How Far Can An E-Bike Go?

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eBikes are the favorite rides of youngsters and kids. But have you ever wondered how far can an eBike go? Many use eBikes for transportation purposes too, apart from having fun riding an eBike around your town.

It is a very eco-friendly and sustainable source of transportation; even for long commutes, it can be super fun to ride an e-bike. But how far can an eBike go is quite confusing. Today, we will dig deeper into this innovative creation of technology and see how far can an eBike go and how far you can ride an eBike without worrying about being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

How Far Can an eBike Go?

How Far Can An EBike Go?

With the increasing inflation and fuel prices, many have switched to eBikes for daily commutes. It not only saves money but is also environmentally friendly. It comes with many amusing features like pedal-assist technology that keeps the riders comfortable all the time.

eBikes run on batteries, and various terrains can drain eBike’s batteries differently. So let’s discover how much distance you can cover with your eBike. On average, an eBike can easily cover 20 to 100 miles when the battery is fully charged.

Factors Affecting the EBike’s Range

Factors Affecting The EBike’s Range

Many factors influence the range of eBikes, and this is why not every eBike will cover the same distance. You must have compared your eBike’s range with your friend’s eBike, haven’t you? The difference in eBike’s range is because of the following factors:

  • Weight on the bike
  • Riding speed of the rider
  • Tire type and pressure
  • Terrain
  • Weather conditions
  • Road quality (Smooth or bumped)
  • Pedal’s capacity
  • Battery type, size, and age

Battery Size

The size of your eBike’s battery is the main part of your eBike and also determines its range. The bigger the battery, the more power it holds, and it will take you farther than an e-bike with a small battery. If you want this trendy transport for long commutes, remember to get an e-bike with a big battery size.

Battery Age

The battery’s age affects the e-bike’s range significantly. As it gets older, its power to hold the charge declines, and it would never be the same as a brand-new battery.

If your ebike is old and it isn’t going as far as it should, chances are its battery has deteriorated. An easy way to get good mileage back is to replace the old battery with a new one.

Pedal Capacity

There are different types of bikes available in the market, and each has its pedaling capacity. Some electric bikes come with a pedal assist mode that riders can use to combine motor-derived power assistance and manual pedaling to move the bike. This way, you will not run out of battery quicker and will easily cover your destined distance with your electric bike.

This way, you will not be relying solely on the battery to reach your destination. So when in a hurry or running low on battery, the pedal-assist mode will rescue you.

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Power Usage

Another factor that determines the range of your e-bike is its power usage. If you are riding your bike where more power will be consumed, your e-bike’s range will be low.

If you travel in a hilly area, your bike will use more power to keep going, hence reducing the overall mileage. Also, traveling at high speeds reduces the range of an electric bike as its battery will run out of power faster.

Tire Type and Pressure

Tires have a significant effect on determining how far an eBike can go. Tires come in different sizes, including road bike tires, mountain bike tires, etc. The right type of tires on a terrain helps you maximize your eBike range greatly.

Also, tire pressure helps in meeting the ideal range requirements. Both overinflated and underinflated tires lower the potential distance an eBike can cover.

Weight on the Bike

Heavier objects are difficult to move and use more power than light-weight items. So, the weight of your bike and weight on your bike also determines how far an eBike can go.

If your eBike is heavy and you put a lot of weight on it, it will use more power and consume more battery to keep moving and consequently reducing its optimal range. If you want to make it farther on your eBike, make sure you don’t put loads of weight on your bike.

Terrain Conditions

Road and terrain conditions on which you ride your eBike also affect the range of your eBike. Rocky, hilly, muddy, etc., terrains drain more battery than a smooth road.

That’s why the same eBike will cover less distance on challenging terrain than a non-bumpy smooth road. But if you live in a place with no smooth roads, then you should choose a bike with a powerful battery.

Weather Conditions

The weather outside also determines how far your eBike will go. You will need more power to ride your eBike on a stormy and windy day as compared to a clear day.

Also, wet roads offer less grip, making your bike work hard to keep going. In short, challenging weather conditions lower the electric bike range to a great level, and sometimes, you may need to activate pedal assist mode to propel the bike forward.

How to Increase eBike’s Range?

How To Increase EBike’s Range?

After reading the above information, you must be concerned about your eBike’s range. Many of you must be wondering whether it is a worthy investment or not. Well, it is great value for money, and as far as range is concerned, you can maximize your bike’s range by trying the following tips.

Go Easy on Throttle

No doubt, the throttle is an exciting feature, and everyone wants to enjoy riding the bike at high speed. But you need to be easy on throttle if you don’t want to lose your bike or compromise on its riding capacity.

Using the throttle unnecessarily can damage the bike’s battery and ultimately reduce the power-holding capacity of the battery and range. Also, the throttle uses more battery, so instead of powering your bike harshly, slowly increase its acceleration and save your e-bike’s battery from early deterioration.

Use Pedal Assist Mode

If you want to preserve your bike’s battery, use pedal assist mode more. Pedal the bike yourself as much as you can; do not totally rely on the motor. It not only lets you enjoy the ride more but also increases the e-bike’s range because, by pedaling yourself, you will save plenty of battery.

Pump the Tires

I have gone through the trouble of overinflating and underinflating my tires when I started riding an electric bike. But not anymore; now I check my bike’s tires before every commute and pump them a little when needed.

The pressure in your e-bike tires is very important in propelling the bike forward without wasting extra energy. Moreover, correctly filled tires offer better range and speed than underinflated and overinflated tires.

Avoid Rough Terrains

Rough terrains affect the bike’s range dramatically. If you want to conserve your e-bike’s battery, it’s better to avoid rough terrains and bumpy roads. Still, if you have to pass through such terrain to arrive at your destination, you can conserve your bike’s battery by turning off the throttle, auto-pedal, etc., and let your bike come down a steep road naturally.

Gravity is a biker’s best friend on such terrains and can be the worst when the terrain is a little muddy, rocky, etc. A biker needs to move strategically to save the battery and achieve the optimal range with their e-bike’s battery.

Ride on the Correct Gears

Gears are used to increase and decrease the speed of your bike, but do you know they drain the bike’s battery? Plus, if you are riding in the incorrect gear, your battery is doomed. It will lose its power holding and power delivering capacity with time.

If you want to conserve your electric bike’s battery and want to take it as far as possible, then you need to choose the gears wisely. Shift gears at the right time when you need to change the riding speed.

Never forget to shift your gear to the lowest before stopping your bike. This way, you will save your bike from using the battery unnecessarily and eventually increase its range.


How far can an electric bike go on one charge?

On average, an electric bike can go over 20 to 100 miles easily. However, various factors affect the range of electric bikes, making it difficult to determine the exact range of an eBike.

How far will an electric bike go without pedaling?

If you don’t pedal manually at all, an electric bike will only be able to cover 20 miles. This range is with full throttle and when the battery is fully charged. However, with pedal assist mode, you can cover 28 miles on full throttle.

Is it OK to charge the e-bike every day?

Experts don’t recommend charging e-bikes every day. Most bikes have lithium batteries, and overcharging can affect their performance. Also, it decreases their lifespan.

Are electric bikes worth it?

Electric bikes are a worthy investment and help keep riders healthy. As all body parts are involved in riding a bike, it is a great cardiovascular exercise.


E-bikes are an innovative and trendy mode of transportation and are quite famous among teenagers and youngsters. However, before using an electric bike for commuting purposes, it is important to understand how far an e-bike can go. You can take help from our article in this regard; we have mentioned not only eBike’s average range but also ways to increase and achieve the optimal range of an eBike.

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