Does A Peloton Bike Fold Up? – (Read This First!)

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Peloton bikes are trending among fitness enthusiasts thanks to their sleek design and engaging workout programs. Using the Peloton bike is one thing, but storing it can be challenging, especially for small apartments.

One question that often arises when considering purchasing a Peloton bike is, “does Peloton bike fold up? Based on experts and user reviews, I will explore the portability of Peloton bikes and answer the storage and folding question about Peloton bikes.

Does A Peloton Bike Fold Up? – Storage Made Easy

Does A Peloton Bike Fold Up

The short answer is NO. Regrettably, neither the Peloton Bike nor Bike+ can be folded up and stored. These bikes offer the ability to be rolled out of the way thanks to the two wheels situated on the front stabilizers of the bike.

Do remember that whenever you intend to tip it and roll it away, you should remove the weights from the bike. If you don’t remove them, you carry the risk of the weights either falling on the screen and damaging it or falling on your feet and seriously injuring you (to the point of breaking your feet). In addition, watch where the screen is while moving the bike.

You need to tilt the bike forward to connect with the wheels, which lowers the screen. The screen is heavy, so if you don’t anticipate the weight shifting forward, you risk accidentally dipping or dropping the screen.

So now comes the question of where you should store the bike without using it.

Firstly you should know at least how much space your Peloton bike or bike+ will need. The dimensions of the original Peloton bike are 59 x 23 x 53 inches, while the dimensions of the Peloton Bike+ are 59 x 22 x 59 inches.

Places To Store A Peloton Bike Or Bike+

The Living Room

The Living Room

If your living room is big enough, you can set up an entire area for your Peloton. This will give you the impression that your gym area is intended and not haphazardly put together.

Though it’s okay if the living room is a little smaller, there are excellent ways to conceal your Peloton while creating a dedicated workout area. Although it’s common for people to have exercise equipment in their living rooms, you might want to conceal yours a little.

A folding screen is a clever way to give your room some detail while concealing objects you don’t want to be too noticeable, like a Peloton. To do it, you can use a room divider could. The best partition has shelves since it can be transformed into furniture that immediately distracts attention from whatever may be hidden behind it.

A Spare Room

A Spare Room

If you have access to a spare room or a basement, that is the best scenario, as you can transform the whole place into a dedicated indoor cycle room or a gym. Even if you don’t have a room but have ample space, you can divide the space using hanging blinds or dividers.

Where Not To Store Your Peloton Bike

You shouldn’t store your thousand-dollar bike out in the open due to environmental factors, such as extreme heat, cold, and rain/snow. In addition, you should avoid places like a garage or a shed because they usually lack the required ventilation and internet access, which is essential for the Peloton bike to work efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Store The Peloton Bike Upright?

The Peloton Bike can be stored upright using the optional Peloton Bike Floor Stand or leaning against a wall. However, it is recommended to use the Peloton Bike Floor Stand for stability and safety.

How Heavy Are Peloton Bikes?

The Peloton Bike weighs 135 pounds (61.2 kilograms), and the Peloton Bike+ weighs 140 pounds (63.5 kilograms).

Can I Move My Peloton Bike?

Yes, you can move your Peloton bike using the attached wheels or purchase a bike mat with transportation wheels. However, it is recommended to have two people move the bike for safety reasons.

Final Words

The Peloton bikes aren’t foldable and can only be rolled (due to the front wheels). However, this is no cause for concern as there are many places you can use or transform to make a place for your bike, such as your living room, basement, or a spare room in your apartment or house.

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