Peloton Vs Soulcycle Comparison – Which One Is Best?

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Home-based workouts have been trending since 2020 and indoor cycling has grown incredibly well. From cycling to strength classes, you can easily find your desired workout on popular apps like Peloton and Soulcycle.

However, the storm led to a new debate between the fitness enthusiasts. Which indoor fitness program is more effective, should I choose peloton or go with Soulcycle? This peloton vs Soulcycle comparison will help to find the suitable indoor cycling program for your fitness needs.

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Peloton Vs Soulcycle – Similarities And differences

Before probing into comparison, let’s take a look at the features of both indoor cycling programs quickly. Remember the prices may change in the future.

Peloton Vs Soulcycle- Similarities And differences

Features SoulCycle At-Home Peloton
Classes offered Cycling,  boxing, yoga, weights, outdoor running, treadmill, and more Cycling, Bootcamp, Pilates, treadmill, yoga, and more
Price $2,500 $12,00
Monthly subscription $40 $44
Trail period Yes (30 days) Yes (30 days)
Bike Weight 128 lbs 135 lbs
User Weight limit 350 lbs 297 lbs
Bike dimensions 62.2″ L x 53.5″ H x 22.2″ W 59″ L x 53″ H x 23″ W
Height Range 4’10” to 6’10” 4’11” to 6’4″
Warranty bike frame: 5 years, hardware: 1 year; screen: 1 year; bike frame: 5 years, components: 1 year; screen: 1 year;
Pedals Double-sided Delta-compatible and SPD Delta- compatible aluminum pedals
Adjustment points 4 3

Peloton And SoulCycle Classes Comparison

Peloton SoulCycle
Running (outdoor (audio only) and treadmill) Running (outdoors and treadmill)
Tread Bootcamp Yoga
Bike Bootcamp Boxing
Meditation Stretch and recovery
Yoga Strength
Cycling HIIT
Stretching Walking
Barre Cycling
Walking Sculpt
Strength Meditation


Features Comparison

Let’s find out the similarities and differences between the Peloton and SoulCycle bikes.

Size And Capabilities

The size of Peloton and SoulCycle is slightly different from one another. Although the width of both bikes is the same, but SoulCycle has longer width with, 62.2 inches, compared to Peloton, with 59 inches.

A difference that most riders may need to consider is user capability.

For instance, the SoulCycle bike accommodates a broader range of riders, including small riders up to 4’10” and tall riders up to 6’10” with a weight of up to 350 lbs.

On the other hand, the Peloton bike facilitates riders between 4’11” and 6’4” in height with 297 lbs weight.

Another difference between these indoor bikes is their adjustability. SoulCycle offer one more adjustment compared to Peloton.

However, both bikes allow seat height and depth adjustment (back/forward) positions. You can also change the handlebar height while using both bikes according to your convenience.

Remember, SoulCycle allows changing the position of the bike handlebars (forward and backward). Such adjustment is useful for small riders and riders with shorter torsos. You Can Check SoulCycle Prices.

Classes Access

You have to pay a monthly membership fee to enjoy all live and on-demand classes when you purchase a SoulCycle or Peloton bike. SoulCycle charges $39 per month, whereas Peloton charges $44 per month.

If you are an Equinox member, app access is free for you. If you purchase the SoulCycle bike, you have to use the Equinox+ app.

Peloton and SoulCycle offer a wide range of classes through official apps and various ways to access classes. For instance, you can watch your classes on a smart TV, tablet or smartphone.

On the Equinox+ app, you have access to different brands, including Equinox (solid core), SoulCycle, Rumble, Headstrong, Precision Run, and Pure Yoga.

The only difference between Peloton and SoulCycle is that if you don’t want to take classes on your SoulCycle bike, you can enjoy Disney or Netflix shows or select Freestyle mode and ride to your favorite music. Unfortunately, Peloton isn’t offering this feature currently.

Pedals And Pedal Options

Pedals And Pedal Options

Standard pedals on your Peloton bike are delta-compatible. In other words, you can use cycling shoes featuring cleats to operate the bicycle.

There are also “Look cleats” created by 3-holed cleats that attach to the bottom of cycling shoes and then clip into the pedal. Also, Delta cleats are famous among road cyclists.

If you don’t want to go with clipping-in, you can buy Peloton toe cages as an option to use regular workout shoes. Clipping means your feet stay attached to the bike pedal around the entire pedal circle.

You can be engaged fully and create excellent power at every point of the pedal stroke, such as the back of the circle where feet pull the pedal up.

If you are looking t buy an indoor bike, clipping in is the best way to start your indoor fitness journey.

SoulCycle offers double-sided pedals with their bike. The pedals accommodate both SPD and Delta cleats. SPD cleats utilize a two-bolt mechanism, and shoes with such cleats are typically convenient to walk in.

Cost And Fees

These two similar trending indoor bikes have substantial cost differences. The Peloton+ bike is different from Peloton original bike as it comes with a swivel screen.

Peloton bike has a screen that is useful for workouts like Yoga and strength training.

Both Peloton and SoulCycle offer a 30-day free trial period. However, they may charge you a $250 return fee for shipping and delivery fees. The good news is both brands are offering to finance for user convenience.

Peloton instructors inspire you to ride with great form and offer sport-specific challenges to get you quickly in shapes such as hill climbs, endurance rides, and intervals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Peloton Classes Similar To SoulCycle?

Peloton and SoulCycle offer similar classes but Peloton focuses on more traditional, aggressive goal focused workouts compared to SoulCycle is about getting the user to feel physically and emotionally refreshed.

Is Spinning Better Than Running?

Spinning and running classes involve the lower body tremendously. Running is best for overall toning as it works your body’s muscles simultaneously. However, spin workouts help you tone and build strong leg muscles. The prime difference is due to the different ways of muscle activation through these workouts.

Is Peloton Cheaper Than SoulCycle?

When it comes to the overall price, the Peloton bike is cheaper than the SoulCycle, but the monthly membership of Peloton is more expensive than Equinox+.

Final Words

Choosing the best indoor bike between Peloton and SoulCycle depends on your personal preferences. Make sure to consider the critical factors of both brands.

For instance, there is a substantial price difference between these bikes. Each brand provides a distinctive class experience. SoulCycle is known for motivational, inclusive, music-driven exercise.

The dark side is that SoulCycle workouts may not be a good option for those with knee problems. Peloton provides well designed athletic and evidence-based workouts.

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