Peloton Speed Up Bra Review – [Tested By Expert]

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A hot-hued classic bra by Peloton, this Speed up bra is specially created for cyclists, runners, and intense workout lovers. Offering ultimate comfort, a strappy design, a scoop neck, and removable cups, this bra is a true gift for those women who want to enjoy long-lasting workout sessions.

Tested by Runner’s World, the Peloton speed up bra comes with a stylish simplicity with removable cups. This in-depth Peloton speed up bra review will help you make a better decision to choose this bra for your workout sessions.

Peloton Speed Up Bra Review – The Perfect High-Support Bra For C/D Cup Runners

Peloton Speed Up Bra Review

With high support and natural shape, the Speed up bra offers high support for C/D Cup size. However, many users have responded that the cups are better than the C cup compared to the D cup. To be honest, the bra is a bit tricky to put on as there are no clasps, and also, the hardware absence prevents variable fit. Overall the design is a decent choice for those who fit in the cups with comfortable, padded shoulder straps and good ventilation of the razorback back strap.


One of the most enticing qualities of the Speed up bra is its appealing design with flattering molded foam cups. It is specially designed to provide high support along with the natural share for the chest.

I liked the mesh fabric on the racer-back as it improves the ventilation and adds ads an extra stylish flare to the appearance of the bra.


This Speed up Bra is created from a stretchy, smooth fabric for comfortable movement. Although wearing the bra can be tricky as it gets in place on the chest with some effort, it sits nicely against the skin.

There are padded straps for an additional cushion on the shoulders. Thanks to the wide bottom band, it holds and works with the cups to uplift decent chest weight.


The combination of 71% nylon and 29% spandex makes it one of the best sweat-wicking bras available on the market. It offers decent breathability during extended workout sessions.

The molded foam cups collect more sweat, but the airflow in the back of the bras keeps your skin dry. Also, there is a ventilated back razorback strap for additional breathability.


The cup design of the bra provides excellent support for size B and C cups. However, size D may not be comfortable with the support during intense workouts such as jumping and running. This Speed up bra comes with a lower v-cut front that offers less coverage in the center of your chest.



The bra doesn’t offer perfect fitting for D cups, as intense movements may create chaffing on the sides of the chest. It is better to try on a couple of sizes to find the perfect fit before buying it. Remember, larger sizes sometimes mean less support and compression.

Also, the bottom band lacks stretching. Therefore, getting the Speed up bra on and in place may be a bit of a core.


  • Mesh fabric panels offer good breathability
  • It holds a more natural chest shape
  • Smooth sweat-wicking fabric
  • Four-way stretch for extra comfort
  • Durable construction


  • No adjustable straps or clasps
  • Small molded cups for D cups

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Peloton speed up bra is available in XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL sizes.


The Peloton Speed up bra is made with 4-way stretch, quick drying, and moisture-wicking material to help you enjoy long-lasting, comfortable workout sessions.


Peloton speed up bra is manufactured with removable pads and a scoop neck.

Final Words

With comfort, style, and breathability, Peloton speed-up bra is a perfect addition to your workout wardrobe. This workout bra is made from sweat-wicking material and keeps your skin dry and cool during intense workout sessions. However, the absence of adjustable straps and clasps with small cups for D cups may be something you need to consider before paying for it.

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