Peloton VS Venzo Shoes – Which One You Should Consider?

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Riding Peloton needs a perfect pair of shoes. While most people love to go with Peloton shoes, some Peloton users are looking for alternatives too. Venzo shoes have been on the market for more than three decades.

However, do you know they are the best shoes for Peloton?

Thanks to the Look Delta Cleats, you can use Venzo shoes for the Peloton bike. However, which are best, Peloton or Venzu shoes?

Depending on your budget and needs, this Peloton vs Venzo in-depth comparison will help you to make the right decision in Peloton bike shoes.

Peloton Shoes

Peloton Shoes

The Peloton cycling shoes are a perfect match for the Peloton bike and devoted spin enthusiasts. That’s why they soared to the top of the list for the best Peloton shoes. The original Peloton shoes maintain the brand’s distinctive color scheme of black, white, and red.

The instantly identifiable “P” symbol is embossed in blazing white over the top strap. They also have a sleek black upper and outer sole, red ankle trim, and a smooth white swirl.

But this biking shoe is not just about appearances; everything about it serves a purpose.

Although they appear plushly padded and very sturdy at first glance, the materials are breathable and lightweight, promoting happier, better-ventilated feet. These shoes’ toe box and width are on the tiny side; they adapted to our feet without any slippage.

The innovative ratchet strap system deserves special recognition since it offers your foot plenty of stability and support for quick, on-the-go shoe replacements.


To be honest, these indoor cycling shoes are comfortable; they didn’t seem nearly as roomy as the Venzo or Santic Jian1 cycling shoes towards the end of our endurance trip. The toe box felt snug right away, but they were a wonderful fit for our users.

If you have broad feet, you might consider getting a larger size.

The tongue attaches to the final clip, so you hardly notice it when riding. The synthetic upper is airy with a mesh vent for breathability.

The shoes appear thickly padded and substantial; it is lighter and harsher than we had imagined. Since stiffness boosts power production and riding efficiency, cycling shoe manufacturers have an excellent motive to make them; in this instance, Peloton met the challenge.

We weren’t put off by the hard outer sole of the more recent Peloton shoe model, the Altos Peloton shoe, which is said to have greater give.


We couldn’t wait to take the Peloton bike and shoes for a spin, which is great news for fans of the brand. We strangely found it difficult to snap into and out of the shoes. But after a few tries, we were inside (and then outside again) and prepared for the ride.

As previously mentioned, it took a few tries to get the ratchet clip just right, but once you get the hang of it, the system is simple to use and gives our feet just the right amount of security.

The top feels robust and well-made, and they have a solid, long-lasting feel. The shoe was resistant to the more normal creases observed in less expensive shoes, and we were frequently up and out of our seats.

We were able to settle into our endurance ride thanks to the cushioning around the heel, although some similar padding over the toes would have been nice.

When I was attached to the pedals, there was almost no float (movement) in our foot (which takes some getting accustomed to), but as we discovered our rhythm, this made me feel more secure during our cadence (pedal revolutions.)

Peloton Shoes Pros And Cons


  • Designed specifically for Peloton equipment
  • Offers better workout experience
  • Compatible with Peloton’s clip-in pedal system
  • Provide secure foot placement and efficient power transfer during cycling
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles to match your personal preferences


  • Peloton shoes are expensive.
  • Only compatible with Peloton exercise equipment
  • Peloton shoes run small or narrow

Venzo Shoes

Venzo Shoes

The Venzo cycling shoe may resemble your dad’s old running shoes from the 1990s, but don’t let that deceive you; this spacious road cycling shoe is a strong contender for one of the top Peloton shoes by a wide margin. These cycling shoes were quite cozy, and we were amazed by how roomy and secure they felt on our feet.

This cycling shoe doesn’t fit as snugly and narrowly as typical cycling shoes, which frequently means going up a size to get the perfect fit.

Venzo creates a flexible shoe that can handle road riding and still fit your sweaty spin workouts by fusing comfort and performance. They are universally compatible, making them ideal for your Peloton cycle. They also include Look Delta cleats so you can go right on your Peloton bike and start riding.

While the Venzo style might not be to everyone’s taste, the price isn’t high. If you’re looking for a new set of Peloton shoes, they’re definitely worth picking up.


These shoes were nothing less than perfect in terms of comfort. The flexible forefoot, 9° of float, and low-cut heel contribute to the design’s success by enhancing comfort and movement throughout your foot while maintaining stability along the outer sole.

This increased flexibility may lessen stiffer shoes’ benefits in terms of energy return and cycling efficiency. Despite this, we thought the shoe maintained stability during the push-pull portions of our pedal rotations.

The Venzo shoe’s supple leather tongue didn’t dig in or feel inflexible, but it did start to bite during our endurance ride.

Nonetheless, this wasn’t a deal-breaker. The width and padding of the shoe were its standout features. The Venzo were the only pair of shoes we tested that felt as roomy, and we were astounded at how quick and straightforward it was to put them on and take them off.

These slipped right on, and the straps could be tightened nicely, unlike some tighter shoes we tested that required some unpleasant shimmying around the room.


The Venzo cycling shoes seem lighter and more breathable than the other shoes we examined, and they also have more give.

Again, this might go in either direction for professional cyclists who want stiffer shoes. But we prefer having more flexibility for maximum comfort and performance. When we turned up the resistance during our testing, the shoes felt secure in the pedals, and our heels felt supported.

Venzo Shoes Pros And Cons


  • 100% compatible with Peloton bike
  • Provides a Comfortable workout experience
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • Best for large feet
  • A high-quality set of Look Delta system


  • Not suitable for small or narrow feet

Similarities And Differences Between Peloton And Venzo Shoes

Similarities And Differences Between Peloton And Venzo Shoes

There are several similarities and differences between the two brands.


Peloton and Venzo offer shoes specifically designed for cycling and compatible with Peloton bikes. These brands provide a range of sizes and styles to fit various foot shapes and preferences. Venzo and Peloton shoes feature Look Delta Cleats with two or three-hole designs that make them compatible with Peloton bikes.


However, there are also some differences between the two brands. For instance, Peloton shoes run true to size but are narrow and small for those with wide feet, while Venzo shoes are designed to be adaptable and flexible, with a low cut around the ankle and a sloping beveled high heel.

Peloton shoes use a unique ratchet clip system and two forefoot Velcro straps for micro-tweaking the tightness. On the other hand, Venzo shoes are 100% compatible with Peloton bikes, with positive ratings from users.

Our Recommendation

Peloton and Venzo offer shoes designed for cycling and compatible with Peloton bikes, but there are some differences in fit, design, and features. It’s essential to consider your foot shape and preferences when choosing between these brands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Venzo Cycling Shoes Good For Wide Feet?

Venzo cycling shoes offer the perfect fit with ultimate comfort for wide-footed cyclists.

Are Venzo Shoes Better Than Peloton?

The Venzo shoes have an attached tongue to the middle strap, which prevents it from sliding down while riding. Additionally, Venzo shoes provide maximum comfort with lightweights compared to Peloton shoes which run small to size.

Are Venzo Shoes Compatible With Peloton?

Venzo shoes have Look Delta Cleats, which makes them compatible with Peloton bikes.

Final Words

Overall, the Peloton shoes struck a good balance between stiffness and roomy comfort, although we were startled by how rigid the toe box felt because it caused some discomfort during resistance climbs uphill.

On the other hand, Cycling shoes from Venzo are incredibly inexpensive and highly durable. Such shoes at this cost are difficult to come by. These bike shoes do have a few minor drawbacks, though. Venzo shoes are ideal if you’re looking for inexpensive cycling shoes.

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