Best Shoes For Orangetheory 2023 – [We Bought & Tested]

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If you are planning to switch your workout routine to an orangetheory training program, there is no other option then going with a professional instructor to guide you the right way in addition to having the perfect gadgets and accessories so you can exercise in a better and more productive way.

Keeping that in mind, focusing on the shoes for Orangetheory is one of the most important things that you cannot ignore if you truly want to get the most positive results from this workout routine.

Since it is a form of HIIT workouts you have to make sure that the shoes you are wearing are the ones to offer you the required stability, traction, and comfort.

If the shoes you are wearing are not providing you with these benefits this workout will not give you the desired results. Instead, it will make you feel more tired and under pressure.

Keeping the importance of shoes in mind, here I am introducing you to the best men’s & women’s shoes for Orangetheory. And because I am a professional gym instructor I know what shoes could be the best shoes for orange theory.

Let us start with the guide below so you are aware of the specifications, advantages, and disadvantages of the shoes and can finalize the one with the best features in it. Let’s go!

Comparison of Best Men & Women’s Shoes For Orangetheory

These best shoes for orangetheory are highly stable shoes made to tolerate pressure and are known for providing an adequate comfort zone. They are known to provide extra support when performing fast movements and offer outstanding traction so you can perform the exercises more stably and safely.

Let us now look at the products and their direct links to the shop from where you can directly purchase them by simply clicking on the link mentioned in each heading. Plus, keep in mind the first three pairs of shoes are for men and the next 3 are for women.





  • 360-degree Tpu Heel Wrap
  • Provides Extra Support
  • Wider Toe Box
  • High Quality In Construction
  • Versatile In Functioning
  • Eye-catching Aesthetics
  • Nylon And Yarn Construction
  • Highly Comfortable To Wear
  • Offers Better Balance
  • Comes With An S-shaped Heel Counter
  • Wider Forefoot Area
  • Anti-slip Design
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Enhanced Traction
  • Highly Stable
  • Ideal For All Types Of Surfaces
  • Comes With A Lace-up Design
  • Offers Outstanding Grip

Editor Choice


Quick Features

  • Comes With A Low-cut Ankle Collar
  • 360-degree Tpu Heel Wrap
  • Provides Extra Support
  • Wider Toe Box

REEBOK NANO X is one of the best-known shoes for Orangetheory workout sessions. They are known for being the best cross trainers offering stable performance and extra support mainly at the forefoot region. This makes it easier for you to perform fast exercises with more safety and protection.

If you are a weightlifter or looking for the best cross trainers for weight lifting, this one would be the best choice that you can make. The REEBOK NANO X is a shoe known for providing firm control on the ground, making it ideal when it comes to shock absorbance and safety. Well not only for high-intensity interval training, but you can also use these shoes for running and jogging purposes.

These versatile shoes come with breathable upper construction that is made up of Flexweave material. Such construction ensures that your feet are in the coolest position possible throughout the time you are exercising. This ultimately makes you feel easy and calm and fresh throughout the exercise time.

Additionally, I love its lace-up closure system that gives you a tight-fitting, making it easier for you to exercise continuously without worrying about your shoes getting open up in between the movements. Furthermore, one thing that you have to keep in mind is the presence of a wide toe box that is ideal for users with wider toe areas but is not preferable for users with narrow toe regions.

Furthermore, the presence of the EVA midsole makes these shoes one of the best-known shoes for shock absorbency, ultimately making it ideal when it comes to pressure-full landings during exercise. And of course, when it comes to comfort there is no match to this, for men’s weightlifters.

REEBOK NANO X are the best-known shoes for men who are looking for flexible, stable, and comfortable shoes for Orangetheory practice. These shoes are made up of a Flexweave upper that is breathable and comes equipped with molded Eva midsoles that make it ultra comfortable for you. Moreover, the presence of a low-cut ankle collar offers better mobility and flexibility as compared to other options in this list.
  • Integrated midsole
  • Shock absorbency
  • Highly flexible construction
  • Offers stable performance
  • Fit is smaller


Quick Features

  • Ideal For Different Exercise Steps
  • High Quality In Construction
  • Versatile In Functioning
  • Eye-catching Aesthetics

UNDER ARMOUR TRIBASE REIGN 2.0 are the next best great shoes that are known for being high quality in construction. These are the best cross trainers for durable and long-lasting performance with the same efficiency in performance as they deliver when you use them for the first time.

While being perfect, the shoes make sure to provide you with better functionality with an aesthetically attractive outlook. These are the only shoes in our list of the top 6 best shoes for Orangetheory that are available in different eye-catching colors. All of the colors of the shoes are bright and different from one another.

Well, not only the attractive outlook but also the quality construction and performance of the shoes are the reasons why they are the second best shoes in our list. Plus I have also used these shoes for personal training practices and I must say, I have never come across the comfort zone that these have provided me.

Furthermore, by offering you great stability and locking your heel in its place, the shoes make sure that you can perform in a better, more productive way so you can get the most fruitful experience of exercising, making it easier for the user to perform different types of foot movements quickly and efficiently.

The zonal flex in the forefoot region increases the flexibility and makes the shoes versatile for push up, planks, mountain climbing, and other high-intensity interval training apps. Furthermore, with rubber construction, the presence of a secure grip and full coverage on the sole makes the shoes highly reliable when it comes to performing exercises.

UNDER ARMOUR TRIBASE REIGN 2.0 are the best-known shoes that are known for being of high quality in construction offering you full coverage mainly at the sole region. These are highly durable shoes and are versatile in their functioning so you can perform different steps in high-intensity interval training conveniently and comfortably.
  • Offers great grip
  • Highly durable
  • Perfect cross trainers
  • Highly stable
  • Limited color choices


Quick Features

  • Comes With Midsole Cushioning
  • Nylon And Yarn Construction
  • Highly Comfortable To Wear
  • Offers Better Balance

NEW BALANCE 20V7 MINIMUS is the next best shoe for men who are going to perform Orangetheory training. They are known to be extra flat from heel to toe, making them ideal for Orangetheory. With a 4 mm heel-to-toe drop, you will experience that your foot is in the nearest possible space on the floor.

Furthermore, with a lightweight structure and springy feel, you will get the ultimate comfort to physically perform exercise conveniently. Well, the structure of these shoes is made up of nylon and yarn combinations. And this combination is not unique but also highly functional and premium as it promises to lock the hot air outside the shoe and keep the cool air inside it around your feet.

Now imagine you’re performing exercises with fresh and cool feet! How’s that? Impressive? Right?

If you want so click on the link above and simply purchase these New Balance cross trainers for better flexibility and better cushioning. Furthermore, the reason why I recommend these cross trainers to the youngsters who are performing Orangetheory is because of the presence of a light Vibram outsole.

This outsole offers outstanding traction on multiple types of surfaces making it reliable not only to use for gym and exercising purposes but also for running and jogging needs. Furthermore, with midsole cushioning, the shoes absorb the shocks from the ground so you can exercise safely and securely without straining your feet from the pressures of the surroundings with fast movements.

NEW BALANCE 20V7 MINIMUS is another best-known shoe that is known to provide better balance, better flexibility, and better control while performing exercises. These shoes are highly flexible and come with a four mm heel drop. Moreover, the presence of versatility makes the shoes versatile to use for multiple needs, involving also walking and jogging.
  • Comes with a 4 mm heel drop
  • vibram rubber outsole
  • Shock absorbance
  • Asymmetrical collar
  • Sometimes narrow


Quick Features

  • Ideal For Indoor And Outdoor Purposes
  • Comes With An S-shaped Heel Counter
  • Wider Forefoot Area
  • Anti-slip Design

With next-level comfort and versatile functionality, these Adidas shoes are considered another best shoes for Orangetheory class giving you the most stable and effective performance. They are highly comfortable and come with cushioning in the midsole which actually is one of the basic necessities for cross-training.

With lightweight construction and design, the presence of mesh upper in the construction of the shoes makes them the best comfortable shoes not only for HIIT but also for walking and jogging. Additionally, the presence of shock absorption and wider forefoot area, the stability and support you get as soon as you step into the shoes is unmatched and unparallel to any other shoes in this list.

Furthermore, a grippy rubber outsole, in combination with an anti-slip heel adds to your confidence and passion that in the end makes the training better, more productive, and more profitable. What I liked in these shoes is the presence of a flexible bounce boost in the midsole that revives the energy and makes the shoes perfect to use on all types of surfaces, making them ideal not only for indoor needs but also for outdoor needs.

ON CLOUD X are the next best women's shoes made for delivering the best performance when it comes to cross-training experience. It enhances the confidence and passion that is actually needed for better, productive, and profitable results of cross-training. The shoes are highly stable and have wider forefoot offering a better comfort zone.
  • Highly stable
  • Shock absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh upper
  • Color is no longer lasting


Quick Features

  • Comes With Eva Rubber Outsole
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Enhanced Traction
  • Highly Stable

ALTRA SOLSTICE XT is the next best women’s shoes that are made for women with wide feet like me. I often struggle with comfort when it comes to shoes because not every shoe is made for the structure of my feet. And with lots of effort and struggle, I finally have found the most comfortable shoes that deliver ultimate comfort and support in the gym. Yes, I’m talking about ALTRA SOLSTICE XT.

These cross trainers offer a next-level comfort zone for all Orangetheory fans, specifically if they are suffering from pain and strains in their feet area. With a wider toe box, you can easily wiggle your toes and spread them out without tightening them.

Furthermore, these are the zero drops shoes with a highly flat surface ultimately making them highly stable and reliable for providing better cushioning around your feet. By giving you lots of bounce and shock absorbency, you will not feel any type of pressure on your feet even if you are performing very fast and energized foot movements.

Moreover, the construction with the use of a breathable mesh upper ultimately makes these shoes perfect for the summer season as they promise that your feet are in the calmest possible surroundings with almost 0 sweating. Additionally, they also feature an overlay cage for getting better protection and more sturdiness, making them one of the best shoes for women who are going to perform the Orangetheory cross-training program.

Lastly, I truly appreciate the presence of a rubber outsole that is made up of Eva construction material that is highly abrasive in its making that ultimately increases that traction control. This makes the shoes ideal not only for gym usage but also for outdoor purposes mainly when it comes to walking and running.

ALTRA SOLSTICE XT is the best-known shoe that is made specifically for women with wider toe areas. They are made up of Eva rubber outsole and mesh construction of the upper, making them the perfect choice to wear during summer. Since these are zero drop shoes, you will not find any of the other shoes with this much stability, as these are the best flattest shoes available.
  • Wider toe box
  • Zero drop shoes
  • Offers better balance
  • High comfort zone
  • Not really cushioning


Quick Features

  • Blocks The Unnecessary Movement
  • Ideal For All Types Of Surfaces
  • Comes With A Lace-up Design
  • Offers Outstanding Grip

ON CLOUD X are the last best shoes in our list of the top 6 best shoes for Orangetheory that are considered the best cross trainers to give a next-level performance. They are brilliant when it comes to ventilation and highly professional when we talk about shock absorption. Although the shoes are the best running shoes too, they work excellently when it comes to cross-training.

With a lightweight construction and the presence of a mesh upper, the shoes deliver better ventilation and are made up of a traditional lace-up design that when combined with an ankle collar and padded tongue delivers adequate fitting for a better, more comfortable, and more stable experience.

Furthermore, being unique in design, these shoes are the best shoes available to give you outstanding grip on all types of surfaces including rough and tough terrains. Additionally, with a 6 mm heel-to-toe drop, you can enjoy better stability which is necessary for stable performance.

Further, with a molded heel cup, you will experience high convenience in the shoes because the shoe blocks the unnecessary movement of the foot, ultimately enhancing your comfort zone when performing cross-training.

ON CLOUD X are the shoes that are known for delivering high stability and better functionality when it comes to cross-training. They are brilliant and are light in weight and deliver mainly the next level ventilation. This makes the shoes ideal for summer and for women who are tired of sweating and the problems with sweating on their feet during exercise.
  • 6 mm heel-to-toe drop
  • Better ventilation
  • Shock absorbent
  • Lightweight structure
  • Sometimes large for users

Guide To Pick The Best Shoes For Orangetheory

Keeping in mind the need for the shoes and their importance, you have to focus on certain important features that make the shoes ideal for Orangetheory. Following is the list of certain important things that you cannot ignore if you are looking for the best shoes for Orangetheory. Read the details and pick up the shoes that come with these features built in them.


The first and foremost important thing that you need to consider when buying Orangetheory shoes is the type of shoes. You cannot go with the random pairs of sneakers or some other block-heel shoes because they are not really for cross-training and cannot offer you the performance you need for it.

For effective cross-training, you have to make sure that the shoes you are purchasing are flat, supportive cushioning, and better when it comes to your comfort zone. They should be of your size and should match the shape of your foot.

For example, if you have wide toes opt for shoes with a wide toe area. On the other hand, if you have narrow feet go with the shoes that come with an adequate size so you can perform well.

Comfort Zone And Cushioning

Another important thing that you have to pay attention to when purchasing shoes for cross-training is the presence of foam in the midsole.

Foam in the midsole enhances the cushioning around your feet, giving you the best comfort zone that you actually need to perform effective exercise to deliver the perfect comfort zone, you need to perform well. And ideal cushioning is provided by the padding and foam in the midsole.

Durability And Quality Control

You cannot ignore the importance of quality construction of the shoes if you are specifically looking for cross-training. You have to make sure that the shoes you are purchasing are made up of high-quality components and are known for durable performance. Look for the reviews and purchase the ones that are reliable when it comes to quality and durability.


Look for the shoes that provide you with the support you need around your feet. You have to make sure that the shoes are providing you with the necessary support you need to do exercises.

Keep in mind that you have to move your foot a lot of the time quickly and fastly during high-intensity interval training before finalizing the shoes. Then purchase the one that offers the desired support you truly need to exercise efficiently.


Size is one of the most important things that you cannot ignore when finalizing the shoes for the Orangetheory program. This is because if the shoe size is not your foot size, you should not go with it.

If your foot is small and you have mistakenly bought a large-sized shoe, you are not comfortable in it. Similarly, if your foot is large and the shoe you are wearing is small in size, it will be tight for you and will strain your feet a lot.


What Are The Best-known Shoes For Men Weightlifters?

REEBOK NANO X are said to be the best-known shoes for men’s weightlifters who are looking for stable, comfortable, flexible, and ultra-strong shoes. These are made specifically for men to provide them with a high comfort zone while exercising specifically when it comes to foot landing with energy and fast movements.

These shoes are made up of midsole, low cut ankle collar, and have a wider toe box that when combined with 360 degrees heel wrap made of TPU makes it the ultimate choice for professional weightlifters.

What Are The Best Shoes That Can Be Used By Both Men And Women?

UNDER ARMOUR TRIBASE REIGN 2.0 are the best-known shoes that are available in bright and eye-catching color choices. They are made for both men and women and are highly positively reviewed due to their high-quality construction. Being perfect and durable, these shoes are stable and deliver better flexibility for better functionality, making them ideal for most users.

What Are The Things That You Have To Keep In Mind When Purchasing The Best Shoes For Cross-training?

You have to focus on the size, quality, construction, durability, and support offered by the shoes. Also not ignore the cushioning and comfort zone and consider the positive reviews made by the users before finalizing the product. Keeping that in mind you have to make sure that the shoes you are purchasing are adequate and serve you exactly as you want.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have gone through the above-mentioned article that tells you about the 6 best shoes for the Orangetheory training program. All of the shoes that I have selected above are the ones that are highly positively reviewed and available at Amazon. All of these are stable and flat shoes made specifically for the Orangetheory program.

They offer better flexibility and mobility, so you can perform in a better way with a more productive exercising experience. Moreover, all of these are professionally recommended shoes by professional trainers so if you are looking for the best cross trainers for a comfortable experience of Orangetheory exercising, going with any of these would be better and more productive.

Additionally, I have also elaborated on certain important features that make the shoes ideal for Orangetheory. Look for these options and learn their details so you can opt for the best shoes for Orangetheory to get a fruitful exercise experience.

Furthermore, if you are looking for quick suggestions I will recommend you go with,

  • REEBOK NANO X are the best-known shoes offering a high comfort zone and breathable upper. They come with EVA midsoles offering better flexibility, stability, and shock absorbency to decrease the pressures on your foot and increase the fruitful experiences of the exercise program.
  • NEW BALANCE 20V7 MINIMUS are ideal for men looking for versatile shoes to give them a comfortable high-intensity interval training HIIT experience. These shoes are ideal when it comes to balance and stability ultimately enhancing the comfort zone around your feet so you can perform the exercise comfortably.
  • ON CLOUD X are the best-known shoes for women that offer incredible stability and are known to deliver the next level of support that you need for cross-training. They boost confidence and passion and are considered perfect for women.

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