Why is Orangetheory Getting Rid of Ab Dolly? – [Complete Guide]

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Just when I thought that I’ve found the holy grail for my ab workouts, Orangetheory went on and decided to get rid of Ab Dolly. It does come as a shocker, considering how popular this machine was among the fitness community.

And now that Ab Dolly is officially out of the game, the internet is in a frenzy over it and everyone is wondering why exactly was it removed from the Orangetheory. So, let’s dive into it and find out why is Orangetheory getting rid of Ab Dolly.

Reasons Why Orangetheory is Getting Rid of Ab Dolly

Reasons Why Orangetheory is Getting Rid of Ab Dolly

Orangetheory has been a mainstream fitness institute and when it introduced Ab Dolly, the machine became all the hype on Instagram. Fitness influencers were raving about it but why has Orangetheory suddenly pulled it off the gyms? Well, here’s the reason:

Safety Concerns

We all know that Ab Dolly works really great for your core muscles but the problem is that it’s not really safe. In fact, it’s a liability for Orangetheory because the wheels on Ab Dolly often mess with floor tiles and could even cause an injury.

Ab Dolly is meant for your core muscles, so for the most part, you’re putting a lot of pressure on the equipment itself and imagine it suddenly moves from its place and takes you off guard. It could cause so many injuries and some people think that it has already caused some serious injuries and that’s why Orangetheory has decided to get rid of Ab Dolly for good.

Although, some people are also pointing out that Ab Dolly is just as dangerous as any other equipment at the gym. If we’re not using even a treadmill correctly, then it can also cause severe injuries. But it seems like it was more convenient for Orangetheory to just pull it off the gyms.

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Complexity of Usage

You might think that using Ab Dolly is the easiest thing you had to do and it could be your favourite workout equipment. But, you gotta admit that not everyone at the gym finds it half as easy as you.

There are people who think that this machine is too complex to understand and the positions you need to use Ab Dolly in, are only suitable for advanced trainers.

So, when beginners try to use Ab Dolly, they get themselves injured because they just couldn’t figure out how to use this machine. It also requires your body to be flexible to some extent and not everyone has a body like rubber.

That’s where Ab Dolly failed to meet the demands of the people and Orangetheory decided that they were better off without it.

Versatility Issue

I personally think that Orangetheory would like to invest that kind of money on something that’s a little more versatile because Ab Dolly only allows 4 or 5 exercises at max. And it’s quite expensive too.

So, it makes sense that Orangetheory decided to get them out of their gyms. They also said that there is a lot more equipment that works on your core and you really don’t need another one. That could be true but do you think the other equipment solely targets your core the same way that Ab Dolly does?

Time Consuming

A whole lot of people have complained in the past that it takes so much time to just properly align their feet on TRX that they could get so much workout done in that time. It basically is a waste because Ab Dolly requires you to put in a whole lot of effort.

And those who already lack motivation find it really hard to actually use Ab Dolly because knee tucks and other workouts could be a nightmare if you’re not using it properly or if you’re not well-trained.

Complaints from Users

There are so many people who’ve been complaining about Ab Dolly that it was starting to add a bad name to Orangetheory. People were taking up platforms like Reddit and Quora and were writing about how dangerous or impractical this equipment is.

So, they’ve probably read all those comments and it seems like getting rid of Ab Dolly was a corporate decision. It also depicts how much Orangetheory prefers safety over anything else. But it would’ve been far more logical if they made this decision before adding Ab Dolly to their gyms because some people have actually fallen in love with the equipment and they can’t go back now.

Was Ab Dolly Actually Effective?

So now that we know why we had to bid farewell to the OG equipment at Orangetheory, let’s see what the hype is all about and why the influencers were constantly raving about Ab Dolly on their Instagram.

Well, for starters, this seems to be the best instrument for your core because it engages your core muscles really well. If you don’t have enough strength in your core, then using Ab Dolly regularly can actually give you a lot of strength and even improve your posture.

There are a lot of equipment out there that engage your core but Ab Dolly is one of the few that are made specifically for your core and that mainly target your core. Although the hamstring move and pikes could be a little too difficult for some people, Ab Dolly made it comparatively easier.

Ab Dolly has also been called very effective for shedding some extra pounds while also making sure that you look absolutely shredded. It takes close to about 4 weeks of regular use for you to actually see the results from your Ab Dolly. However, a lot of people only use it 3 or 4 times a month which clearly isn’t enough to give you a flat tummy.

So yes, Ab Dolly is effective but having it in a gym with other equipment and all the maintenance that comes with it sounds like a lot of work. But if you’re a big fan, then you can simply buy one because a lot of Orangetheory studios are selling Ab Dolly to the members and it sounds like a pretty good idea.

Alternatives of Ab Dolly for Your Workout Routine

There are a whole lot of alternatives to Ab Dolly so you don’t have to sob for the loss. I’ve got some pretty great suggestions up my sleeve for you if you’re an Ab Dolly fan. Even Orangetheory said in their statement that there are so many ab equipment out there that we don’t need a surface one at the gym. And especially when this equipment is practically injuring people.

Here are all the alternatives that could become your holy grail after Ab Dolly is gone from Orangetheory for good:

  • Planks
  • Barbell Rollouts
  • Slider Slideouts
  • TRX Pikes
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Towel Rollouts

All of these workouts do a great job of engaging your core muscles and they’re not even half as dangerous or complex as Ab Dolly. So, if you’ve been a little worked up because your favorite equipment isn’t available anymore, then these workouts can just swoop in and save your day.


What’s actually sad is the number of people I’ve seen getting injured with Ab Dolly. In fact, one of them even broke their leg while trying to use it. So, it clearly isn’t the right equipment for newbies and requires so much maintenance that Orangetheory found it easier to just get rid of it instead of buying more.

And although you might feel your core muscles burning after Ab Dolly, you need to put your safety first because the machine clearly isn’t strong enough to keep its wheels in one place. So, just make sure that you’re engaging your core with some workouts that I recommended above and use other equipment for your core and there are a lot of them at Orangetheory. On this note, I’ll sign off.

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