Erik Jäger Peloton Instructor Early Life, Bio, Quotes, Net Worth

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The new German Peloton instructor Erik Jager is a popular personal trainer whose well-known clients included Lena Meyer Landrut, Andreas Bourani, and Florian David Fitz. Erik is famous for his own training methodology called (TET) Total Training Concept. He has also worked as Nike Master Trainer with the Nike Training Club. Let’s take a look at the life of Erik Jager, his education, professions, relationship, and net worth.

Erik Jager Biography

Full Name Erik Jäger
Gender Male
Age Early 30s
Nationality German
Marital status Single
Previous profession Soccer player and personal trainer
Current profession Cycling trainer at the peloton
Social media Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Erik Jager Early Life

Born in East Germany, Erik loved different sports in his childhood. When he was only six years old, he helped his older sister practice shooting skills. Soon he was attracted to soccer, cycling, and handball. However, he selected personal training as his profession.

Erik is known for his dedication and consistency. He has helped his friends and many well-known stars to change their lives.

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Erik Jager has worked as an NTC Nike Master trainer, Detox Coach, TET-BAX Master trainer, sports model, and personal-athletic trainer.

Eric Jager Peloton Instructor

Erik Jager Peloton Instructor

Erik loves to take peloton members on the same journey as he has with his training clients.  He brings the joy of fitness and sports to the peloton. Being a passionate soccer fan, Eric knows how to stay positive and lead the team. In fact, this was the most appealing part of this personal training career. Erik loves to help others achieve their goals.

Eric Jager Training Style

Eric says he reminds every peloton member that he is not alone. His goal is to make people feel good about themselves and their lives. By laughing and working hard together on the bike, he shares positive energy and discovers confidence along the way.

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Erik Jager

When Eric is not cycling in the peloton, he loves to enjoy every minute of his life. According to Eric, he loves to see the world, eat ice cream and party with his friends.

Erik Jager Quotes

Sport is for everyone.

Eric Jager Social Media


  • (ErikJagerPeloton)


  • (@hauptstadttrainer)


  • (pterikjaeger)

Eric Jager Net Worth

Eric is the newest peloton instructor, and therefore, there is no authentic source of his net worth. However, looking at the reputation of Peloton, we can assume the estimated net worth of Erik Jager is up to $5 million.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Interests of Eric Jager Outside The Peloton?

Jager loves to explore the world, eat ice cream, and party with friends when he is not training on the peloton.

Where Did Eric Jager Belong?

Born in East Germany, Eric is a German citizen.

Is Eric Jager Married?

No, Eric Jager is not married and living a single life in Germany.

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