Does Orangetheory Have a Family Plan? – [Detailed Guide]

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If you ask me, “who are the valuable persons in your life? My answer will always be my family.

In this busy era, we get busy and can’t take care of our family and maintain their physical fitness and health; they require regular exercise.

Isn’t it?

Here comes the orange theory that can help our family to lose weight and get in shape.

Now the question is, “Does OrangeTheory have a family plan?”

The exciting news is that they offer a plan for families! Even though there is no set discount schedule, the studio offers savings for multiple family members who enroll simultaneously in the home studio.

Below, we will discuss the eligibility requirements and available discounts.

Does OrangeTheory Offer a Family Plan?

Does OrangeTheory Offer a Family Plan

Yes, Orangetheory does offer a family plan, and each additional family member receives a minimum $10 discount off their monthly subscriptions.

However, the family discount is only convenient for the elite and premier membership plans.

If multiple family members join the same studio, they may be eligible for a discounted membership rate.

As a result, families who work out together save money on membership dues compared to individuals who don’t have any relatives already signed up for OTF.

Every dollar counts these days. And cutting costs wherever possible, like your gym membership, will help.

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This is something OrangeTheory knows.

That’s why they’re constantly running special deals and discounts for current and prospective members.

If you and a family member(s) want to join OrangeTheory Fitness, you can save money by joining as a family.

Much like the other deals they offer, the amount will change depending on the franchise location you visit.

Of course, the family discount can be used at any franchise. The news is also widely disseminated on their website.

Requirements And Guidelines For The Family Discount

Only members of the same family can receive the discount.

It’s essential to follow the rules and do what’s asked of you. In addition, these rules and requirements can change from one franchise location to the next.

First and foremost, everyone in the household must sign up for classes at the same home studio.

Multiple family members may need to sign up at the same time to receive the family discount at some franchise locations.

They might also have to prove that they all share a single residence.

The term “family plan” is somewhat misleading because there is no such thing. In this arrangement, each family member has an individual plan they can cancel or put on hold as needed. When all conditions are met, they receive discounts from their own plans.

The OrangeTheory Fitness classes have no hard and fast age requirement. As always, the answer will change based on precise coordinates.

The average age of onset is 16, but it can occur earlier or later in some people.

Get the facts by calling the franchise studio you’re thinking of making your home studio and asking if they allow home studio enrollment.

There is also no any clear indication of how many members of the same family can receive the discount. That could be up to the individual franchisee.

To find out more about a franchise opportunity, contact a nearby franchise location either in person or by phone.

The Discount details

The exciting part is now upon us! The family discount entitles you to what kinds of savings? Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a specific savings estimate.

It can differ from one location to the next.

Even so, we know that only Elite and Premier members are eligible for the discounts. There will probably not be a discount if you only have a basic membership.

Families with an elite membership may be eligible for a monthly discount of $10 to $20.

Premier members are also likely to receive a discount of $10 to $20 per family member.

Again, this varies depending on where you are.

Family Discounts On Extra Sessions

It will cost you an extra $30 per class if you drop in.

You can add classes to your plan for $15 to $20 each if you anticipate attending more sessions than your plan allows. These, however, are not eligible for discounts.

You can get the packages if you want to significantly increase the number of classes you’re enrolled in by adding ten more.

Because the usual cost of 10 sessions is around $200, purchasing a package saves you money.

Other packages have even more sessions. The greater the number of sessions included in the bundle, the greater the savings.

Some locations may also offer a family discount for the additional package if multiple members take the other packages.

Which franchise location your home studio is closest to will determine the extent of the discount you receive, if any.


Bringing your entire family to OrangeTheory Fitness has its benefits. As a bonus, there’s a discount for families, and everyone in your household will be healthier.

Although they do not offer a family plan, members of the same household who enlist at the same home studio may be eligible for a $10 to $20 monthly discount.

Discounts for multiple Elite or Premier memberships in the same household may be available in some areas. Good luck!

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