Becs Gentry Peloton Instructor Biography, Life, Quotes, Salary

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Globally known as “the face of Peloton,” Becs Gentry is a famous British marathon runner. Originally from Worcester, England, the 35-year-old fitness peloton instructor is incredibly popular for her energetic training style.

She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, Paul. Who is Becs Gentry, her education, early life, marriage, salary, net worth, and her peloton career; let’s explore each and every aspect of Becs life briefly.

Becs Gentry Biography

  • Full Name Becs Gentry
  • Gender Female
  • Age 37
  • Nationality American
  • Height 5 feet 8 inches
  • Marital Status
  • Previous profession Marathon runner
  • Current Profession Peloton Fitness instructor
  • Social media Instagram & Twitter

Becs Gentry Early life

The British fitness expert has worked in an advertising company for almost six years in London. But, she never liked the typical 9 to 5 job routine. Becs was a fitness lover, and therefore, she decided to quit her job and start her career in the fitness world. Her uncle was a professional hockey player and helped her to build a passion for running.

Soon, she migrated to America to pursue running. Becs Gentry has participated in Berlin Marathon, New York City Marathon, and many more. She has also participated in sub-3:00 marathons. Becs has won the race known as Speed Project and finished 2nd in the Hong Kong Marathon.

Becs Gentry Education

Becs Gentry studied at The Alice Ottley School in Worcester until 2003 and then moved to the United States of America for further education.

Becs Gentry Husband

Becs is married to an Australian guy Paul and has been living happily in New York City for more than four years.

becs gentry first husband

According to Sources don’t specify who Becs Gentry’s first husband might be. However, several sources indicate that she is now married to Austin Curtis, who is an entrepreneur. There’s also mention in one source that she is married to an Australian man named Paul, but it’s unclear whether this refers to her current spouse or a past relationship.

Becs Gentry Net Worth And Salary

Peloton hasn’t revealed the salary of their employees, and therefore, the exact net worth can’t be decided. However, the estimated net worth of Becs Gentry is approximately $5 million.

Becs Gentry And Peloton

Becs Gentry Peloton Instructor

Becs joined Peloton in 2018 and has been training peloton members with her unique training style. Whether you are a new peloton member or an experienced one, you will surely leave Becs class with a smile and energetic mode. Anna Greenberg and her fellow Peloton instructors are her motivation.

Becs Gentry Quotes

My inspiration comes from running all around the world. My aim is to teach every participant in my class to love the way running makes his/her feel. My approach may be tough, but I will always run with a smile as my passion for the sport is so alive.

Challenge yourself and be determined to thrive.

Becs Gentry Social Media

Becs has been popular on social media with about 70K followers on her Instagram.




Becs has a YouTube channel named MARATHON MONDAYS, where she does a series to motivate runners across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Becs Gentry Diet?

Becs Gentry knows the importance of diet in a fitness career and therefore avoids refined sugar and gluten. Her diet includes meat-free protein sources, fish, organic eggs, and raw foods.

How Many Miles a Week Does Beck Gentry Run?

According to Becs Gentry, she runs around 85 miles per week, including her regular fitness classes and jogging.

Did Becs Gentry Qualify For Olympics?

No, Becs Gentry hasn’t qualified for Olympics in Japan, but she still ran an excellent race, setting a new PR.

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