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Indoor cycling is getting popular, and COVID-19 has been one of the prime reasons for it. Outdoor activities are best, but for a business with a strict schedule and students with limited time, it’s impossible to manage time workouts.

That’s where indoor workout equipment like Peloton comes into play. But why is Peloton so expensive? That’s one common question most people ask about Peloton. There are several factors responsible for the increased price of peloton bikes and tread. Let’s find out why is Peloton so expensive and how Peloton is different from other indoor cycles.

Why is Peloton So Expensive?

Why is Peloton So Expensive

Peloton bike is so expensive compared to other fitness equipment due to their high-quality parts and smart features that other bikes don’t have.

The average price of peloton bikes costs between $1495 and $2035. Remember, the bike doesn’t have any additional accessories included in the package.

For instance, if you want to buy peloton shoes, mats, and shirts or become a regular member by buying a monthly subscription for $39, you have to buy each and everything separately. Here are innovative features which make the peloton bike so expensive.

Psychological Factor

Do you know the initial price of the peloton bike was only $1200? Yes, when the Peloton was introduced for the first time, the price wasn’t that high. According to the CEO of Peloton, John Foley, the price is reflective of the quality of the bike. you can check my research on peloton history it would be worth it for you to read.

When the price of the Peloton bike was $1200, people were not interested in it because they thought the bike’s quality was poor and it wouldn’t last for a long time.

When the price was increased to $2,000, the sales dramatically increased. It was the psychological factors which was the hurdle between Peloton and popularity. People think expensive products are made from quality materials and thus love to invest in them.

Innovative Technology

One appealing aspect of Peloton is that members feel that they are part of a competitive group or team. Peloton bike has technology that allows you to see your instructor on the screen. Also, the instructor is allowed to see rider data like cadence, output, and resistance.

The bike also features a 360-degree swiveling amount to tilt up and down and rotate the screen 180 degrees right and left. There is an 8 megapixels camera located on the Peloton Bike+ model along with a privacy slider.

You can use it for video chat with fellow peloton members during workout sessions. However, it is necessary that you are all attending the same class at the same time.

Live And On-Demand Classes

Live And On-Demand Classes

Peloton offers 14 live sessions daily, and it’s up to you to decide which session time is ideal for you. Also, there are pre-defined rides for your convenience. You can connect with other peloton members.

The best part is that you can join live sessions with your friends on the Peloton without being with them.


Peloton bike isn’t restricted to you. The all-access peloton membership of Peloton allows your family members to share the bike. Before you allow them to use, make sure every family member has his own bike settings to avoid inconvenience.

Premium Quality

Another unique feature of the Peloton bike is its high-quality manufacturing. Peloton bikes are made from high-grade powder-coated carbon steel, which makes them one of the most durable indoor bikes available on the market. On the dark side, this material adds to the weight of the bike, and it takes two people to move the bike. You can’t alone move the peloton bike from one place to another.

How To Get a Discount On The Peloton Deal?

Do you know Peloton offers special discounts for different people? Here is how you can find discount deals on Peloton. Peloton is offering discounts for first responders, military, and medical personal discounts.

Remember, you have to present the needed proof. It can help you to save up to $200. New and current members can take benefit from the special price discounts. Remember, the existing member will not lose his metrics and performance data.

Take a look list of groups who can get discount benefits from Peloton’s special pricing.

1. Peloton Discount For Healthcare Workers

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Dental Provider
  • Behavioral Health & Social Service
  • Veterinarians and Veterinary Assistants
  • Emergency Medical Service Provider
  • Dietary & Nutritional Service Provider
  • Clerical and Administrative support
  • Language and Hearing Technologists & Technicians
  • Eye and Vision Services
  • Physician Assistants
  • Rehabilitative and Restorative Service Providers
  • Speech therapists
  • Chiropractor
  • Developmental
  • Nursing Services
  • Respiratory
  • Podiatry
  • Pharmacy

2. Peloton Student Discount

  • University

3. Peloton Discount For Teachers

  • Professors (the United States only)
  • K-12 Teachers

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4. Peloton Military Discount

  • Reverse
  • Active Duty
  • Veteran
  • Immediate family
  • Retiree

Peloton First Responder Discount

  • EMS
  • EMT
  • Police/Law Enforcement
  • Firefighter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a Monthly Fee With Peloton?

Yes, the Peloton monthly fee costs $12.99/month plus tax. You have to pay every month to continue your peloton app membership.

Is Getting a Peloton Worth it?

People are buying Peloton because of its fantastic features. If you are feeling a lack of motivation or don’t have time to take care of your health, a 30-minute workout session with a certified peloton instructor will change your mind and life.

Does Peloton Offer Discounts?

Peloton offers up to a $200 discount on Bike, Bike+ and Tread products for the members of Medical, education, first responders, and military.

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