Jess Sims Peloton Instructor Professions, Education, Height, Networth

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One of the most inspirational stories of Peloton, Jess Sims, is a teacher-turned fitness instructor. Jess was a teacher and assistant principal before joining the fitness industry. However, when she was a child, Jess loved physical activities. She aimed to become a fitness celebrity, but fate had teaching planned for her. Take a look at the life of Jess Sims, early life and professions, family, education, height, weight, and networth.

Jess Sims Biography

Full NameJess Sims
Gender Female
Nationality American
Birthday October 30, 1990
Height5 ft 7 inches
Weight 64 KGs
Marital statusSingle
ParentsJoan Sims & Rick Sins
Previous profession Teacher and Assistant Professor
Current profession Fitness Instructor
Social mediaInstagram and Twitter
Education Trinity College

Jess Sims Peloton Instructor

Jess Sims Peloton Instructor

Jess was an athlete at her school and loved to participate in sports. She was the captain of her college basketball team. When it comes to Jess Sims’ early life, she was a school teacher in Boston and New York City. But she never liked teaching and decided to leave this profession to pursue her fitness career.

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It was 2016 when Jess got his first fitness instructor job at a boutique studio in New York City. She never looked back, and in 2018, Jess was selected as a peloton fitness instructor.

Jess Sims Education

She was raised as a multi-sport athlete in Peabody, MA. She stayed in New England during his Trinity College time.

Jess Sims Parents

Born on October 3, 1990, Jess Sims was raised by her parents named, Rick Sims and JoAnn Sims, in Boston. Jess’s father was a black American, while her mother was an Italian.

Jess spent her childhood in mixed ethical background. In fact, it was her home discipline that trained her to become a well-disciplined student.

Jess Sims Quotes

You don’t have to; you get to.

Never easy; always worth it.

The hardest part is over. You showed up.

How do you do anything is how you do everything.

This isn’t a butt museum, so get your ass off display.

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Jess Sims Hobbies

When Jess is not training at the peloton, she loves lifting and boxing and explores new coffee shops in the city. She also has three pit bulls.

Jess Sims Social Media



Jess Sims Net Worth

Peloton members never reveal their real income. However, the estimated net worth of Jess Sims is about $1.5 million.

Jess Sims Husband

Jess Sims is neither dating nor engaged to anyone. She is living a single happy life with her three pit bulls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Was Jess Sims Profession Before Peloton?

Jess Sims was a teacher and Assistant principal before turning into a fitness instructor. In 2018, Jess was selected as a peloton fitness instructor.

Who Are Jess Sims Parents?

Her parents are JoAnn Sims and Rick Sims, who belong to Boston. Jess’s father is American, and her mother is Italian.

Is Jess Sims Married?

No, Jess Sims is neither engaged nor married yet.

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