How To Make a Peloton Shoe Rack? – [Simple Steps To Follow!]

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Being a Peloton fan, we always want a convenient space to keep your Peloton cycling shoes. If so, you are not alone. It is a common issue for Peloton users, but thankfully there is a simple fix: a Peloton shoe rack!

A shoe rack will not only keep your area neat and orderly, but it will help speed up your pre-workout routine.

We will explain the process of creating your Peloton shoe rack using PVC pipes, a reasonably priced, widely accessible, and used material.

Just continue to read to get the work done.

How To Make a Peloton Shoe Rack

How To Make a Peloton Shoe Rack

It is a great idea for those looking to keep their shoes organized and conserve room in their closet. Also, it is really simple and inexpensive to create. So let’s get going.

Materials Required To Make A Peloton Shoe Rack;

To get started, you are required to use the following materials:

  • PVC pipes (2 inches in diameter)
  • PVC glue
  • PVC pipe cutter
  • Measuring tape
  • 4-way connectors (2)
  • T-connectors (4)
  • Sandpaper
  • End caps (4)
  • Spray paint (optional)

Procedure To Make A Peloton Shoe Rack

  1. Measure and cut your PVC pipes. To get the length of your pipes, measure the length of your peloton shoes and then add an inch to each side.
  1. With a PVC pipe cutter, you may cut your pipes to the required length after your measurements.
  2. After cutting your pipes, you should sand the edges to eradicate any burrs or rough places. Putting your shoes on the rack will assist protect from scratches or other damage.
  3. After sanding your pipes, you may begin putting the shoe rack Start by attaching two pipes to two four-way connections.
  4. Next, join the ends of each pipe with two T-connectors.
  5. After connecting the T-connectors, add a U-shaped pipe to each T-connector.
  6. Using the last two T-connectors and pipes, join the two “U” forms
  7. Then, put end caps on the ends of each pipe to complete the shoe rack. You may even spray paint your shoe rack to fit your décor to make it more unique.
  8. Now that the shoe rack has been installed, you can begin sorting your shoes.
  9. Slide your footwear onto the pipes to attach it to the rack. It will save room in your closet and keep your shoe collection orderly.

The fact that this shoe rack is modular makes it one of its best features; if you need more room, you can simply add additional pieces.

You may increase the space available for shoe storage by adding an additional “U” shape to the end of the current shoe rack.

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Another amazing feature of this shoe rack is how simple it is to dismantle, transfer, or store. When you’re ready to use the shoe rack again, just detach the pipes and connections and store them flat.

Other Ways To Use PVC Pipe For A Peloton Shoe Rack

After demonstrating how to construct a simple shoe rack using PVC pipes, let’s look at some further modifications you might make.

Adding More Shelves

You may use more PVC pipes and additional tower components to make a higher shoe rack. If you want to take the most of your closet space and have a lot of footwear to keep, this is a perfect alternative.

Use Of Angled Pipes For Shoe Rack

Making a shoe rack out of angled pipes is another approach. To do this, you must use a PVC pipe cutter to cut your pipes at an angle.

It will make the surface tilted, making seeing and getting to your shoes simpler.

PVC elbows may form curves or angles to give a shoe rack a unique design. It is a fantastic alternative if you want to build a shoe rack that fits a certain location in your wardrobe or room.

Making Space For Accessories

Adding shelves to your shoe rack is another option to make it your own. To do this, you must use T-connectors or elbow connectors to join the shorter sections of PVC pipe to the longer pipes.

By doing this, you’ll make a shelf that you may use to keep other things like handbags or hats.

For Bigger Sized Shoes

You may make a shoe rack out of bigger PVC pipes if you have sneakers or larger boots that won’t fit on the usual size PVC pipes.

For instance, you might build a shoe rack only for boots out of PVC pipes with a four-inch diameter.

Combination Of Wood And PVC

Another option is to combine PVC pipes and wood to make a shoe rack.

To do this, you may use PVC pipes as the foundation and wooden supports or shelves to give it a unique look.

It is a perfect alternative if you want to make a shoe rack that blends in with your current furniture or décor.


How Much Would A Pvc Shoe Rack For My Peloton Cost To Make?

PVC pipes are often affordable and are available at most hardware shops. Nevertheless, the price will vary based on the size of the peloton shoe rack you want to build.

Can My Pvc Shoe Rack Be Modified?

Absolutely! You can personalize your shoe rack by including shelves in the design, using bigger PVC pipes for boot storage, or even integrating wood into the structure.

How Should My Pvc Shoe Rack Be Cleaned And Maintained?

Just use a moist towel to clean it or a light soap and water mixture. Avoid using corrosive cleansers or aggressive chemicals that can harm the PVC.

If you need to put your shoe rack away for an extended period, it is best to disassemble it and put it away in a dry, cool spot.

Is It Tough To Make A Pvc Shoe Rack?

Not! Putting together a shoe rack out of PVC pipe is a do-it-yourself project suitable for beginners that can be finished in a matter of hours with the correct set of equipment and components.


You now have a customized Peloton shoe rack that perfectly complements your home gym.

Follow the easy instructions in this post to design a cost-effective shoe rack that will keep your Peloton space organized and productive while also saving money.

The choices are infinite, whether you add shelves or various PVC pipe diameters to your rack. Remember to maintain your rack clean and well-kept when it is finished using it to preserve its life.

Happy riding, and thanks for reading!

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