How to Charge Jetson EBike?

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E-bike lovers must know the pain of running out of battery midway or forgetting to charge their Jetson eBike. It can happen to anyone, but if you charge your eBike efficiently, it’s implausible that you will be stranded in the middle of nowhere. You must be wondering how to charge Jetson eBike efficiently to unlock its true potential and enjoy a thrilling ride.

In this article, we will guide you on how to charge Jetson eBike, which will maximize the battery life so you can confidently cruise around your town without worrying about the low battery of your eBike. So, without further delay, let’s begin today’s journey and learn how to charge a Jetson eBike properly.

How to Charge Jetson eBike?

How To Charge Jetson EBike?

Electric scooters are a convenient mode of transportation for both youngsters and elders. This eco-friendly transport saves you from the daily hustle of commuting using public transport.

Stepwise Guide to Charge a Jetson EBike

To enjoy a hassle-free ride, one should know the key considerations to charge an eBike that maximizes its battery life and keeps the rider free from the worries of running out of battery. Follow these steps to charge your Jetson eBike for optimal performance.

  • First of all, get your charger. You must have got one when you purchased your electronic bike.
  • After locating the charger, you need to find a charging outlet. Plug the charger into the socket.
  • Then, insert the other end of the charger into the bike’s charging port.
  • Your bike will start charging, and it will take a while till the battery gets fully charged. An easy way to check if the battery is full is to check the battery indicator on the bike. It changes from red to green when the battery is fully charged.

Alternative Method

Another alternative way of charging a Jetson eBike is by removing the battery from the bike and charging it separately. The charging procedure is the same for this, too. Just remove the battery plug in the charger in the socket and the charging port of the battery.

Now, do whatever you want while your eBike’s battery is getting charged. You can return after a while to check whether the battery is full. Look for a green light signal; remove the charger if the battery’s indicator light is green.

This indicator light will be red when you plug in the charger. Red means low battery, and green indicates a fully charged battery. Use this tip if you don’t know when to remove your bike from charging.

If you don’t know how to remove the battery from eBike, read the manual that came with your electric bike. Follow the steps mentioned in the user’s manual and detach the battery from the bike. After the battery is fully charged, you can place it back in your Jetson eBike.

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Critical Considerations While Charging Jetson EBike

All Jetson eBike models have different chargers, so use the correct charger to charge your Jetson bike. All Jetson bikes come with chargers; always use the suitable charger for optimal charging.

When To Charge A Jetson EBike?

Do not plug in any eBike charger to charge your Jetson bike, even if it fits the port. To avoid future issues, check the user’s manual to see what charger your bike needs. This will save you from any mishaps.

If you can’t find your user’s manual, search your bike’s model online; it will provide you with all the relevant information regarding your Jetson eBike charger. Or you can directly visit Jetson’s website and search for your eBike model. You will find relevant queries on their official FAQs page.

Bonus Tips

Jetson electric bikes have Lithium-ion batteries; to maximize their battery life, you must maintain them properly. I am sharing a few tips I learned from experts for optimal charging of eBike.

  • When the bike is charging, never turn ON your electric bike.
  • The optimal temperature to charge an e-bike is between 32°F/ 0°C and 113°F/ 45°C.
  • Do not charge your bike overnight or for long hours. It affects the battery life badly. Remove the charger as soon as the battery is full to enjoy premium battery life and condition for a long time.
  • If you are going to store your e-bike for some time, make sure you charge its battery fully and then store it. Charge it again on and off once a month to keep the bike’s battery in good condition. If your bike has a removable battery, remove it from the bike and store it.

When to Charge a Jetson EBike?

Overcharging destroys the battery life. This is why it is essential to charge your bike when necessary. You don’t need to charge your bike after every ride.

When To Charge A Jetson EBike?

If you are wondering how you will know if you need to charge your e-bike’s battery, then follow our tips. This also helps you maintain the good condition of your e-bike’s battery.

  • The Jetson bike’s charging is displayed on its LCD. Charge depending on the type of e-bike. If you have a Jetson Adventure ebike, charge when only four charging bars are left. However, Journey, J8, Metro, and Warren should be charged when the battery is on ¼ of the total charge.
  • Another way of determining an e-bike’s battery is its battery’s indicator lights. Most models of Jetson ebike have battery indicator lights on the right side of the bike’s handlebar; when only one light is lit, you have consumed 25% of the battery. It’s time to charge.

Charging Time

As we mentioned earlier, overcharging ruins the battery health, so it’s essential to learn about the charging time of Jetson e-bikes. Charging your bike for optimal time and removing the charger as soon as the battery is full is necessary. Here is a table showing the charging times of all the Jetson e-bike models.

Charging TimeModel
Up to four hoursAxle, Bolt Pro, Bolt Up, LX 10, Metro
Up to five hours Bolt, Haze, and J5
Up to six hoursAdventure, Journey, J8, Warren
Up to 8 hoursEcho X

So, what Jetson e-bike do you have? Check its charging time from the table so you don’t make the mistake of overcharging your bike and ruining battery life.

Jetson E-bike’s Charging Port

Many of you must have just bought your Jetson ebike, and all buyers should charge their e-bike first before taking it out for a short trip. The most challenging thing for new buyers is finding the charging port. If you can’t find your bike’s charging port, read ahead.

The charging port of Jetson electric bikes is mainly on the left side of the bike. Look near the footpegs; there will be a silicon protection cover. Can you see it?

Just remove this silicon cover and insert the charger. Plug in the charger in the socket and charge your bike. Easy peasy!

Keep in mind that charging port locations may vary from model to model. Models like the Jetson Bolt bike have a charging port near the footpegs, but if your electric bike’s model is older, there is a high chance you won’t find a charging port in the exact location. Some Jetson ebike models have a charging port on deck, while others have it on the handlebar.

There is no need to panic; look into your user’s manual, and there will be information regarding the charging port. Read the manual and examine your bike. You will find the charging port.


How do you charge a Jetson battery?

To charge a Jetson e-bike, plug its charger into the socket. Take the other end of the charger and plug it into the charging port of your bike.

How do I know if my Jetson is charging?

After plugging the charger into the outlet and bike, look for the indicator light. If the light is illuminated on the charger, it is charging. When the light turns green from red, remove the charger, and the battery is fully charged.

How long does a Jetson bike take to charge?

Charging time differs for each electric bike model, but most Jetson e-bikes take four to six hours to charge fully.

Can I charge my Jetson bike overnight?

No, charging your ebike overnight is unsuitable for your e-bike’s battery health and life. Never charge your electric bike for extended hours. Read the manual and charging guidelines to understand the charging requirements of your specific e-bike model.

How long does the Jetson battery last?

All the Jetson e-bikes have lithium-ion batteries, and you can charge them when the battery runs low. A fully charged Jetson battery can cover 15 miles with throttle and 30 miles with pedal assist mode.


The charging procedure of Jetson’s e-bike is not hard to learn; all you have to do is plug the charger into the charging port. Remove the charger when the charging light turns green, and enjoy a thrilling adventure without worrying about running out of battery. User’s manual is your best friend when in trouble; just read the relevant information, and you are good to go.

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