How Do I Fix A Peloton Clicking Noise? – [Fix it Now]

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Nothing is more annoying than having a peaceful bike ride interrupted by an unpleasant clicking sound.

One must stop to consider the source of the sound. You could even conclude that your bike has a significant issue and is in desperate need of repair.

Undoubtedly one of the most unpleasant noises your bike can make. It may signify that your bike needs a new component to fix the clicking sound. Ignoring it risks serious consequences, such as the cyclist being hurt.

However, locating the source of the noise can take time and effort. Your best bet for getting rid of the noise is to track it to its origin. Thus, we are here to assist you in understanding why your bike generates clicking sounds while peddling hard.

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A bike’s loud noise may be caused by several factors, many of which are unavoidable.

What Causes a Clicking Noise On Your Peloton Bike?

You should know by now that your Peloton bike isn’t supposed to make any noise when using it. In any case, there are several possible reasons for such an event.

Broken or Loose Bike Parts

Broken or Loose Bike Parts

When a bike starts clicking, it’s probably because of a worn or broken part brought on by inadequate assembly, disassembly, or regular use.

You may also feel unsteady and uncomfortable on the bike due to the vibrations it produces. If you hear clicking sounds, it’s essential to identify the broken parts and fix them quickly.

Unfastened Stabilizers And Pedal

If the pedals or stabilizer are held on by screws or bolts that are loose, the bike will make clicking noises as you work out. It is a typical problem, and the solution is simple: ensure everything is adequately secured.

Wear And Tear of The Bike Parts

Over time, regular use and friction will cause the most critical component of the bike to break out. Some possible causes of pedaling noise can be traced back to improperly maintained, worn or broken parts, such as wheels.

Damaged Linkages

If the linkages on the bike become loose, it may be noisy while you are riding and prevent you from pedaling smoothly. You must take fast action to overcome this matter so that normal operations may resume without further disturbances.

Imbalanced Flywheel

Imbalanced Flywheel

A heavy disc known as the flywheel is attached to the pedals of a stationary bike. When you start pedaling, the flywheel will begin to spin. Workouts will only go as smoothly as possible if the flywheel generates true momentum. Therefore, the clicking sound from your bicycle could result from an imbalanced flywheel.

Methods For Fixing Clicking Noise

1. Fix 1: Cleat Lubricant

You may need to apply oil if your footwear is squeaking or clicking. Any bike shop or retailer should stock cleat lubricant. or you can buy from amazon.

2. Fix 2: Tighten Cleats

Noise sometimes occurs when we ride the bike, which can remove using the gadget that came with the bike, so we tightened the cleat, which fixed the problem.

3. Fix 3: Contact Peloton Support

If the problem is not with the shoes, you may need guidance from Peloton support. There’s a problem with the crank arm being out of place, and a technician must fix it.

Maintenance of Peloton Bike

It is expensive, and you must put a significant amount of money into obtaining it; hence, you should keep it from becoming obsolete quickly. You should do everything possible to extend its storability and handle it carefully. Different techniques are provided below to help keep it in good condition.

1. Regular Break Check-up

On the peloton, there is a knob that functions as a brake, and we are all familiar with its purpose. People mistakenly think that brakes are unnecessary for indoor cycling. Thus they never buy them.

In any case, you should always double-check the functioning of your brakes since they are essential and will come in handy in an unexpected situation. If they are not functioning, you should consult a professional as soon as possible about having them repaired.

2. Use Original Replacements

If you ever need to take off part of your Peloton bike and are preparing to put a new component on it, this guide will come in handy.

To increase the lifespan of your Peloton bike, you should not even take a new replacement from a scrapper; instead, you should go directly to the manufacturer and buy the necessary component.

3. Fine Setting

Most importantly, you need to know the proper adjustments for the peloton bike. You need to be aware of a significant amount of information. For instance, it has feet that adjust the level and must be balanced.

Ensure the mat isn’t folded and it’s in the appropriate spot. Carefully adjusting the seat height is also important, but the size of the handlebars is the most crucial since we put more strain on them when they’re too low.

In addition, establish a routine to check for loosened bolts and immediately tighten any that you find.

4. Lubricate it Regularly

During operation, various components press against one another; in arid conditions, this rubbing results in extremely rough contact, leading to a high level of friction and, consequently, an unsettling sound.

Moreover, due to dryness, the performance of the peloton sections also reduces. Therefore, it needs constant chain oiling. Similarly, other parts like the handlebar and pedal must also be greased because they become dry.

Always go for the high-quality grease recommended by professionals, as low-quality lubricants do not offer much benefit but significantly damage moving parts.

5. Replace Pedals Annually

Replace Pedals Annually

After one year of use, the bicycle pedals became worn out and needed to be replaced. You will only get a good workout if we return them yearly because various problems arise when we delay.


In short, if you notice a broken component, you should ask the peloton help service to repair it. Moreover, professionals of several businesses are skilled in enhancing it, so you can also call them for assistance.

Proper maintenance, including cleaning, oiling, setting, and inspecting, can extend its life considerably. Your visit is greatly appreciated.

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