Best Smart Bikes For Zwift in 2023 Experts Reviewed

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The right bike is as important as a trainer for a smooth cardio session.  This is because they determine all the essentials, like speed, pace, and power of the workout. And finding one that works for your requirements is not challenging, as long as you know the difference between the basic types of trainers and whether they are compatible with the bike you want to get.

Here is a detailed review guide on the best smart bike for Zwift, along with a brief account of trainers available across the market. These reviews are based on the resistance mechanism, power, wheelbase, and load capacity. So, read and select carefully.

List of 8 Best Smart Bikes for Zwift Reviewed





JOROTO X2 Stationary Exercise Bike
  • Adjustable Resistance Levels
  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • Transport Wheels
Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer
  • Smart Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Precision Power Measurement
  • Controlled Resistance
RENPHO Auto Resistance Exercise Bike For Zwift
  • Auto Resistance Adjustment
  • Real-Time Data Display
  • Connectivity Options
Tacx Flow Smart Trainer, Ready for Zwift
  • Smart Trainer Technology
  • Easy Setup and Compatibility
  • Realistic Ride Feel
YESOUL S3 Exercise Bike Smart Stationary Bike
  • Sturdy and Durable Construction
  • Integrated Display Console
  • Interactive Training Programs
MEK BELT Exercise Indoor Cycling Smart Magnetic Bike
  • Real-time Performance Tracking:
  • Interactive Training Programs
  • Smart Magnetic Resistance
BANCON Spin Smart Bike for Zwift
  • Alloy Double Wall Rims
  • Rigid Suspension
  • Alloy Disc Brakes
MERACH Indoor Smart Cycling Bike
  • Zwift Compatibility
  • Realistic Riding Experience
  • Ergonomic Design

Editor Choice

1. JOROTO X2 Stationary Exercise Bike

Quick Features

  • It Has a Magnetic Resistance Mechanism
  • Material Construction: Aluminum
  • Load Capacity: 300 Pounds
  • Max Height: 92 cms

I am starting my list of the best smart bikes for Zwift with this Joroto X2, all thanks to the fact that it offers a thoroughly interactive experience. The manufacturers have used the magnetic resistance, which is pretty smooth and doesn’t produce sound.

I have been using it for some time, and everything from speed to power and training routines was amazing.

First, let’s talk about the design of this bike. It uses an electromagnetic resistance mechanism that runs smoothly with the trainer. Overall, it has around 5% accuracy. Also, as a heavy person, its load capacity was quite accommodating. It also comes with useful height adjustments and padded seating, which makes it comfortable for long training sessions.

Now, coming to its utility with Zwift, this trainer uses a Bluetooth connection. So, you can easily connect it to your tablets or laptops to get all the updates regarding training. It uses a large LCD display to show you the power and speed. One thing that appealed to me most about this bike is that it records all the data for future reference.

  • Uses magnetic resistance
  • Motor runs smoothly
  • No sound at all
  • Comfortable and stable
  • It can be a bit pricey

Expert’s Verdict

Wrapping up, if you are someone who is looking for a smart bike to pair with Zwift, there is nothing better than this Joroto X2 bike. It has all the good features, from intelligent display to height adjustments, a dual-locking system, and a wide seating structure. Likewise, the control of speed and power is in your hands, making it great for professionals and newbies alike.

2. Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer

Quick Features

  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth or ANT+
  • It Has a Fluid Resistance Mechanism.
  • Material Construction: Aluminum
  • Wheel Size: 25 inches

Do you live somewhere where the weather conditions are unbearable, and you have no other option than to invest in a quality bike trainer for Zwift? I have the perfect solution for you. This Kinetic by Kurt trainer has all the features to provide you with a realistic and enjoyable riding experience.

This bike trainer is compatible with most third-party apps, including Kinetic Fit, Zwift, and Trainer Road. And for this, the bike uses either Bluetooth or ANT+ technology. This allows you to monitor your progress and control the power and speed according to the terrain you want to ride on.

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In addition, this Bike trainer is made up of aluminum, which is pretty durable and lasts for a long time. It also has a white wheelbase, making it great for slopes and intensely inclined surfaces. It also uses an auto-fluid mechanism for resistance, so you don’t have to worry about changing it repeatedly.

  • Personalized training sessions
  • Durable and strong
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Free one-month subscription
  • It is a bit noisy

Expert’s Verdict

Kinetic by Kurt road trainer is a perfect solution for Zwift, owing to its well-put design. It uses an innovative fluid resistance mechanism that makes sure the power and speed remain consistent. The good news for all the fitness freaks is that it has a one-month free subscription for Kinetic Fit, so you can all enjoy personalized training without spending a penny.

3. RENPHO Auto Resistance Exercise Bike for Zwift

Quick Features

  • Automatic Fluid Resistance Mechanism
  • Adjustable Seating/ Foldable Design
  • Material Construction: Aluminum
  • Load Capacity: 265 Pounds

Here comes yet another best smart bike for Zwift, with useful adjustments and real-time terrain training options. The best thing about this one is that it has around 70+ free tutorials recorded by professionals themselves. It also has the ability to monitor heart rate, which is a big plus.

The first thing to appreciate about this bike is its automatic pedal resistance. This allows the cycle to change its pedal speed automatically based on the routine you have opted for. It is further accompanied by a brushless servo motor that is quiet and runs quite smoothly.

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In addition, you can pair it up with the Zwift app for an amazing workout experience, all thanks to its ANT+ and Bluetooth technology. Apart from this, it also has an AI Gym app that uses AI-optimized training based on your goals. You can also adjust the difficulty of the terrain for intense sessions.

  • Auto pedal adjustments
  • Customized training routine
  • Slim, foldable design
  • Comfortable seating
  • Height can be improved

Expert’s Verdict

Finally, this Renpho Auto smart bike is a great choice for professionals who want to get the maximum benefits of Zwift. It is equipped with an AI-optimized app for customized training along with a heart and pulse rate monitor. All in all, it is firm and handles speed well, without any sound.

4. Tacx Flow Smart Trainer, Ready for Zwift

Quick Features

  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth or ANT+
  • Material Construction: Aluminum, Steel
  • It Has a Fluid Resistance.
  • Wheel Size: 29 Inches

If you want to enjoy a realistic cycling experience on your indoor bike with Zwift, definitely go for the Tacx Flow Smart trainer. It uses ANT+ connection for you to connect with training and fitness apps like Peleton and Zwift. Also, the electromagnetic resistance makes it great for slopes.

So, let’s start this review with this trainer design. It has a wide wheelbase and adjustable seating space, which is why it feels comfortable for long hours of training. Moreover, it operates automatically and doesn’t require you to do anything. Hence, even if you are a first-timer, using this smart trainer won’t be an issue.

Now, talking about its utility, this trainer is compatible with multiple software and apps, including Tacx apps, Zwift, Swift, and Training Base. While using these apps, the users have the option to go for a 6% slope in order to get a realistic and immersive experience on different terrains.

  • Offers realistic simulations
  • Multiple third-party apps
  • Demands no technical knowledge
  • Easy to use
  • It can feel a bit heavy

Expert’s Verdict

This Tacx Flow trainer is an all-time favorite for me within this price bracket. And this is all credit to its adjustable seating space and big wheelbase. Moreover, the fact that it allows you to customize training sessions based on different intensity levels and slopes makes it worth the money.

5. YESOUL S3 Exercise Bike Smart Stationary Bike

Quick Features

  • It Has a Magnetic Resistance Mechanism
  • Material Construction: Carbon Steel
  • Load Capacity: 265 Pounds
  • Adjustable Padded Seat

Yesoul is a leading name when it comes to smart bikes and related equipment for the quality it offers. And this smart stationary trainer from the brand is no exception. It is designed for fitness freaks, so they can get connected to apps and enjoy customized training sessions to reach the target.

First, let’s review its design. This one is equipped with a big 10-inch screen, along with a carbon steel frame. The screen gives you real-time data, which is easy to understand. It has everything displayed, from heart rate to power, speed, and calorie count. Also, the steel feels quite durable.

Furthermore, what does it offer when connected to Zwift? This is where it gets better than its competitors. It allows you to access fitness and cardio classes, not to mention enjoy riding on sloped terrains. The only downside is that it has a manual resistance knob that needs adjustment repeatedly.

  • Durable and strong
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to use
  • A big display
  • It has a manual resistance

Expert’s Verdict

Yesoul S3 is a great choice for people who want a minimalist yet practical trainer for their routine workouts with Zwift. It comes with a well-put design that is durable and convenient. Not only this, the fact that it gives you access to professional classes offers scope for improvement.

6. MEK BELT Exercise Indoor Cycling Smart Magnetic Bike

Quick Features

  • Connectivity Type: ANT+ or Bluetooth
  • Material Construction: Alloy Steel
  • It Has adjustable Seating
  • It Has Dual-Suspension

Want to personalize your training sessions and have budget restraints? Don’t worry as this Makbelt is a savior of all those looking for pocket-friendly alternatives. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect the bike to third-party fitness apps for you to customize your workout sessions.

The thing that immediately impressed me about this bike was its design. Despite the price, this one has a dual-adjustable saddle and varying height options. As a heavy person, I also find the seating space quite accommodating. However, you will have to set the resistance level yourself.

Moreover, to connect it to third-party apps like Zwift, you can either use Bluetooth or ANT+. It gives Zwift access to monitor your heart rate and calorie count to make training efficient. You can also adjust the intensity, which is something I don’t usually expect from affordable options.

  • Offers personalized data
  • No sound at all
  • Useful height adjustments
  • Great value for money
  • Not the best for professionals

Expert’s Verdict

This Mekbelt smart trainer is designed for budget enthusiasts like me who are always looking for ways to save money. That being said, this trainer is nothing less than a professional one when it comes to performance. Part of the reason is that it gives real-time data to third-party apps, so they can improve your training routine.

7. BANCON Spin Smart Bike for Zwift

Quick Features

  • It Uses Magnetic Resistance Technology
  • Load Capacity: 275 pounds
  • Material Construction: Alloy Steel
  • Wheel Size: 28 inches

Coming from Bancon, this trainer has been my favorite for a long time in the past to be used with Zwift. I really like the realistic experience it offers over slopes and inclined surfaces. This allowed me to compete with global Zwift users, which was the best thing about this spin trainer.

The highlight of this trainer is that it offers a quiet riding experience. And part of the reason is its innovative magnetic resistance technology. This uses a brushless motor and keeps the speed consistent. The good thing about this function is that it comes with an eight-level lever, which is pretty easy to control. All you need to do is set it to the level you want.

Another thing that gives it an edge over competitors is its humanized design. It integrates padded seating with adjustable height. I found the seating structure quite accommodating for heavy people like me. Also, the LCD display made it pretty easy for me to get a real-time analysis of calorie count and heart rate.

  • Offers a realistic experience
  • Stable and supportive
  • Wide seating space
  • Pretty comfortable
  • The display is not bright

Expert’s Verdict

In essence, this Bancon indoor smart bike is the best-suited option for fitness freaks who want a comfortable alternative for long training and cardio sessions. It has a large LCD display and adjustable seating that delivers well. In addition, the magnetic resistance mechanism gives you a stable and consistent experience.

8. MERACH Indoor Smart Cycling Bike

Quick Features

  • It Uses Magnetic Resistance Technology
  • Material Construction: Alloy Steel
  • Load Capacity: 280 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 29 inches

Last but not least on my list of the best smart bikes for Zwift is this Merach, with an ergonomic and durable design. It is built to last for a long time. Not only this, this trainer has APP support that allows you to utilize third-party apps like Zwift to analyze your progress and count calorie deficit.

The first thing I liked about this bike is its magnetic resistance technology. It is definitely superior in the way that it uses a brushless motor, which is silent and offers consistent speed. Also, the manufacturers have added a 100-level resistance control that allows you to change the power according to the intensity of the surface you are opting for.

Apart from this, it has a well-rounded design with adjustable seating and a wise wheelbase. This works especially great for oversized people like me. You will also find both ANT+ and Bluetooth to connect your laptops and tablets. And if nothing, you can use its original application for free.

MERACH Indoor Smart Cycling Bike Review

  • Durable structure
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Great for oversized people
  • Free apps for a month
  • Folding didn’t work for me

Expert’s Verdict

Wrapping up, this Merach smart exercise bike is a perfect solution for oversized people like me, all thanks to its stable and comfortable design. I have used it in the past and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The fact that it displays all the needed records on my mobile screen makes it easy for me to track calorie counts and heart rates.

What Type of Smart Bike Will Work Best for Zwift: A Complete Guide

In search of a smart training bike? Don’t know what type of trainer would suit your requirements best? Give this guide a quick read and decide for yourself.

What is a Smart Trainer?

A smart trainer is a bike that works on a turbo engine and connects to indoor cycling apps like Zwift, Swift, TrainerRoad, and Peloton. They are designed to give you a realistic experience of riding on hills and inclined terrains.

Not only this, the third-party apps give you a complete training function that allows you to customize day-to-day power-based cardio sessions. And this is done through a Bluetooth or wireless ANT+ connection.

Type of Smart Trainers

Typically, you can find two types of smart trainers, wheel-ons and direct drives. Both of these have their own perks and privileges. So, which one will work for you? Here is a breakdown of each to choose the right trainer for your workout sessions.

Wheel-On Trainers

They are the traditional turbo trainers that use a rear axle and a rear wheel placed on a drum. The drum is then connected to a resistance controller that allows you to adjust the power and speed of the bike. This drum is also utilized for communicating the hardware to the app for real-time recorded data analysis of your workout routine.

They are pretty cheap and don’t cost you much. Most of them are light and can be folded easily. Hence, if you are limited by space, wheel-on trainers may be the best choice. That being said, some of them also have immovable tires, so you may not move them accordingly. Also, their accuracy is not as good as direct drive trainers. And they can be pretty noisy.

Direct Drive Trainers

On the contrary, the DDT or Direct Drive Trainers are the modern version of turbo trainers. They require you to remove the wheel and connect it to your own bike. And this is why most Zwift users prefer these trainers. They are really expensive, and most of them are made up of durable materials like Aluminum and Alloy Steel. And this explains why these can be a bit heavy.

Moreover, the majority of DDT uses magnetic or fluid resistance mechanisms that use brushless motors and are pretty quiet. So, if you like a noiseless experience, they are the best. Likewise, their ability to handle power and speed makes them perfectly suited for slopes and inclined surfaces. In a nutshell, these trainers offer a realistic experience over slopes.

Finally, I hope you have figured out which type of smart bike trainer will work for Zwift according to your criteria.


Which Smart Bike Trainer Is Best For Zwift?

The Unisky Direct Drive bike is definitely one of the best when it comes to Zwift. This is because it allows you to train on different terrains and personalize your cardio sessions according to your vitals and calorie count. Not only this, it has a stable structure that makes sure you feel supported and comfortable during long training sessions.

Are Smart Bikes for Zwift Worth It?

Yes, smart bikes are great for Zwift, especially if you are a fitness freak and miss your adventures on inclined surfaces. This is because they run on a motor and have a turbo trainer setup that gives you a realistic experience over slopes. Not only this, they give you access to some professionally customized cardio workouts to reach your target.

How Much Does A Zwift Smart Bike Cost?

Well, there is no simple answer, as it depends on variables like the quality of the trainer, the type of the bike, and its functions. On average, a quality smart bike for Zwift will cost you between $400 and $600, based on the features it has. However, do consider that direct-drive smart bikes tend to be a little expensive.

Final Thoughts

Confused about what type of Zwift bike will work with your trainer? Well, it’s easier than it seems. All you need to do is some basics on how they work and whether it is compatible with the type of trainer you are using. And I hope this guide has been helpful in figuring this out. Finally, here are some of my favorites you may consider buying.

  • YESOUL S3 Exercise Bike Smart Stationary Bike is known for its silent motor and innovative fluid resistance mechanism.
  • MEK BELT Exercise Indoor Cycling Smart Magnetic Bike is popular for its adjustable seating and stable structure.
  • MERACH Indoor Smart Cycling Bike has a free 30-day app access for you to enjoy the workouts without spending a single penny.

I wish you the best of luck for this future buying venture.

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