartwatch will provide you with 60 hours of battery duration with a single charge. Yes, this is more than enough. So you can now go anywhere without worrying about the battery timing.

With 36 hours on normal and 60 hours on power saving mode, this smartwatch has a fast battery charge quality. You can charge the battery in less than an hour. It can create an 86 dB siren to get the attention of other people. Nobody can deny the fact that the Apple Watch Ultra is the best smartwatch for Peloton.
  • Fast charge
  • Amazing look
  • Durable protective glass on the front
  • Over expensive

4. Fitbit Versa 2

Quick Features

  • 6 Days Battery Life
  • Weight 0.16 Ounces
  • Screen Size 1.4 Inches
  • Material Synthetic

My fourth pickup is the Fitbit Versa 2 for people who are tired of traditional smartwatches. This smartwatch comes with incredible battery life. The battery life of the smartwatch is about 6 days. Plus, the screen-on feature always shows you the required data. The crystal clear 1.4 inches screen provides you with unbelievable quality resolution.

The smartwatch has built-in Alexa, the AI designed by amazon. You can activate it by just saying “ hey Alexa” and she will reply. Moreover, you can text your friends and family members, receive emails, and use different apps such as Spotify or Pandora for music and podcasts. As well as you can download other yoga, sports, and exercise apps. With all these amusing features this smartwatch is waterproof. You can use 50-meter of water.

Fitbit Versa 2

This smartwatch counts all your routine activities. Do not worry about the data because it is highly confidential. It will guide you about the daily walking steps, calories taken and so much other health-related information. You will also be able to see your sleeping hours and the temperature of the body. In addition, this watch also guides you about the atmosphere and outer temperature.

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If you had a bad previous experience with a traditional smartwatch then you must use this one. Incredible battery duration, built-in AI, high-quality sensors, and durable material. All of these features make the Fitbit Versa 2 one of the best smartwatches for the Peloton. Buy this before all the gadgets are sold.
  • Lightweight
  • Large display
  • Amusing graphics
  • The grip is a little uncomfortable

5. Garmin Fēnix 7S

Quick Features

  • Respiration Tracking
  • Golf Course Maps
  • Pulse Ox Sensor
  • ABC Sensors

My fifth recommendation is Garmin Fenix 7S, known for having countless sensors. This smartwatch can show you 4 types of different maps: multi-GNSS support maps, golf course maps, Skyview maps, and multi-continent maps. With all these four types of maps, you can have different jobs.

Multi–GNSS will guide you about multi-satellite navigation. Golf course maps for finding fascinating and new golf courses. Skyview map for ski resorts all around the world and multi-continent map for discovering new tracks around the continent.

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When it comes to the sensors, this watch is full of them. There are temperature sensors, pulse ox sensors, and ABC sensors. The pulse ox2 sensor measures the sleep and oxygen level in the body.

The ABC sensor world is like a compass. Moreover, there is also a respiration tractor for informing you about the quality of your breath and the respiratory system. It also tells you about the breath pattern of the day and sleep. You can use a heart rate monitor while running or cycling and also calculate underwater without a strap.

This smartwatch is more than just a health measure. It not only counts the inner body factors but also insists you do good for your body such as it shows you the hydration level. It informs you about the cups of water you drank all around the day. As well as, the body battery meaning the energy left in your body. You can also see the score of your sleep and quality sleep pattern.

This app is versatile, it is made for everyone and designers kept all the tiny elements in mind while designing it. It has a women’s health section where it shows the menstrual cycles and pregnancy information. By all means, it opens the body without tearing and stitching the skin.

Most of us consider smartwatches for health-conscious people, sportsmen, or for gymnasts. It is beyond a fact, smartwatches are for everyone. Watches like the Garmin Fenix 7S show us all the essential information about our body: heart rate, breath, temperature, sleep, hydration, and so on. So do not compromise your health, go and buy this one of the best smartwatches for Peloton.
  • Multiple maps
  • Solar charging
  • Lungs check and balance
  • Complicated interface

6. Garmin Vívoactive 3

Quick Features

  • 15 Preloaded GPS And Apps
  • 7 Days Battery Life
  • Material Silicone
  • Waterproof

My sixth pickup is the Garmin Vivoactive 3 with strong and durable silicone. This smartwatch can bear any crack and stand against hard conditions. You can use this watch anywhere and take it for trips without thinking about the battery duration. This watch provides 7 days of battery life.

In addition, 500 pre-downloaded songs on Spotify will enhance your exercise experience. There are 15 different sports modes such as cycling, running, jumping, swimming, and so on. You can also see some pre-downloaded apps on the watch.

This smartwatch offers you a 1.2 inches crystal clear display. There is a protective sheet on the touch so you do not need to look after the watch 24/7. The smartwatch can monitor heart rate, oxygen level, breath, temperature, stress, and calorie tracking. Yes, you can find all these features in this watch and other amazing features by just connecting the smartwatch to your phone.

Furthermore, this device is waterproof, you can use it underwater and while taking shower. This device is more than just a smartwatch with durable material. It provides all the functions a smartwatch must have and its reliability is unquestionable. There are different colors and sizes available so choose your favorite color.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 is one of the longest-life devices on my list. All of the above gadgets charge you more bucks as compared to this device. You have the opportunity to save your money, your time, and your health. So avail this opportunity and buy this gadget and make the best decisions of your life.
  • Versatile item
  • Price friendly
  • Long battery life
  • Sometimes device stop working

7. Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

Quick Features

  • Oxygen Saturation Monitoring
  • Access Atrial Fibrillation
  • Workout Intensity Map
  • EDA Sensors

My seventh recommendation is the Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch with an atrial fibrillation guide. Atrial fibrillation is a common type of irregular heart rhythm. You can access the AFib via the ECG app.

All the required sensors are present in the watch. Each one of them receives the information and shows it to you as soon as possible to prevent any mishap. The 1.54 inches cozy and eye comforting display attracts everyone to wear it.

This device monitors breath, sleep, heart rate, and calorie tracking. As well as it also guides you about rest time and suggestions to improve your health. But there is another feature that not a single watch mentioned above has.

This watch has an EDA sensor. The watch not only helps you to check the level of stress and your response but also shows the mindfulness metrics. So, you can maintain both mental and physical health.

This smartwatch provides you with 6 days of battery life with a fast charge feature. You can charge the device within 12 minutes. You can also play games if you are getting bored. Moreover, there is also a built-in GPS to track your position while running or cycling. This machine measures breath per minute while sleeping and also informs you about the sleeping and wake up timings.

Sometimes you miss your phone or forget where you placed it. In such conditions, this device helps you to find your phone. There is a feature in the Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch that helps you in searching your phone. If you want to stay mentally and physically healthy then you must buy this one of the best smartwatches for Peloton.
  • Mindfulness sensor
  • Stress management
  • 12 minutes fast charge
  • Not useable for under 22 years old

8. SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4

Quick Features

  • BIA Measurement Within 15 minutes
  • Support 90 Exercises
  • Display 1.36 inches
  • Snoring Detection

My eighth pick-up is SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 with 90 exercise modes. All you need is to name the exercise and it will appear on the screen. The cool and eye-catching display is exceptional. A high-quality touchscreen and long battery time make this smartwatch worthy to use.

This watch comes with all the sensors a smartwatch must have such as heart rate tracking, breath, sleep tracking, or oxygen level. But there is something you will also find if you buy this smartwatch. This watch has snoring detection. You can find, record, and set an alarm before you start snoring.

If you are thinking that you need to wear the watch while sleeping for sleep analysis and snoring detection then you are wrong. You can activate the sleeping mode after removing the watch from your wrist because this watch possesses high-quality sensors. These sensors can process the information from a distance but do not place the watch far. Just put the watch near your head.

There are other so many features such as updates and battery-saving body battery energy level features. You can play music and connect with your friends. You can even check out the daily steps your friend is completing. SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 is amongst the perfect smartwatches all around the world.
  • Coolest wallpapers
  • Fast processing speed
  • 16 GB internal space
  • Inaccurate counts for under 20 years old

9. Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS

Quick Features

  • Display Color Customization
  • 72 Days Battery Life
  • Fatigue Assessment
  • Display 1.4 Inches

The second last pickup is Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS with epic battery duration. If you use the essential mode you will get 45 days of battery duration. This is the longest battery duration on the list. If you are using a smart mode then the battery duration will be 72 hours. Anyhow, this battery allows you to use it without thinking about the low battery.

The manufacturer made this watch features creative such as you can change the color of the display. Moreover, there are dual-layer displays: smart and digital displays. Most people use the smart mode for exercise mode and the normal mode for daily routine activities. The smart mode consumes more energy as compared to the normal mode.

Heart rate, sleep, calories, breath, walk steps with all these features this smartwatch also has a mental fatigue analyzer. You can compare mental fatigue with physical fatigue for your next task plans. With 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM, this smartwatch does not hang and neither stops working.

This watch is a masterpiece of design and creativity. You can see the shining gorilla glass with beautiful side endings and a classical band for gripping your hand. There is no excuse left to skip Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS. It provides all the features a smartwatch can provide and is also known for its durability.
  • Highest battery duration
  • A long list of compatible mobiles
  • Comfortable grip
  • Slow

10. Amazfit Bip S

Quick Features

  • 14 Sports Modes
  • Water-Resistant
  • Weight 30 G
  • Comfortable

Amazfit Bip S is my last recommendation. This lightweight decisive provides you with everything from the heart rate to the sleep cycles and the breath counts. You can also turn it in for days without charge. The purpose of designing it lightweight is to make it more comfortable for the users.

There are 14 exercise modes it provides. As well as it measures your speed and time and provides you a GPS for location. If you want something simple to use then this device is made for you. It is extremely simple to use. The transflective helps you to use the smartwatch without facing any difficulty.

No rain or snow can stop you from running or cycling because this device is made of water-resistant material. The material keeps the water away from the major computer and enables the user to use it underwater and in the rain. But do not take the watch for a long duration in the water. Because the watch is water resistant, not waterproof.

All of these features are proof that this device must be part of the best smartwatches for the Peloton. Either you use it in the humid weather or take it into water. Amazfit Bip S will never leave you. As well as its low price is a sign that there is a perfect, durable, and easy-to-use smartwatch at a low price.
  • 30 hours battery duration
  • Fast and manageable
  • inexpensive
  • Extra simple interface

Smartwatches For Peloton: Buyer’s Guide

Smartwatches For Peloton: Buyer’s Guide
Source: onepeloton.com

Because of so many varieties, different features, and competition, there are so many smartwatches available on the market. But it does not mean each one of them is worthy to use and trust.

When it comes to health, especially heart-related information, you must be careful while choosing such gadgets. Anyhow, here are the must-have features of a smartwatch.

Monitoring Features

The major reason people buy a smartwatch is to monitor the heart rate, breath, calories, sleep, and oxygen level in their blood. These are the major functions of a smartwatch. You must see all of these features before you buy a smartwatch. You can skip the last two but do not compromise the heart rate and breath monitoring features.

Battery Life

The second feature you notice after the monitoring or the sensor features is the battery duration. Some of the smartwatches come with single-charge batteries. Once the battery is dead, you have to replace it.

But other smartwatches have multi-times chargeable batteries. I recommend you choose chargeable batteries. As well as the standard battery duration is 3 days. Do not purchase a 20 hours or 5 hours battery duration smartwatch.


Some watches are water resistant meaning the watch can go underwater but for a time limit. The waterproof smartwatches are impenetrable by water. I mostly prefer waterproof watches because first, you can cover a wide range of sports or swinging exercises. Second, these watches are more durable as compared to water-resistant watches.


There are some expensive smartwatches that cannot connect except profound brands. Such watches are a waste of money. Choose a watch that can be compatible with 10 or 12 devices at least. In this way, you have more chances to replace your phone and in case of a missing phone, you can connect to other phones easily.

Easy To Use

The last must-have feature you must check is the use of the device. You can waste your money If the device looks attractive but the use is complicated. Easy-to-manage gadgets will help you to use them while focusing on exercise. Complicated interface smartwatches take longer to understand the functions and operate the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fitbit Compatible With Peloton?

Yes, Fitbit is compatible with Peloton. You just need to connect your Fitbit account with the Peloton account.

How Long Do Smartwatches Last?

It depends on the manufacturing brand, quality, and the way the user takes care of a watch. But normally a smartwatch lasts 2 to 3 hours.

Is it Good To Buy a Smartwatch?

Yes, you can observe many things such as your heart rate, breath, calorie consumption, sleep, and fatigue. There are also many advantages of the smartwatch, studies have shown that people who use smartwatches are more healthy as compared to others.


Exercise is the way to prevent you from lethal diseases, increase your lifespan and live a healthy life. It not only affects our bodies but also impacts our minds. Studies show that gym guys are 20 percent happier as compared to normal people.

Anyhow, the smartwatch will help you in the exercise. It will show you all the important information on the screen regarding your inside ongoing reactions. But if you are still in doubt then here are my two best recommendations.

  • Apple Watch Ultra is the best watch with the cleanest display and all of the must-have features, even the sound of a siren.

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