Do You Really Need Bike Shorts For Peloton?

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Are you perplexed about purchasing Peloton shorts and want to know whether it’s a workable idea? If so then I’ve got quite some news for you regarding the health hazards of not wearing padded shorts and what is the actual purpose of bike shorts.

There’s more to this article so you need to stick to the end.

People have always been craving something that would help them reduce a few pounds within the walls of their houses. But, the problem comes when you have to do cloth shopping too after getting a Peloton bike because you heard somewhere that bike shorts are necessary for Peloton workouts.

So, don’t worry and fasten your seat belts because I am going to walk you through everything you need to know about Peloton and bike shorts. So, let’s get straight to it.

Are Bike Shorts a Must Have?

 If during a ride you are not feeling comfortable wearing bike shorts, then you should not wear the Peloton bike shorts. There aren’t any obligations about wearing bike shorts. They aren’t a necessity anymore, they were introduced in the market just because they added a wee bit of comfort for the people who have recently started cycling a Peloton bike. 

These bike shorts do provide a bit of an aesthetic element and might even help with your form. But if you’re finding it hard to work out while wearing them or you don’t want to spend extra bucks on buying bike shorts, then you don’t really have to. Just make do with whatever you have at home and you’ll be good to go.

Also, whatever you’re wearing should be comfortable enough not to mess with your workouts, make sure of that too.

However, if you want to buy these shorts then you easily find them on apparel websites and online marketplaces. You need to pick a bike short which provides maximum support and stabilizes your muscles along with reducing fatigue. Isn’t it great that the Peloton provides female cycling shorts too?

Keep reading to find out the material and the fabric which allows women to have a carefree ride on a Peloton bike.

The starting few weeks on the bike can be rough for both men and women so it’s better to invest in shorts rather than bear the rough ride. When it comes to riding a Peloton or a normal bike everyone neglects the fact that women are the greater chunk of society that are the highest consumers of exercise machines.

Unlike the other brands, Peloton has tried its best to provide women the same comfort and ease by launching its innovative shorts for women. Here’s the material these shorts are made of.

  • These shorts are composed of quick-dry nylon and spandex fabrics.
  • The most prominent thing among all of that is these shorts feature gel padding.
  • Gel padding works excellent for the prevention of soreness.

Why Do You Need Bike Shorts For Peloton Bike?

Why Do You Need Bike Shorts For Peloton Bike

Firstly, most cyclists complain about having a chronic butt and groin pain. Sometimes the constant moisture in your bike shorts ends up as a fungal or bacterial infection. For the prevention of all of these nightmares which are caused by the pressure from the saddle on key pelvic areas, the Peloton has worked extravagantly.

Moving along all these situations occur when you sit on the bike for an extended time limit. Let me share a survey in 2019 which was published in the “Journal of Sexual Medicine”. This study stated that 58% of the women cyclists reported that there were times when they felt numbness in the pelvic area.

● Sciatic Nerve Damage

On the other hand, 69% of the women talked about the pain they went through while riding. If you aren’t using any padding then for some people riding a bike can also be harmful as it can compress the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs from your lower back through your hips and down each leg.

There are little to no chances of experiencing any such thing frequently but again precautions are better than treatment. Some riders feel immediate pain while others experience the pain after 30 to 60 minutes. Both situations can be painful and could hurt your back and hips, in this condition you might feel numbness down your feet.

● Pudendal Nerve

There is another nerve that is at risk of damage by continuous cycling. This nerve is named as Pudendal nerve. If this nerve has been compressed somehow there are chances that you might feel extreme pain in the genital areas. Remember that when you feel comfortable enough, only then you can achieve your fitness goals.

Who Should Wear Padded Bike Shorts And How To Choose The Best Shorts? 

It is very important for you to keep in mind the time limit that you spend on the Peloton bike. The second crucial thing you should know is the safe place where you are riding a Peloton. If your cycling routine is less than an hour and you mostly focus on indoor cycling then you might not need padded shorts.

Because most indoor cycling classes do not require you to be on the saddle for long.  This helps you to spend less time on your butt and puts less pressure on your bones, nerves, and tissues. Whilst if you are riding more frequently and spending more hours on your bike plus spending time outdoors.

If you’ve experienced any of these conditions, then you need to try out padding shorts and see if it improves the soreness and pain that you’ve been experiencing. Don’t worry about spending extra money as long as it’s providing you comfort.

Also, if the soreness continues, consult a medical professional to see if there’s some issue other than discomfort. I am sure that they will also recommend comfortable padded shorts. Following are some ways that can help you buying the best pair of shorts for yourself.

  • Make sure your shorts for snugly through your hip area and your legs
  • Your shorts should not be over tight at your waist.
  • You should not feel squeezed while wearing them.
  • Now if you have decided which pair is best for you. Then here’s the de you should not wear underwear while you are wearing your padded shorts.

In case you are wearing underwear beneath your padded shorts then there is a higher risk of friction in your thighs. This experience can be unpleasant and painful however breathable material is the key to having a stress-free ride.

Wearing double protective layerings can cause nothing but rashes and a ton of friction. And the added sweat will turn out to be your biggest nightmare because it increases the chances of infections too. So, always go for light and breathable material.


Lastly, you don’t necessarily have to wear bike shorts and if you don’t want to, then it’s completely alright, you’re not missing out on a lot. But, if you feel uncomfortable while riding a Peloton bike and feel like the soreness is messing with your workout routine, then I would advise you to try out padded bike shorts because they’re a holy grail for you.

Moreover, I’ve given you a sneak peek at the material that has been used in the manufacturing of these shorts. I hope by now you have decided whether you are going to buy the shorts or not and are the padded shorts the right choice for you. Have a safe and pleasant ride on your Peloton, Adios from my end!

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