Concept 2 Bike Vs Peloton – [Head To Head Comparison]

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Are you looking to get a new stationary bike for your busy life routine workout schedule? Don’t know which one to pick? Concept 2 Bike or Peloton? Don’t worry we got you covered.

In this article, we will compare Concept 2 bike vs peloton, feature vs feature, and will provide all the details you have been looking for.

After reading this article, you should be able to make an informed decision and pick the one that suits your needs the most.

So without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Concept 2 Bike Vs Peloton – Common Features

Concept 2 Bike Vs Peloton

Before going into a super detailed comparison you should learn what is common between these two amazing bikes.

Both Concept 2 bikes and Peloton come with adjustable seats and handlebars. This is great for riders of different heights and sizes.

They both also have digital displays that track your speed, distance, calories burned, and other important metrics.

Both bikes are extremely quiet while in use and require no special maintenance or regular tune-ups.

However, two major similarities make the bikes stand out from the whole crowd. These include:

Bike Frame Structure And Durability

Both Concept 2 and Peloton bikes possess a sturdy and durable frame structure.

You will be able to use it for years without any issues whatsoever.

In terms of stability, both bikes are far superior to other stationary bikes in the market.

This is what you have been looking for and to be honest, if you are about to choose the sturdiest one on the market we would recommend both.

This is because during our testing we found them both shoulder to shoulder equally.

Sound Level Produced By The Bikes

Have you ever noticed people working out in their homes waking up their whole family? Yeah! we are not talking about the noise they make but the sound their equipment makes actually.

The squeaking annoying sound produced by different stationary workout bikes can be pretty annoying. This is where both Concept 2 and Peloton come in handy.

They both produce the minimum amount of sound possible while in use. This means that you can work out in peace without bothering others or waking up your family.

Now let’s move on to the features where these two bikes differentiate themselves from each other!

Here’s a quick comparison between the two systems:

Feature Concept 2 BikeErg Peloton Bike
Resistance Type Air Magnetic With

Mechanical Adjustment

Screen Small PM5 Monitor 21.5” HD Touchscreen

With Speakers

Device Holder Optional Paid Addition No
Workout Programs 5 Standard Workouts,

5 Custom Workouts

3 Pre-Recorded Classes, Just Ride,

And Paid Membership Subscription

Resistance Levels 10 100 Levels

Electric Power

No For Optimal Use
Weight 68 lbs (31 kg) 135 lbs (61.2 kg)
Weight Limit 300 Pounds (136 kg) 297 Pounds (134.7 kg)
Drive Type Polygroove Belts With

Self-Tensioning System

Poly V® Power

Transmission Belt Drive

Handlebar Style Multi-Grip More Extensive Multi Grip
User Height


Inseam Lengths Of

28” – 37” (71.1 cm to 94 cm)

59 to 76 Inches

(149.9 cm to 193 cm)

Heart Rate Monitor Display On Monitor With Your

Own Bluetooth Measuring Device

Display On Monitor With Your

Own Bluetooth Measuring Device

Adjustability Device

Holder Or Screen

None Tilts To Suit Different Heights
Customizability Fits Most Standard Bike Parts No
Crank Length 170 mm 170 mm
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes Yes

Concept 2 Bike Vs Peloton: Differences

Concept 2 Bike Vs Peloton: Differences

Now that you have learned about the features where both workout machines show similarities you must be more interested in learning about where they both differ. This is the part where I should you how the Concept 2 bike is different from the Peloton and what are the ups and downs between them.

So let’s look into it!

Levels Of Resistance

When it comes to working out the level of resistance matters the most. This is what makes you able to double your efforts and get fit quickly.

Concept 2 bike comes with airflow resistance which can be adjusted in 24 different levels. On the other hand, Peloton offers digital magnetic resistance and it can be adjusted in 100 levels.

These hundred levels of different resistance somewhat simulate the on-road scenario which gives you a better workout session.


Both of these bikes provide different levels of connectivity. Concept 2 bike comes with a USB port that allows you to track your performance through any app or device.

On the other hand, Peloton offers Bluetooth and ANT+ connections for a similar purpose.

This means that Peloton supports more devices than Concept 2 does but it all depends on your preferences.

If you want you can connect additional speakers to make the sound louder if you are fond of listening to music while working out.


Although a warranty is the least preferred thing for most people still makes a great difference. If you are looking for a workout machine at least it should be from a trustworthy company.

The company should give you a warranty that if something happens to their device at least within one year period they should help you as much as they can.

Now when it comes to warranty, although both devices offer up to some extent the Concept 2 bike is far better.

Peloton offers a straight 5 years warranty on the frame and a 12 months warranty on labor, pedal, and other components.

While on the other hand, the Concept 2 bike offers 2 years of warranty on the labor, pedal, and components and 5 years on the frame.

Thus if you are looking for a device that offers a much more warranty period then Concept 2 should be your main piece of focus.

Workout Programs

Apart from that, both programs offer different workout routines which target different groups of muscles and different training paths.

Peloton is home to more than 10,000 different workout programs which can be accessed on demand.

On the other hand, Concept 2 bike allows you to access its pre-installed online app and you can check your performance history anytime you want.

This means that if you are looking for something more diversified then Peloton should be your pick.

Screen Size

Another major difference that we spotted during our analysis was the screen size.

Peloton bike comes with a 22-inch touchscreen monitor while the Concept 2 bike has a relatively smaller display i.e PM5 monitor.

This means that if you are looking for something more immersive then Peloton should be your pick.

Price & Value For The Money


Last but not the least, let’s talk about the price factor. Generally, when it comes to machines that offer health benefits people tend to go with a device they can afford and this is where both these bikes differentiate themselves from each other.

The Peloton bike is comparatively more expensive than the Concept 2 bike which makes it more affordable for most people.

So if you are looking for an affordable health machine then Concept 2 should probably be your main choice.

Some Additional Things To Notice

Suppose you have made up your mind to get a Peloton workout bike then there are a few things you should know about. Learning about these things makes life easier and worry-free.

Why Does a Peloton Bike Wobble?

The first problem that most people face with their peloton bikes is the wobbling of its pedal. In such cases, they usually wonder why a peloton bike pedal wobbles.

Well, the answer is quite simple. Most of the time it happens due to loose bolts and screws on the pedal. To fix this you should tighten all the screws, nuts, and bolts located around the pedal. This will help you get rid of that annoying wobbling sound.

Apart from this sometimes the pedals are not properly fixed in their bracket due to which it starts wobbling. Thus in such cases, you should make sure that the pedal is fixed properly and this will help solve the problem.

How To Level a Peloton Bike on Different Surfaces?

Getting a stationary bike for a workout is easier. All you need to do is shed some weight off your credit card. However, setting it in the right place and using it for a workout can be a difficult scenario for some people.

Let’s talk about leveling your Peloton bike on different surfaces so that you can enjoy your workout session without any worries.

To level a Peloton bike first you need to remove the feet from its base. Then you should place a spirit level on the top of your stationary bike and adjust it until it shows that the surface is leveled. In this way, you can ensure that your machine is properly balanced over different surfaces.

Leveling a Peloton Bike on The Carpet

The first problem that most Peloton owners face with their bikes is when it comes to leveling the bike on a carpeted floor. This is because carpets are usually thicker than other surfaces and so it can be quite difficult to find the right balance.

To solve this problem you should use a piece of cardboard or plywood that is large enough to cover the entire surface of your Peloton bike.

Then you should place this cardboard or plywood on the floor and adjust the feet of your bike on top of it.

This will help you level your bike perfectly on a carpeted surface.

Leveling The Peloton Bike On Tiles

Tiles can also be a tricky place to level your Peloton bike on. The key to fixing this problem is finding the right balance. To do this you should place a spirit level on the surface of your bike and adjust each foot until it shows that the surface is leveled.

To prevent the bike from slipping on a slippery surface, you should put a rubber mat or something beneath it. This way it will reduce the risk of slippage while you are working out.

Leveling a Peloton Bike on The Hardwood Floor

Rubber mat again!

Hardwood floors can be quite slippery and so it is important to use a rubber mat beneath your bike to prevent any slippage.

The same spirit-level technique that has been discussed above should be used here as well. Place the spirit level on the surface of your bike and adjust each foot until it shows that the surface is leveled.

Once you have properly balanced the bike, you should then attach a rubber mat beneath it to reduce the risk of slippage while working out.

Leveling a Peloton Bike on An Uneven Floor

When it comes to leveling the bike on an uneven or bumpy surface you will need to put some extra effort to make sure that your bike is properly balanced.

The best way to do this is by using a combination of shims and rubber mats beneath the feet of your bike.

First, you should attach the shims underneath each foot and adjust them to perfectly fit the contours of your surface. Then you should place the rubber mat beneath the bike to reduce the risk of slippage.

Once you have done this, use a spirit level on top of your bike and adjust each foot until it shows that the surface is leveled. This way you can make sure that your Peloton bike is perfectly balanced over different surfaces with ease.

Last Minute Thoughts!

So this was all about the Concept 2 bike vs Peloton. We hope after making it this far you will have learned about the similarities and differences between these two bikes.

We also hope that you have gotten a better idea of how to properly level your Peloton bike on different surfaces.

If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family who enjoy working out or are planning to buy one of these bikes in the future.

Stay safe and keep pedaling!

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