Do Peloton Bikes Need A “Tune Up”? – [You Need to Know!]

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Most of you might need assistance with the maintenance of your expensive peloton bikes. Isn’t it? And do you want to take care of your peloton all by yourself to avoid any further expenses of transporting it to a peloton maintenance store?

If you could relate to any of these situations then stay with us till the very last to know how you could tune up your peloton without spending an arm and a leg.

If you are hearing a squeaky noise right from your pedals then it’s the right time for you to pamper your Peloton. So grab some snacks and read on.

Does Your Peloton Bike Really Need a Tune Up?

Does Your Peloton Bike Really Need a Tune Up

Peloton bikes usually don’t need overwhelming maintenance or tuning because of how they are made. However, if you check your bike once in a while for any possible touch-ups, then it would surely increase the life expectancy of the bike.

For starters, we would like to inform you of the common things that you should know prior to pampering a Peloton. First things first, the peloton doesn’t come with a chain. Yes! You heard it right, if you are more familiar with outdoor cycling then you might find it a bit weird.

Nevertheless, if you are willing to tune up your road bikes or outdoor bikes then you can simply do so by oiling the chain of the bike. Whereas with the Peloton you don’t need to do that as the Peloton works on the mechanism of magnetic resistance.

Now I know you are curious enough to find out how magnetic resistance works. If so then you can even examine it yourself by looking under your water bottle holder and at the top of the flywheel, this is where you would see two calipers resembling brakes.

This is the point where you would see the red light blinking, these clippers are the ones holding the magnetics. These magnetics start getting closer to your flywheel when you turn up the resistance.

Secondly, here’s the answer to your question if there are no brakes then does your bike still need a tune up or do you need to maintain your bike?

So the answer is Yes, taking care of your peloton is a necessity and you can do it by simply keeping a check on the bearings in the flywheel.

How To Tune Up a Peloton Bike?

For tuning up a Peloton bike, you need to follow certain steps. Although there is not a formal process for this tune-up, you should still have a road map in mind before getting into it.

Make sure that you’re being careful while the maintenance of your Peloton bike because it is an expensive product and you really don’t want to mess things up.

Taking Care of Guard Belt

At the beginning of a tune up you need to take off the plastic guarding belt and then you should start the tuning by using a spray-on, dry lubricant on the belt. It can get rusty if you are using any sort of wet lubricant or water to wash it.

Peloton strictly prohibits us from using any soap or water or such parts. If you are sweating and you feel that it can catch the guard belt then you should keep a towel on your thighs to protect your sweat from falling off. And wash this towel regularly to avoid any bacterial or fungal infections.

Tightening The Pedals

There were numerous times when Peloton customer service received calls saying that our bikes pedals are running loose so we need to alter the whole bike. And this question completely doesn’t make sense.

If you are taking enough care of your bike and tightening the pedals once a month according to your niche then I don’t think that you would come across this issue. If you find your cleats slipping out then you should consider tightening your pedals.

Remember if you are hearing a squeaky noise from your pedal area that it would be a sign of loose cleats.

Maintaining a Peloton Through Bike Calibration

There are times when people come up with issues such as their peloton getting tough to ride. It makes them furious as they are getting into shape still they are facing difficulties while beating PRs.

This happens when you have spent a pretty good amount of time with your bike. Therefore riding a bike now feels like paddling through cement. And trust me this feeling makes workouts more hectic and boring.

Moreover, people over the internet are advising you to do bike calibration which is a manual reset of your bike. For this, you need to get into the settings option on your touchscreen. And from here you can reset your personal records and see if you still face the same issue.

Peloton Maintenance Help

Lastly, when you have tried everything and yet are facing a wee bit of issues with pedals and seats and if you want further guidance on your bike’s maintenance then feel free to reach out to peloton maintenance help.

This Department of the Peloton Company is always occupied with answering the queries of the members of the peloton family. If they can’t figure out the problem that’s going on with your bike they might send some physical help for you.

What Are The Safest Ways To Keep Your Peloton in Shape?

Daily workout routines and the dust around makes your peloton look filthy. However, you could get away with this situation by following quick cleaning steps.

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to shut down your touchscreen by holding down the red button on the top of the tablet.
  • Secondly, start off by wiping down your touchscreen with the help of an approved electronic cleanser and with a microfibre cloth.
  • Next, if you want to prevent surface corrosion then start cleaning the frame twice a week. You could do this with a gentle cleanser or a damp cloth to wipe away sweat.
  • The most essential thing here is you need to dry everything after each cleaning.
  • Additionally, never use soap or water on your peloton.
  • Always keep a check on your seat if it’s tight enough or not. And along with that make sure that the pedals and cleats are tight. If they aren’t then you need to tighten them at least once a month.


Wrapping it up if your Peloton needs a bit of attention, I think giving it a good deep cleaning and tightening the seat pedals and cleats would work wonders for you. If you still face any issues then be sure to check the bearings. And if you find any requirement to alter them, then i have already mentioned to do so in the simplest way possible.

I hope that by now your Peloton has shown more progressive behavior and is ready for an enthusiastic ride then go on. By now adios from my side.

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