Hannah Frankson Peloton Instructor Biography, Family, Net Worth

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A cyclist instructor at peloton, Hannah Frankson worked as a model before joining the fitness industry. The 32 years old grew up in Essex, Southeast England. She loved to ride bikes in a nearby park. She also participated in the Olympics athletics competition.

Hannah loved triple jumping and was also featured in a movie named Fast Girls in 2012. Who is Hannah Frankson, her profession, education, early life, relationship, and net worth. Let’s find out each and everything about this energetic peloton instructor.

 Hannah Frankson Biography

Full Name Hannah Frankson
Gender Female
Birthday January 11, 1989
Birthplace Essex Southeast England
Height 5 ft 8 inches
Marital Status Single
Education Brunel University, St Edwards C of E comprehensive Romford
Previous Profession Jumper
Current Profession Peloton instructor
Social Media Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Hannah Frankson Early Life

Hannah was born in Essex, Southeast England, and was raised by her parents. While growing up in Essex, Hannah loved riding a bike in a nearby park. Her mother is a nurse, and according to Hannah, she helped me to achieve my dreams.

Hannah Frankson Family

Hannah has been happily living with her parents for 37 years. She hasn’t shared much about her father but mostly talks about her mother’s friendly nature. She says her mother was a busy nurse, but still, she supported her in the athletics competition every time. Do you know Hannah’s mother is a peloton member taking classes to stay healthy and fit?

Hannah Frankson Relationship

Hannah is currently not dating anyone, but she had a boyfriend in the past. She was engaged to him, and both had invested in building a house for themselves. However, they didn’t marry, and things fell apart.

Hannah Frankson Hobbies

Hannah was into athletics in 2019 as she loved sprinting from ages 10 to 11. She was only 16 years old when she discovered her triple jumping potential. She broke the U17 all-time record in triple jumping.

She was selected for England junior volleyball team. However, she was good at running and jumping only.

Hannah Frankson, Peloton Instructor

Hannah Frankson Peloton Instructor

Hannah joined peloton in November 2019, but she had issues with camera facing. She spent her first six months on how to work out in front of a camera, designing classes, and making playlists.

Now she is one of the most popular and energetic peloton instructors in the UK.

Hannah Frankson Training Style

Hannah’s aim is to help people learn about themselves. She loves to take every member in a fun and challenging way. She says, if you want to learn more about who you are, you need to take yourself to a place you have never been. Come ride with me and take your mind and body on an adventure in a fun and challenging way.

Hannah Frankson Interests

Hannah lives in East London. She loves walking or cycling down the canal in summer. Hannah also loves to enjoy live music and comedy night shows.

Hannah Frankson Net Worth

She is new to the peloton and not running any side business. The estimated net worth of the peloton is up to $1 million.

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Hannah Frankson Social Media


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Did Hannah Frankson Do Before Joining The Peloton?

Hannah Frankson was a model and triple jumper before joining peloton.

Where Was Hannah Frankson Born?

Hannah Frankson was born on January 19, 1989, in Essex, Southeast England.

Is Hannah Frankson Married?

No, Hannah Frankson is living a single life in East London, England.

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