Peloton Weight Reviews – [What Makes It Unique]

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Peloton has been making waves in the fitness sector with its cutting-edge technology and equipment. Although Peloton is most known for its stationary bikes, they are now diversifying its product line with various weights.

When combined with Peloton’s strength routines, these weights were created to enhance your at-home exercise experience. Do they stick to their word, though? This Peloton Weights review will examine Peloton’s weights in detail to determine whether they justify the investment.

Peloton Weight Review – Making The Right Decision

Peloton Weight Review

I adore the form and construction of our Peloton weights, and I feel that they work particularly well for exercises like:

  • Glass squats
  • the sumo squat
  • triceps extensions over the head
  • Press-ups and sit-ups
  • Swings

Surprisingly, dumbbells are a perfect alternative to kettlebells because of their flat construction at the ends.


Peloton weights are certainly more expensive than Amazon Basics Hex dumbbells. For comparison, a set of 20-pound Hex dumbbells costs $75 plus $12.95 shipping through Peloton versus $63.98 with FREE Two-Day Prime shipping on Amazon.

There is a $24 discrepancy.

One day, I’d like to get a complete set of Peloton weights, but I can’t rationalize spending that much money to replace my 10 and 15-pound sets with Peloton brand ones. I’d rather wait for the weights on eBay or Facebook’s marketplace.

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As you might anticipate, dumbbells from Peloton are ideal for all Peloton strength classes. Except for the exercises mentioned above, you should typically hold your dumbbells by the middle, NOT the ends.

And unless you’re wearing gloves, it’s more pleasant to lift a different Size dumbbell for these exercises, such as those from Amazon Basics. To be entirely honest with you, I primarily purchased these for aesthetic reasons.

Manufacturing Material

Cast iron dumbbells from Peloton have a natural rubberized covering. This encourages a secure, non-slip grip. However, you might want to pair these with weightlifting gloves. Compared to my (pre-owned) GoZone dumbbells, I found them slightly prickly when I first began lifting them. Dumbbells from GoZone are smoother than those from Peloton.

The only way I can describe them is like carrying a couple of prickly (and quite hefty) field cucumbers. But after a while, you just start to get used to it.

Peloton Weight Ranges

Your instructor will specify the weights you’ll need for your session with a weight range guide before each strength session.

They typically look like this:

  • 5 to 10 pounds are considered lightweight.
  • 10 to 20 pounds for medium weights
  • 15 to 30 pounds is heavyweight.

What Peloton Classes Require Weights?

What Peloton Classes Require Weights
Dumbbells can be used in three different ways with Peloton.

Strength Classes

Regular strength training is essential to a healthy exercise program, and Peloton’s strength courses are some of the greatest I’ve ever taken.

Classes also employ resistance bands and bodyweight (using only your body weight for the workouts), which are additional options other than dumbbells.

Dumbbell strength training programs on Peloton provide Whole Body exercises in addition to the following targeted Class Types:

  • Bodyweight Upper Body Shoulders & Arms
  • Lower Body Glutes & Legs Chest & Back
  • Core
  • For strength training, you should have a pair of light, medium, and heavy weights.

Arms And Interval Ride

Using a set of 1, 2, or 3-pound weights during the arms parts, this class style utilizes the lighter bike weights. Through Amazon or Walmart, you may get bike weights made by Peloton or a neoprene set.

I don’t do arms rides frequently enough to rationalize the additional expense of bike weights with the Peloton logo. And to be quite honest, there is virtually no difference whatsoever between the bike weights from Peloton and the less expensive lightweight neoprene dumbbells in terms of how they feel.

Boot Camp

Bike and Tread are the two forms of Bootcamp classes that are offered. Both exercises make use of conventional dumbbells. You should have a combination of Light, Medium, and Heavyweights for this.

Are There Any Kettlebells From Peloton?

Peloton does not include specialized Kettlebell exercises. While you could use kettlebells in your Peloton strength courses, there is no assurance that you will use any Kettlebell exercises. So they will just obstruct you.

Kettlebells are NOT recommended for Peloton workouts.

Should You Invest in The Peloton Weights?

Thanks to their flat ends, I adore my Peloton weights and how well-suited they are for various activities.

But honestly, if you already have a few weights you enjoy and are familiar with, I don’t think purchasing a complete set is worthwhile.

Neoprene’s sturdy feeling, even when you’re working up a serious sweat, and smooth texture are two things I appreciate.

The negative is that because the weight is so uniformly distributed, neoprene dumbbells get thicker in the center as the weight increases.

Our Expert Opinion on Peloton Weights

The Peloton cast iron weights’ primary advantage is that they are a little more comfortable handling for workouts like swings, goblet squats, and overhead tricep extensions, thanks to their flat ends.

Yet, I’ve discovered that GoZone and Amazon Basics Hex dumbbells are more comfortable to lift when held by the central bar during other, more conventional weightlifting workouts.

Peloton’s are a bit pricker compared to other cast iron dumbbells of a similar design.

Yet, they are stunning to look at and stand out on a weight rack because of their contemporary design.

But the fact that Peloton’s dumbbells only go up to 30 pounds is a drawback if you’re looking for a certain gym aesthetic.

It is difficult to explain the $25 + $12.95 shipping for the 1, 2, and 3-pound sets when the full set of 6 Amazon Basics weights (including the 2, 3, and 5 lb weight sets) costs cheaper at $34.99.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Weights Are Best For Peloton?

Peloton recommends starting with 2-3 lb weights for their classes. However, the best weights for Peloton depend on the user’s fitness level and goals. Beginner weights typically range from 1-5 lbs, while intermediate to advanced users may use 10-15 lbs.

Is There Anything Special About The Peloton Weights?

The Peloton weights have a textured grip for better handling during workouts. They also have a non-slip coating to prevent damage to floors and equipment. Additionally, they come in 1, 2, and 3 lb increments to provide a wider range of weight options.

Which Peloton Workouts Are Best For Weights?

Peloton offers a variety of workouts that incorporate weights, including strength, Bootcamp, and yoga classes. For those looking to focus solely on weight training, Peloton’s “Strength” program offers a range of classes with different difficulty levels, from beginner to advanced.

Final Words

Peloton weights have a stunning contemporary design and a tasteful color scheme. Still, they won’t improve your training significantly because you can perform all the same exercises with less expensive dumbbells. However, Peloton weights can be a great addition to your workout equipment wardrobe, especially if you are starting your journey with Peloton.

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