Are Peloton Dumbbells Worth It? – [The Truth!]

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Are you wondering about taking a turn in your weight loss journey by adding some strength training to it? Trust me if you are thinking of it, I assure you that you’re on the right path and your body is gonna thank you for it.

Most people start their fitness journey with random weights but when it comes to Peloton dumbbells, they get a little iffy and wonder if these dumbbells are actually worth it or not.

If these are the reasons you ended up on this article then make sure to read it till the very end to find out more about the necessity of strength training and are peloton dumbbells really worth giving a try.

Along with that, I am going to add some spices by including a bunch of extra knowledge for you. Tighten your seat belts and get to learn more about Peloton with us.

Are Peloton Dumbbells Worth it?

Are Peloton Dumbbells Worth it

 Yes, Peloton Dumbbells are worth it because they’re a great way for you to add some extra weight into your routine. These dumbbells also help with a wide range of workouts and they’re also very comfortable and convenient. 

If you are a gym freak and already you have stocked some weights in your house then it is well and good to incorporate them. It’s better to be comfortable and know how much weight you can carry in the very first try.

I have personally seen people lifting weights that their bodies weren’t able to lift resulting in extreme pain. Therefore buying weights or saying no to them it’s completely your choice but according to my research, I would surely advise you to give it a try. You should see if your body is working comfortably and smoothly with these weights. If so, then you are good to go.

How Can Beginners Use Peloton Dumbbells in Their Routine?

Weights can be a great source of providing you with a proper physique in addition to that they are the main reason for making our bones and joints stronger every day. Dumbbells usually help in burning body fat as I mentioned earlier but inappropriate usage can cause you to start building up muscles that you didn’t really want.

If you are a newbie in the Peloton family reading this, then you must know that a moderate workout every day with your muscles makes them grow so it’s necessary that you work out evenly without causing any trouble for yourself. Now that I have discussed a bit about dumbbells, let’s learn in what ways they can be used.

1) Interval and Arm Ride

This workout allows you to incorporate the lightest bike weight by using a set of 1,2 or 3 pounds during the arm workout.  You can get your Peloton weights easily through any online shopping platform. I would suggest you get a 3 or 4-pound weight dumbbell in the beginning because a 2-pound dumbbell might not be good enough for your workouts.

Usually, people don’t do many arm rides to justify the cash they have spent on branded peloton weights. Additionally, if you just want to own dumbbells and use them only once in a while, then it doesn’t make a difference whether you are buying peloton branded weights or cheap and lightweight neoprene dumbbells.

2) Bootcamp

The Bootcamp classes are divided into two types, the first one is Bike and the other one is Tread. Both of them contain the usage of traditional dumbbells. Whereas you should have a set of light, medium, and heavy weights available for these classes. I will break the ice about these weight ranges shortly, so keep reading.

3) Strength Classes

If you want to have a proper workout routine then you should opt for regular strength training classes and Peloton’s strength training classes are the best if you are looking for authentic and efficient training. Along with the dumbbells, you can also incorporate other weights in your routine to make sure that your weight is actually decreasing.

There are some other classes too, for example, Resistance Bands training and deadlift training. But choosing the right kind of workout regimen is totally up to you and make sure that you pick the kind of workout that you’re actually comfortable with.

You can use Peloton dumbbells in full-body workouts but there also is a range of workout routines where you can incorporate these dumbbells. For instance, I’ve listed some basic routines where you can use dumbbells.

  1. Bodyweight
  2. Upper body
  3. Chest and back
  4. Arms and shoulder
  5. Lower back
  6. Glutes and legs
  7. Core

What is The Ideal Peloton Dumbbell Weight For Beginners?

What is The Ideal Peloton Dumbbell Weight For Beginners?

If you are ready to start off with your workout and have decided to lift weights then I think you should get yourself registered for strength training. Prior to every single class, your instructor will guide you further on what weights are suitable for your body. There will also guide you more about the ranges you can exceed up to.

Before getting into weights the most crucial thing you should know is in case you feel numbness while lifting weights, you should immediately back off. The other thing you must know is that you can increase the weight range according to your endurance. Usually, the range of weight keeps revolving among the following numbers.

1) Light Weight: 5 To 10 Pounds

2) Medium Weight:10 To 20 Pounds

3) Heavy Weight: 15 To 30 Pounds

Are Peloton Dumbbells Reliable?

Before purchasing anything these days, knowing the material it is made out of is a real need. You can’t trust any product easily and bring anything home. Dumbbells are usually made out of nothing but cast iron with the inclusion of a natural rubberized coating.

This is the main reason why anyone can grip these dumbbells effortlessly. However, if you still feel that you can’t hold it to the weights then I would highly recommend you to wear weight-lifting gloves. If you are using these weights for the very first time then you might find them prickly, but this will get better with time, experience and practice.

In addition to its material, I have collected a wee bit of knowledge about the shape and design of Peloton weights. They are exceptional in design, these will make you feel as if you are at a proper gym instead of your house. I also find Peloton dumbbells highly compatible with the following workouts:

  • Goblet squats
  • Sumo squats
  • Overhead triceps extensions
  • Sit-ups to presses
  • Swings


It’s time for a quick wrap up so today you learned plenty about your dumbbells and if you are thinking about buying a pair you should absolutely grasp the opportunity and make your body feel the best. Whereas if you are wondering if you could purchase any other brand’s dumbbells or not? Well, you surely can, just make sure to consider the quality.

Furthermore, it is worth giving a try and if you’re ready to take the chance then I have told you about the weights you should get started as a beginner.

Overall learn to love your body and I am glad you ended up on this article which means you really care about your health. I appreciate your efforts and hope that you find your ideal dumbbells. Best of luck with your fitness journey!

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