Can You Bring A Guest To Orangetheory? – [Complete Guide]

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My friend came to visit me, and in the meantime, I was heading for the orange theory fitness class.

He asked me to bring him up with me, and I was baffled. Can you bring a guest to Orangetheory?

After some research on the website and then confirmation from reception, I learned that Orangetheory fitness now provides first-time local visitors or guests with complimentary courses.

I was shocked at what could be the reason, so after some questioning from the orangetheory help desk, they let me know that this free class is an act to persuade the person to join that particular studio if they are thinking about becoming a member.

But there are some requirements to get the guest pass. And now you are wondering what these are.

I have compiled all the essential information about bringing guests, requirements, and benefits of taking them to orange theory fitness.

Does Orangetheory Provide a Guest Pass?

Does Orangetheory Provide a Guest Pass

Orangetheory does provide guest passes. Almost many studios offer new members with at least a few guest permits, so they may bring a friend or family member with them. The guest ticket includes a complimentary lesson at Orangetheory for first-time visitors.

 A user said, “I brought a friend from out of town who used to attend OTF last week, and all she had to do was fill out the studio paperwork and pay the drop-in charge of $28. 

Visitors are always welcome to drop by the Orangetheory studio even if they are not members. Just $28 per class.”

Members sometimes get one or more guest passes at OTF in addition to the sign-up guest pass bundle. With these passes, visitors may enter for free or at drop-in charges, typically $28.

The greatest part is that if there is a drop-in rate, the visitor receives a complimentary studio heart rate monitor, giving them access to the full OTF experience.

In addition, Orangetheory periodically rewards members with guest passes through emails. Members may bring a visitor to the studio for free or at a discounted rate with the guest pass.

Additionally, keep in mind that OTF studios encourage locals to check out the sessions by providing free introductory lessons to local visitors.

How Can I Get a Guest Pass For OrangeTheory?

The OrangeTheory guest pass is provided in several situations. When a person signs up to become a member, they may get it.

They are offered several passes to choose from.

OrangeTheory may send emails to certain members with guest pass information. Always check your OTF newsletters for promos and potential savings!

Remember that email-sent guest passes sometimes carry an expiry date. You are not required to utilize it, of course.

However, it is a fantastic opportunity to introduce individuals you know to the OrangeTheory gym and its Heart Rate Zone approach.

What Conditions Apply To The Guest Pass?

  • Especially if they are nearby and would benefit from a free first-time lesson, the primary criterion for a member’s visitor at OTF is evidence of address, such as a driver’s license or place of work.
  • If the visitor is from outside the area, all that is required is for the member to welcome them. The visitor will, after that, have a drop-in rate that is lower than if they arrived by themselves.
  • There is room for an additional student before inviting a visitor. It will guarantee no obstacles in the way of your visitor joining you for the lesson. Additionally, you must appear at the studio before the session so that your visitor may complete the necessary documentation.
  • Orangetheory offers the heart rate monitor free or at a minimal fee in select classes.
  • The visitor must also be dressed for the gym since they will participate in a class among other studio patrons.

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Are There Any Other Sources To Get a Guest Pass For Orangetheory?

You could have choices if you need a guest pass but didn’t get any in your email or if the ones they sent you when you originally signed up have expired.


Some instructors who teach classes will disclose to the class that they have complimentary guest passes. Anyone may get them if they so want.


Another option is to inquire about complimentary visitor cards at the front desk. You’ll get from some of them. After all, by allowing people to use their facilities, you’ll be helping them gain future members.

Orange-Theory Website

On occasion, OTF may post information on guest passes on the website. If you’re looking for a pass, it’s worth checking out sometimes.

I Want To Bring Family On Vacation. Can I Get The Guest Pass For Them?

I Want To Bring Family On Vacation. Can I Get The Guest Pass For Them

Receiving a guest pass is often an honour since it is not a right under Orangetheory regulation. While some studios let you wait till guest pass offers are ready, yours could provide guest passes upon request.

You must thus check with the customer service desk at the studio to verify the current set of restrictions.

On the plus side, you could be fortunate enough to get a guest card to bring your family along for free. If you don’t acquire one, you can bring your family in at the same cheap drop-in pricing as Orangetheory members, which is typically $28.

Additionally, if your family members’ driver’s licenses or places of work show that they are residents, they are guaranteed a free session even without a guest card.

If someone has just moved, they will accept local-ness documentation. Again, that’s all. Not every. If not, the $28 fee should be enough to have you as a guest.


A perfect way to introduce OTF to a friend or family member is with the OrangeTheory Guest Pass. This permit entitles your visitor to a free workout with you.

Just keep in mind that they must be local to you and that it must be their first time attending OTF.

Members often get a visitor pass after registering. Some individuals likewise sometimes get them in their emails. Some could have a date when they expire.

Additionally, instructors may hand them out throughout the lesson, or you may ask for one at the front desk.

There is another option if a guest pass is not available. You may enroll in a free first class by visiting the OTF facility. The free opportunity to take the first session allows consumers to test out the exercises without committing.

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