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Selecting the appropriate cooling system is necessary for indoor cycling and virtual training platforms like Zwift to optimize the overall experience and your comfort level. You will inevitably break out in a sweat during vigorous exercise, especially in summer, and without the proper cooling system, you may experience heat exhaustion and other discomforts.

Therefore it’s essential and best for you to invest in excellent and superior fans, as it’s an essential addition to a Zwift setup. This article has compiled the top Best Fans For Zwift that are more suited to the heat emitted by Zwift.

Selecting the appropriate cooling system is necessary for indoor cycling and virtual training platforms like Zwift to optimize the overall experience and your comfort level. You will inevitably break out in a sweat during vigorous exercise, especially in summer, and without the proper cooling system, you may experience heat exhaustion and other discomforts.

Therefore it’s essential and best for you to invest in excellent and superior fans, as it’s an essential addition to a Zwift setup. This article has compiled the top Best Fans For Zwift that are more suited to the heat emitted by Zwift.

Comparison of 8 Best Fans For Zwift 2023

Let’s look at the list of best fans for Zwifters; at the end, I will recommend my personal best ones, so keep reading.





Garmin HRM-Tri Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sensor Type: Wearable
  • Battery Life: 7200 Hours
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
Scosche Rhythm R+2.0 Workout Heart Rate Monitor
  • Connectivity Type: Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Sensor Type: Wearable
  • Battery Life: 24 Hours
Wahoo TICKR FIT Heart Rate Armband
  • Connectivity Type: Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Sensor Type: Wearable
  • Battery Life: 35 Hours
Polar Verity Sense – Optical Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sensor Type: Wearable HR Sensor
  • It Has a 0.96 Inches Screen
  • It Has Goggle Strap Clip
Garmin Forerunner 945 GPS Running/Triathlon Smartwatch
  • It Has a 1.2 inches LCD Display
  • Uses The GPS Technology
  • Built-in Sport Apps
COOSPO H6 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sensor Type: Wearable
  • Battery Life: 300 Hours
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
Garmin 010-12883-00 HRM-Dual Heart Rate Monitor
  • Includes An Adjustable Soft Strap
  • Sensor Type: Wearable
  • Battery Life: 3.5 Years
Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap
  • Battery: Lithium-ion Battery
  • Sensor Type: Wearable
  • Battery Life: 400 Hours

Editor Choice

1. Lasko 20” High-Velocity Fan (Floor Fan)

Quick Features

  • It Can Be Mounted On A Wall
  • Effective Airflow
  • Pivoting Head

It is one of the best among the list of fans, and let me tell you why it is so. Lasko is constructed to supply maximum and powerful airflow (3460 CFM) that covers a larger area, ensuring good ventilation.

Moreover, with its pivoting head feature and three-speed mode, you can now control and adjust the direction of the airflow. The fan also has a remote control that adjusts speed and power without disturbing your riding training.

Though marketed and sold as a floor fan, it can be mounted on a wall by simply mounting the provided bracket. You can easily convert it from floor to wall fan; select whichever you prefer.

  • It is highly affordable
  • It has integrated rubber pads
  • It offers a convenient transport grip
  • It creates a lot of noise

Expert Verdict

It’s a reliable choice for riders searching for a fan that provides effective and powerful performance at a reasonable price. Though it produces irritating noise, you can overlook it because of its various other functions that offer convenience to riders.

2. Wahoo KICKR Headwind (Best For Zwift)

Quick Features

  • App-Based Speed Adjustment
  • Maximum Airflow Distribution
  • Sensor Controlled System

KICKR Headwind is most suitable for indoor cycling and virtual training programs like Zwift. KICKR is designed with features that especially target trainers and enhance the immersive effect of Zwift.

Due to its pulse/sensor control mechanism, the fan adjusts and controls its speed according to the speed and heart rate of the riders. So therefore, when your heartbeat or speed increases, the fan’s airflow increases, and vice versa. This is why it’s the most coveted fan.

With its powerful airflow (over 30 mph), you don’t have to worry about getting sweaty during your training session. The airflow pattern of KICKR Headwind is tailored to mirror the alignment and shape of the rider’s body hence providing effective airflow distribution.

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Moreover, there are four preset speed options available that you can control manually. However, if you don’t like this option, you can also manage the airflow without leaving your bicycle; you only need to connect to the Wahoo app through Bluetooth.

  • ANT + (connectivity)
  • Manual speed settings
  • It has a remote control
  • The price is quite high

Expert Verdict

Wahoo KICKR Headwind is the best addition to your Zwift setup; you can pair it with your heart rate monitor. As your heartbeat increases, the fan’s output also increases, and vice versa. Isn’t it cool? Though it’s expensive, it’s worth it.

3. Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

Quick Features

  • Produce Less Noise
  • Comfortable Size
  • Adjustable Head

Honeywell is small, and its compact design makes it best for placement on a table, wall, and any small corner. This makes it quite handy as you can place it wherever you want without worrying about space limitations. It’s also lightweight; therefore, you can easily transport it anywhere without heaviness.

Its adjustable head allows you to control the flow of the air wherever you need it. Honeywell HT 900 offers targeted cooling to supply maximum comfort to the riders.

When you look at the size, you won’t expect much from its performance, but it gives you maximum airflow to keep you cool and refreshed. Despite its compact size, you can feel its power even from a distance of 27 feet.

Enjoy your virtual bike training in a peaceful environment without any disturbance from the fan. It is relatively quiet compared to other fans. This compact fan is one of the best options for Zwift due to its small size and powerful airflow.

  • Three manual speed settings
  • Less noisy
  • Adjustable head
  • Very affordable
  • No remote control

Expert Verdict

One of the best things about it is its compact size because you can place it anywhere you want. In addition, you can also adjust its head and control the airflow direction, hence offering you a lot of conveniences.

4. Vacmaster AM201R (Remote Control)

Quick Features

  • Strong And Concentrated Airflow
  • The Noise Level Is 61db
  • Remote Operated Fan

Are you searching for a fan with powerful airflow but small size? Then this is for you. It delivers strong airflow and speeds up to 32mph, keeping you cool during your training session. Moreover, you can adjust this fan at 0, 45, and 90 degrees angles to concentrate the airflow wherever you prefer.

You can control and adjust the device’s speed remotely without getting off your bike, providing effortless operation. You can also control the speed manually, but I prefer the remote option.

Moreover, it also comes with a strap where you attach the remote and enjoy your training session without worrying about losing your remote.

The noise level is 61dB which is considered quiet but audible hence you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment without irritating background noises.

  • Remote control
  • Portable device
  • Directed airflow
  • Speed not comparable to other fans

Expert Verdict

The best fan with a remote control so far. It is portable and provides you the convenience of managing the settings of the fan from the comfort of your seat and without disturbing your training session.

5. Vornado 630 Mid-Size Fan

Quick Features

  • Speed Management
  • Vortex Mechanism
  • Operates Quietly
  • Manageable Head

Let me tell you about its amazing features and qualities. Vornado 630 uses vortex technology to maximize air movement throughout the room hence ensuring that air is effectively circulated in every corner of a room.

A speed dial is present at the side of the fan, through which you can control its speed level. There are three pre-programmed levels, 1, 2, and 3; opt for your preferred speed.

The Vornado fan features an adjustable head that gives you control over the direction of the air movement. Hence you can tilt the head in whichever direction you need. This flexibility increases your comfort level and boosts your performance on Zwift.

You will love this device if you like working in a peaceful and quiet environment like me. Vornado functions quietly, reducing noise disruption to a greater degree.

  • Offers a fiver-year of warranty
  • Function Quietly
  • Flexible head
  • No remote control

Expert Verdict

A reliable fan that produces powerful airflow without creating any irritating noises, and with its three-speed options, you can change the speed of the fan to the level you prefer. One downside, especially for me, is that it does not come with remote connectivity, so you have to get off your bike to change the settings.

6. Rowenta Turbo Silence Standing Floor Fan (VU5670)

Quick Features

  • Provides Nearly Inaudible Experience
  • Customizable Height
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Digital Timer

The noise level is 35 dB which is almost equal to no noise. This silence technology allows you to enjoy your working session without disturbance.

It’s best for Zwifters because it allows you to control the speed and direction of the fan from the comfort of your seat. I personally prefer devices with remote control as it brings a lot of convenience to me.

You can adjust the Rowenta fan’s height; they offer six possible adjustable heights reaching up to 1.45m. This feature provides a lot of conveniences whether you want the height to be smaller or taller; adjust it according to your preference.

The three-speed level represents the minimum to maximum speed level, whereas the other two levels include “Turbo Boost” (for additional power) and “Silent Night” (for ultra-quiet operation). Therefore in this aspect, it’s much better than other modern fans.

The most exciting feature is that it has an 8-hour timer and energy-saving mode that gradually reduces the airflow to maximize energy conservation. In addition, you can also change the timings and select among the four settings provided (1h, 2h, 4h, and 8h).

  • Remote control
  • Five-speed settings
  • Extreme Silent operation
  • It takes up a lot of space

Expert Verdict

If you prefer a pedestal fan, I would recommend this to you, though you have to free up a significant amount of space in your room because it is huge compared to other small fans mentioned in the list. But it’s worth it because of its unique features.

7. Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan

Quick Features

  • Speed Control System
  • Powerful Airflow
  • Inaudible Noise

The Honeywell Quiet Set Tower fan design is quite innovative, simple, and elegant, which is to my liking; now let me tell you about its features:

You can control the functions (speed, oscillation, and more) of the fan at any time and from anywhere by using the remote control. Hence offering you more freedom of movement.

This is recommended for Zwifters, who are focused on their training and do not want to be disturbed by loud sounds. Moreover, it provides powerful air circulation throughout the room without disturbance or irritating noises. It offers a five-speed control mechanism, each level presenting different functions.

The first level represents sleep, the second level displays calm, and the third level displays white noise. Lastly, the fourth and fifth levels present refresh and power cool.

  • Automatic Timer
  • Perform silent operation
  • Remote control
  • Uneven airflow distribution

Expert Verdict

It has an aesthetically pleasing design that comes with five-speed level settings, a timer, and remote control. Moreover, you can easily assemble the fan without needing any particular tools. Honeywell is a well-known brand, so you can trust the products they create.

8. Pelonis 16” Pedestal Oscillating Stand-Up Fan

Quick Features

  • Timer And Three-speed Options
  • Provide 85-degree Oscillation
  • Adjustable Height

This upgraded version comes with a more robust motor and superior-quality blades that enhance your comfort and performance while riding indoors. Its features are:

This extensive 85-degree movement allows you to control the direction of the airflow, and you can also tilt the fan head at any angle you want. This movement boosts air circulation throughout the room, cooling the room much faster. Although you won’t need this oscillation feature for Zwift, it’s still nice to be educated about it.

The remote control availability makes it easier to access the fan’s features without getting off the bike. Through the remote, you can control the speed and set a timer.

If you don’t like the tall height of the fan, you can make it shorter by adjusting the height. You have the option to adjust the height ranging from 3.5 to 4 feet. In addition, you can also direct the airflow in whichever direction you want. You can tilt the head of the fan at a 24-degree angle. The plus point is that it covers a larger area.

There are three-speed options ranging from low to high-level speed. Moreover, the fan comes with a programmed 7-hour timer that automatically turns off the fan to conserve energy. In addition, the fan produces low noise, providing a peaceful environment.

  • Height is adjustable
  • Integrated over-heat protection
  • Remote connectivity
  • Not centered airflow
  • Limited cord size

Expert Verdict

Overall, a good fan with adjustable height, remote connectivity, and a programmed timer. Lastly, you can also tilt the head to direct the airflow wherever you want.

Detailed Buying Guide: Features To Consider

Before buying the products, you must remember certain instructions that will save you from making purchase mistakes. Let me tell you what features you should consider before buying the fan for Zwift. These are some tips for you; in the end, the decision rests in your hand.

Prioritize Speed

The fan’s speed matters a lot, so before buying, search for a fan that offers powerful and effective airflow to keep your body temperature normal. Why does speed matter? Because the speed of the fan affects your core temperature. So look for a fan that will keep your body cool and not cause heat exhaustion.

This way, you can enjoy your training session to the maximum without worrying about your body getting sweaty.


“Cubic Feet per Minute” (CFM) refers to the volume of the air the fan pushes out. A fan with good CFM means better speed. Search for a fan with moderate CFM because if a fan provides lots of volume and little speed, it might affect your performance. It is also more suitable for larger rooms and drying up wet areas, but not for indoor cycling, as it will not influence your body temperature.

Fans That Offer Directed Airflow

It’s better to ignore buying an oscillating fan as it’s useless in an indoor bicycle training program. Why is it so? The oscillating fans are good because they provide cooling to the whole room, but we want controlled airflow that will provide cooling to specific areas.

In addition, you can also buy fans that provide options to control the airflow direction, as you can direct it wherever you want.

Remote Connectivity

Fans with this feature give you convenience and increase your comfort level. You must buy a fan that comes with a remote control because it allows you to adjust the setting and function of the fan without getting off your bike. Isn’t it convenient? Well, to me, it is.

Moreover, prioritize fans that connect with virtual training platforms like Zwift—for example, Wahoo KICKR Headwind.

Size Also Matters

If you buy a large-size fan but have set up the Zwift in a small room, wouldn’t it create a problem? Of course, it will, because where will you put the fan when you have no space left in the room? Therefore buy the right size according to your room. There are various compact-size fans available in the market that offer effective performance, such as Vacmaster AM201R.

Quiet Operation

If you favor a peaceful indoor cycling program, buy a fan that produces low noise (dB). Each fan has a different noise level, so check its reviews before buying it. I will advise you to do thorough research before spending money on any fan, as it will help you make a better choice.

Buy More Than One Fan (If You Can)

Sometimes, one fan you bought may not give you that much effective performance and falls short of your desired level. If this is the case, you can buy more than one fan that will provide refreshing airflow from different directions and offer effective performance when combined.


Do I Need A Fan For Zwift?

Yes, it is one of the necessary parts of the Zwift setup. The fan will help you stabilize your body heat and boost your overall performance level.

Concluding Lines

In conclusion, investing in high-quality fans is necessary for overall effective performance, and its selection depends upon your budget and preferences. I have provided the list of the best fans for Zwift, so buy the one that best suits your needs and taste. Each product has its advantages and distinctive abilities that cater to the needs of different users. From the lists, the best fans for Zwift are:

  • Honeywell HT 900 (Affordable) is small, produces less noise, and provides effective performance that keeps you cool and refreshed throughout your intense workout.
  • Lasko 20’’ High-Velocity Fan (Floor Fan) offers strong airflow that targets larger areas and is also very affordable.
  • Vacmaster AM201R comes with a remote control through which you can control the fan’s settings from the comfort of your seat.

Moreover, before buying or investing in fans, consider their durability, airflow power, sound intensity, flexibility, speed, and more. Considering these features will ensure you are not wasting money and buying the right product.

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